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User Info In Defense Of Wage And Environmental Parity Tariffs; entered at 2010-09-28 20:37:55
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Folks, either our wage and hour laws, along with our environmental protection laws, are defensible or they are not.
They are not. There is no aspect of environmentalism which is not reducible to elemental property-rights, vandalism and trespass, which means that the sole reason environmental legislation exists is to provide a phalanx of socialist bureaucrats, lawyers and politicians with leechfuck livelihoods writing and enforcing tons of crap, with the sale of "indulgences" (AKA: bribes, exemptions, campaign contributions, "credits", "off-sets", etc) being a primary motivation.
If they are, then they are for any product or service sold in the United States, irrespective of where it's produced.
I am aware of no existing US law which requires domestic consumers at any scale (individual to corporate) to only purchase from external producers which abide by said-same US laws in non-US locations. Either in letter or "in spirit".

Think where this leads: If the US insists that China abide by US environmental laws, then by what logic could the US deny British law, or Saudi law, within its own borders? -- I think everyone around here would be squealing like stuck pigs if, say, the United Nations began insisting that the United States abide by Sharia before it could purchase rugs, dye, spice...or oil...from the Middle East.

Don't laugh, kidz; the camel's nose is already under the tent:

We as Americans, bluntly, are pigs. We claim that "Minimum Wage" laws are both just and necessary
Who's this "we" claiming that? I certainly don't claim it.
but we won't enforce that which we claim is just and necessary - instead we give manufacturers a simple way around the law by simply firing all the US workers involved and moving the plant to Mexico or China!
And that was a perfectly predictable response, though the NLRB-backed UAW line-worker demanding $45/hr is the more likely culprit.
the proper response is to tariff everything that comes into this country using those means of bypass in the exact amount of the benefit so gained.
All I see is another monstrous new Commissariat gouging its cut. I estimate it'll need a big marble building with a view of the Potomac, and at least a budget of $150 billion/yr and at least 100,000 civil-service employees spreading across the fruity plain like commie ward-bosses making sure nobody orders from the wrong web-site on the internet (hmm...police the internet...that'll require another new commissariat...and you end up resembling the Chinese government more and more...).

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2010-09-28 20:37:55