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User Info Open Mouth, Insert WHOLE LEG; entered at 2014-05-19 09:44:59
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If it requires acknowledging the government screwed up and made bad choices it will never be said in the main stream -captured- media.

If you are going in to work eight hours a day or more it's impossible to run around and service all your drug buyers. Being a crook say stealing cars and chopping them is also a full time job. You need to sleep in the day to go burglarize homes at night.
It's a different definition of 'employed' that will never show in government employment numbers. But it's out there happening.

Now, why people chose that work instead of conventional employment is open to at least some debate. But I'll point out it pays well immediately instead of after slow years of trying to advance yourself in a crappy economy. You don't pay taxes on it. And nobody cares if you are black or white selling heroin. The threat of jail is exaggerated as most of these people have family and acquaintances get arrested multiple times with probation or no serious time. Some who bring just a little intelligence to the game never are arrested at all.
It may appear being shot dead is a drawback, but lots of the people who have to decide if they are going to sell drugs or flip burgers live in a world where the burger flippers get shot dead pretty often too.
The chance to be a plumber or a nuclear scientist looks pretty distant to most young black kids. Yes some do it. But their parents better have moved to the suburbs or they are going be given all kinds of hell by their peers for 'acting white'.
2014-05-19 09:44:59