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User Info CHRISTmas Musings.....; entered at 2010-12-25 17:20:29
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Thanks for saying exactly what you did. We can take this country back, but it won't be easy for those that wish to see it destroyed for their own purposes are quite pleased with the progress they have made.

In the 18th Century, fallible but humble men realized that fallen man submitting to the Light of God could secure the blessings of liberty for themselves and their posterity.

This won't be easy nor comfortable for modern senitivities. The second posting on this thread got after you for daring to mention "the G word," but he isn't an American.

Liberty without self-restraint is going to end up in license and despotism. It always has and always will. Our FFs knew this to be the case and warned against it.

Merry Christmas to all my TF brethren.

2010-12-25 17:20:29