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User Info Medical Care And Medical Choices; entered at 2012-01-08 15:52:44
Posts: 72
Registered: 2011-05-15
you look terrific Karl. i commend you. it's funny when you mention "average." I tried on line dating for awhile and it never seemed to amaze me how many men put down their body type as average, when you can see by their picture that they were... well what i would call FAT! my preference has always been slender men. but goes to show that people in general don't perceive themselves as overweight as they are comparing themselves to a generally overweight population. i came to realize that average was codeword for "need to lose some pounds."

anyway... yes, everyone needs to take responsibility for their own health. you cannot depend on anyone else for that. i have always cooked meals at home, i grew organic when i had a place for a garden, had chickens, had a pig, got hormone free, unpasteurized milk from the farmer up the road. made butter and mozzarella from that milk. yeah takes time (and i was working full time!) but what else ya gonna do with your time? watch TV???? i also was lucky enough to grow up in the same fashion, so i really didn't know any different.

good butter is key, cod liver oil every day, and i also use lard to cook with or butter or olive oil as did my parents, and my cholesterol has always been low. 10-20% carbs and the rest in fat and protein. i have done this my whole life and am 57, no health issues, hardly any gray hair, 5'7" and fluctuate between 122 and 128. my weight hasn't changed since i was a senior in high school.

it's doable!! but it's a lifestyle. i never feel deprived watching other people gorge themselves with crap. hey i eat desserts sometimes. i make a wicked good key lime cheesecake, and apple pie :) it's all about balance.

wishing everyone a healthy new year! would love to hear what others do to keep ahead of the doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies. personally, all three scare the crap out of me and i want to stay as far away from them as possible.

2012-01-08 15:52:44