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Incidentally it is trivial to audit this via public information. Tax deposits are typically required within DAYS of payroll being paid out, and now it has to be done electronically (back when I ran MCSNet we had to run to the bank with the slip to make the deposit, now it's all online.)

The government thus KNOWS exactly how much was paid (from the tax deductions; Medicare is ratable, so the wage paid is instantly known via simple division) and to what SSN. This in turn means that game-playing is ALSO instantly able to be figured out and by the way Notices of Commencement filed with the building departments are public record so.... there you go.

Knowingly employing illegals is bad but TAX EVASION is a VERY serious federal matter and you can and will go to prison for it, not to mention having the IRS show up and literally chain your business door closed.

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2016-04-05 12:00:56