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User Info Told 'Ya So (Remittances); entered at 2016-04-05 12:36:27
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In the event of a Trump presidency, you can bet this will be part of the machinery that BOTH wings of the uniparty will smash on the way out. I can just see obama, mcconnell and ryan meeting in the map room laying out the legislation that they will fast track for obama to sign to remove as much power from the executive that they can. In fact, I would fully. expect them to give obama his supreme court pick just for spite. Doubtful we'll get to find out since, as I have said for months, the gop has now openly said they will cheat and change the rules to screw Trump. A bigger "**** you!" to the voters I can't imagine. At what point do we need to start talking about treason being a real, actionable offense?
2016-04-05 12:36:27