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User Info Open Mouth, Insert WHOLE LEG; entered at 2014-05-19 12:19:24
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You know who the worst racist *******s are? The ones who invent racism that doesn't exist in an attempt to label someone.

The term 'racist' is a slur invented by anti-white Marxist murderers to bash whites over the head with.
Oh really? So let me see if I get this right -- we prohibited alcohol and got gun-toting violent gangs across our country as a result. This taught us exactly...... nothing.
You see, guns are expensive never mind the penalties for misusing them -- like shooting a competing dealer on the street corner. Therefore, given a choice most people with a dispute would rather sue or ask the government to prosecute.

While the War on Drugs is a part of the equation when it comes to black on black violence, do you really think that all the blacks would just sing kumbaya if we ended drug prohibition? Do blacks have a history of ever creating civilization? Do you agree or disagree that blacks have a propensity for violence and that sub-Saharan blacks have lower IQs by two standard deviations?

The problem itself is about opportunity, or a lack thereof, and if you want to boil it down to black people, like Mr. Denninger, since before the Civil Rights movement of the 60s, black people have been cheated out of the American Dream by a margin of 2 to 1. Measuring unemployment data , which is consistently 2 to 1 blacks against whites, food stamp data, also showing 2 to 1. And disproportionately, again, 2 to 1, the percentage of blacks trapped in the inner cities it becomes clear that just pointing a finger at black gun crime just isnt fair. None of these trends have changed in the last 50 years, regardless of the color of the president.

While lower IQ people of all races have gotten the short end of the stick because of our asinine immigration policy that has flooded the country with unskilled labor, the fact of the matter is that most blacks have absolutely no interest or ability to become engineers or doctors. Furthermore there isnt a single place on the planet thats run by blacks thats a nice place to live. In fact, the worst places on Earth are black countries. Do you really think if you air-dropped a bunch of Japanese, Chinese, or Europeans into Ethiopia or Haiti that theyd just sit around all day with flies buzzing around them?

It's simple economics, really. What do the so-called "progressives" want to do? Why they're interested in raising the minimum wage, further ratcheting up the price and removing people from the labor market on a competitive basis.

If the Cultural Marxists stopped flooding the country with unskilled labor from the Third World, wages would naturally rise through the Law of Supply and Demand.
2014-05-19 12:19:24