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User Info In Defense Of Wage And Environmental Parity Tariffs; entered at 2010-09-28 12:00:51
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Registered: 2008-09-09 Portland OR
Bravo Karl. A point seldom made in arguments for tariffs is the effect on foreign citizens. Let's face it, so much recent manufacturing investments have taken place in Asia. Thus, even if enacted tomorrow, it would take some time for manufacturing jobs to return. Foreign vendors would face scalding tariffs and would be encouraged to clean-up their acts. Thus, there would likely initially be pockets of improvement, in wages and benefits at foreign factories. Profits would shrink. The actual return of jobs to America would likely not occur until the cost of shipping from Asia devoured profits. Thus, while I wholeheartedly endorse your proposal for tariffs to provide global wage and environmental parity, I suspect that the initial fruits of such a program would be a lowered demand for domestic taxes and improvements in working and environmental conditions abroad. It could take a decade or more to see dramatic increases in domestic manufacturing (unless some tariff money was used to pay-down the costs of rebuilding America's manufacturing capacity).

If we export justice, we would import peace.
2010-09-28 12:00:51