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User Info CHRISTmas Musings.....; entered at 2010-12-26 11:46:27
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Registered: 2010-06-18
Thanks for writing this ticker Karl. You really hit the nail on the head with the big issues destroying this country. I haven't been the most religious person, I do believe in God and have been praying for this country to wake up, do their own reasoning, read the bills and call their reps, etc.

I think it all comes down to if the American people can organize enough to force the changes you describe. Especially the states getting their power back from the Fed. I don't know how to do that, or if the American people want to or are ambitious enough to do that.

Maybe with enough pain comes the drive.....But then is it a desperate drive that goes in a totally crazy way? I think I'll pray again....
2010-12-26 11:46:27