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User Info CHRISTmas Musings.....; entered at 2010-12-25 16:52:23
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Registered: 2007-11-30 Atlanta
Merry Christmas Karl.

No matter what happens, you should take solace in the fact that you've made a tremendous contribution towards the effort to stop the looting. Taking the time to unravel the ingenious devilry that Goldman Sachs and others have engineered, all in an effort to strip mine 40 years of wealth amassed by the greatest generation, must be a burden.

I'm taking solace in the fact that today is the day to celebrate the birth of Jesus. And from a slightly less upbeat view, today is the worst day of the year if your name is Ben Bernanke. For today all the stores are closed, the malls empty, and the velocity of money has hit zero. For at least one day, Americans are baking cookies instead of panic-shopping, taking some time to actually talk to their loved ones, and cease to be "consumers", but rather human beings made in the image of their creator.

Lets hope that 2011 is better than 2010. There is strength in numbers ... a lot of people are waking up and I think the time is short for the can-kicking brigade.

2010-12-25 16:52:23