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User Info Medical Care And Medical Choices; entered at 2012-01-08 15:44:14
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Registered: 2008-05-02 SW Ohio
Excellent ticker. I've always tried to maintain a healthy diet and exercise program all my life. What concerns me is spouse who turns 65 in March. We are getting dozens of mail from various companies to not only sign up for a supplemental insurance plan but also we need a drug plan.

My rant is about the Medicare drug plan. We don't take routine prescriptions now, so why spend $30 a month for a plan for drugs that we don't use.

Currently, we pay our own medical insurance that does not include prescriptions. So for an occasional prescription, it is paid out-of-pocket.

But everyone says sign up for that Medicare drug plan now, because there will be a penalty in the future to get a drug plan. But if am healthy, why would I ever want a drug plan?

2012-01-08 15:44:14