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User Info On The Ukranian Situation; entered at 2014-02-23 11:09:43
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The amazing thing to me is that the Ukraines
were able to accomplish this with "pitchforks
and torches". NPR this past week was reporting
about the snipers and that the "peasants" were
fighting back with bats and knives - no guns.

That's not amazing at all.

It is in fact historical reality, despite technological superiority.

The pincer move is that in order to exercise it government has to be willing to mow down people by the literal millions, and as soon as that starts any remaining support they had among the people disappears in a puff of smoke.

The reason is simple -- it is inevitable that among the dead will be relatives and friends of those who, prior to that point, supported the government.

The more people they kill the greater the defection rate.

"Kill everything that moves" sounds great but it doesn't work when the government inevitably must rely on the people at-large to produce so it is able to tax and thus subsist itself. The larger the government's "take" from the people as a percentage of the economy the more-true this is.

Our government, for example, would instantaneously collapse were it to start shooting people in such a mass action, as productive activity would almost-instantly cease and with it bond sales would go to zero overnight.

The consequence of that would be an immediate fiscal collapse.
2014-02-23 11:09:43