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User Info In A World Of Monsters, Hypocrisy Reigns; entered at 2014-03-08 11:01:17
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Standby for another can of kiss-ass (opened quite willingly)
and maybe a ban hammer splat too ...

Because what we all know about Denninger's stuff is that on whatever subject the man addresses, you're gonna get a deep drill down on it.
Sort of an "inside baseball" version of the subject matter again whatever the subject matter might be. It's what I love about clicking the thread link.

But sometimes Karl gets so deep into the woods he can miss the trees all around him.

Yeah there were more reasons than one for the War Between the States aka The War of Northern Aggression.

But perception is reality and 99.9 percent of ALL Ame-ricans when they hear the words Civil War think it was fought over slavery.

Me included. And tho I'm sure plenty of M-T.o readers know more about that tragic bloody blunder than I, I have read up a bit on it over the years.
And visited the hallowed ground in the southeastern corner of Pennsylvania.
It is a sobering, disquieting, humbling but most of all, sad, place.
All the cannon smoke and deafening noise and fear and anger and blood and gore and WASTE of young men's lives.

A digression if you will ... How Lee gave that order to Longstreet to give to Pickett I will never understand. That order was a XXXKING War Crime. I admire Longstreet for delaying relaying it.

But bottom line: American Civil War & Slavery. They're linked forever.
And - no offense - rightly so.


2014-03-08 11:01:17