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User Info To The Tea Party (And Related Organizations); entered at 2010-08-30 15:38:51
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The TEA Party (or rather, their Repub pol supporters) blew it very early on. Unfortunately.

The message of Fiscal Responsibilty and prosecuting the fraudsters would have appealed to *many* Americans of every political stripe.

My first realization that this would not go well was when Mike Pence went out to greet a group of the earliest TEAs who'd gone to the Capitol. He greeted them with something like "How wonderful to see so many *Conservatives* gathered in one place!"

Was Pence soooo politically unaware that he didn't realize that to most Democratic Voters, and MANY Independents, the word "Conservative" has NOTHING to do with Fiscal Conservatism or small government?

Did he not know that, even for an Ex-dem or a wavering Dem, the word Conservative means basically: RW Nutcase, or , as Obama himself said during the Primaries "Bitter people who cling to their guns and Bibles"?

Pence saying that to the group was a guarantee that most of the Dems present that day just turned around and LEFT.

It doesn't matter whether or not the definition of Conservative is actually what these Dems and Independents believe it is. What matters is that they really believe that. For Pence to make such a guffaw was a crying shame.

Of course, it went downhill from there in many areas. What could have been a widespread movement is becoming marginalized with too many references to all things Republican.

I get that there is no way that the Left will EVER get us back to Fiscal Responsiblty.

I also get that, even tho they've been blowing it left and right , the Repubs or some offshoot of the Repubs is the only hope we've got.

And, unlike many (former ) Dems, I know that the "scary, hate mongering nutty Xtian" meme is just a load of crap to garner votes. Fear mongering at it's finest.

But good luck finding a whole lot of Dems or ex- Dems like me out there who believe that Big Gov. is a LOT scarier than True Believer Xtians.

I had a survey call regarding our Dem Rep. a month or so back. When they realized that I was voting for the Repub, they started in with all the "he wants to get rid of abortion, etc." All the normal scare tactics. They played every Dem scare tactic in the book and after every single one I said I didn't care.

But just because they can't scare me anymore doesn't mean they aren't still scaring a lot of people with this stuff.

So yeah, The TEAs and the Repubs are blowing it with many many people by going off on this tack. For sure.

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2010-08-30 15:38:51