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User Info It's Called Evolution, Gentlemen (Tickerforum Changes); entered at 2013-09-30 10:53:37
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Registered: 2010-07-28
Thanks, Karl, for all the analysis over the years. The Market Ticker has been the first site I go to every day for years. I've sent many links to people because you've said something better than I thought I could.

I never took the trouble to figure out all the levels, so it looks like I'm about to lose some commenting ability that I only infrequently took advantage of anyway. Your Tickers are mostly so well thought out that I didn't have anything to add, and "You go, Karl!" ssemed more like noise than signal. Ah well. Actions (or inactions, in this case) have consequences.

At any rate, thank you for the content. And I salute you for having the courage and integrity to take the actions that your conscience tells you are necessary. Most people don't have that. Once I've got my situation to a point it's livable with little input, I plan to follow you.
2013-09-30 10:53:37