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User Info To The Tea Party (And Related Organizations); entered at 2010-08-30 16:09:21
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Karls point has been proved in these pages.

Christianity is a wedge issue; Jesus made claims about himself that force people to take sides. Those who believe his claims should not be surprised at others who have outright hatred for them as the claims of Jesus got him killed.

I dont have a problem with someone who calls himself an agnostic or atheist, and what they do in their bedroom is their business. For many calling themselves evolutionists/atheist it goes deeper than just personal libertarian decisions for them selves.

Part of progressive evolution is a belief that some people are more evolved and enlighten than others, they think of themselves as superior (kind of self-righteous attitude). The Christian believes just the opposite; we have no righteousness, which is why we need God. The Beck event was not about self righteous superiority of knowing right and wrong, but calling people to do the honorable thing and asking God to help them act to do so. I admit to being amazed that a non-tea party event created such uproar.

Look at how some here have judged the Beck event, the name calling used such as sheep, mindless gnats, mocking the beliefs of those that attended. There seems to be a superior (almost god-like) contemptuous attitude towards Christians and it has been on blatant display through these pages. My concern is that those who hold these beliefs may believe themselves evolved to the point that they may decide that we gnats shouldnt exist. Not a fear tactic, a rather obvious extrapolation. After all, our right to life comes from the government not from God, right?

I agree with Karl that the tea parties should not be a religious event or focus on these wedge issues. However, there are some disturbing signs on this site that no matter what we resolve on the economic corruption, there are bad times ahead for those who claim Christianity.

2010-08-30 16:09:21