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User Info In A World Of Monsters, Hypocrisy Reigns; entered at 2014-03-07 19:56:49
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Consent for a Government can be withdrawn at any time, and not just at elections.

Greed for power does not equate with a withdrawal of consent.

For example in Romania in early 2012, consent was withdrawn, and the Government was overthrown.

The replacement Government proved to be those with a greed for power, and did not last 6 months.

Similarly Egypt. Consent was withdrawn, and the Muslim Brotherhood proved to be driven by a greed for power. So consent was withdrawn.


Until power is swept off the table and placed permanently out of reach, under the Rule of Law, consent will continue to be withdrawn. It's not a question of 'if', it is only a matter of 'when'.
2014-03-07 19:56:49