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User Info On The Ukranian Situation; entered at 2014-02-23 13:23:39
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Registered: 2009-03-25
Parliament was essentially under "guard" since even the faction that is from South-East voted for 'approving' new laws under careful "protection" from 'Right-Sector' ultra nationalists. Any deputies from Party of Regions that tried to leave the Rada were caught by the mob and either dissapeared or probably beaten to death.

The first thing the Rada did after political division was banning use of Russian as official in the South-East.
"Parliament lowered the official status of the Russian language by cancelling a law brought in by Mr Yanukovych"

The country won't divide under either scenario, because everyone wants everything. If the S/E does arm it could happen but so far very slow progress on that front.

Also I am very biased on the issue in favor of S/E.
2014-02-23 13:23:39