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User Info To The Tea Party (And Related Organizations); entered at 2010-08-30 17:07:33
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Registered: 2010-04-16
There seems to be a superior (almost god-like) contemptuous attitude towards Christians and it has been on blatant display through these pages. My concern is that those who hold these beliefs may believe themselves evolved to the point that they may decide that we gnats shouldnt exist. Not a fear tactic, a rather obvious extrapolation.

Really? Let's be fair here. If you want to play the victim card, PLEASE provide some quotes that show us how you arrived at this conclusion. (That these people have such hatred that they might kill you if given the power!) Just for the sake of intellectual honesty....I mean, don't you realize that the non-religious USE THE SAME ARGUMENT! That is, I'm right, they're wrong. I'm sooooo right and they're soooo wrong that if THEY get power they'll want me dead! That whole outlook is a complete dead-end...a NON STARTER. Evoking it FROM EITHER SIDE is just as counterproductive and divisive. The truth is, being that we are all still alive NOBODY HAS BEEN PROVEN RIGHT OR WRONG in the religion debate.

Please take a look at what you are claiming: one-sided and unfair "hatred" and self-superiority. Don't fool yourself...the other side feels the same way about many of you! (BTW, not taking sides just calling a spade a spade)

For many calling themselves evolutionists/atheist it goes deeper than just personal libertarian decisions for them selves.

Here is another subtle confirmation of the theme playing out here and the self-dillusioning power of "charged labels". Here you are basically equating belief in evolution with atheism! In that case, how detailed shall we start drawing these lines? Should conservatism about a SPECIFIC version or interpretation of the Bible? I mean, I was taught about evolution and the big bang in Catholic School. So, in your mind then is it justifiable to lump anyone who doesn't believe the creation story in it's LITERAL FORM in with the rest of the "godless heathens"?
2010-08-30 17:07:33