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User Info Open Mouth, Insert WHOLE LEG; entered at 2014-05-19 10:52:49
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He's stuck on the idea that Karl is saying, "drugs should be legal so I can get stoned in peace and also the blacks won't kill each other."

Ah, but that is what I'm saying, basically.

The fact is that a plurality of people in prison are there for non-violent drug offenses, and black people are grossly over-represented .vs. their population percentage in our prisons, especially when it comes to drug offenses.

No, it won't stop ALL the shooting, but will stop a LOT of it, and it will also stop a lot of the JAILING, which in turn destroys economic opportunity with permanent prison records.

Both of those BAD EFFECTS fall disproportionately on black people.

You think I'm wrong? Ok, how many people went to prison or got shot over opium use in the United States when you could buy said preparations over the counter in the form of patent medicines before the Harrison Narcotic Act went into effect?

EFFECTIVELY ZERO as compared against post-enactment of that and subsequent laws.

Against FACTS opinions fail in any honest and legitimate debate.

Now let's try this one: How is a black man's choice to get high any difference than a black man's choice to butt**** another consenting man? If one is a civil right why isn't the other, provided nobody beyond consenting adults is forced to participate?
2014-05-19 10:52:49