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User Info To The Tea Party (And Related Organizations); entered at 2010-08-30 14:49:28
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Registered: 2010-02-11 Scottsdale, AZ
JV, I would agree that it would be a turn off if Glenn did share his religious views, but he didn't. Don't get me wrong. I get what you are saying. Saying that you have faith in something bigger than Obama or Bush or whoever you think runs the government or that the country is in a dark period is not a religious view. At least to me. But I think that comes back to my point. Would you really vote for more of the same and allow those that committed fraud to be re-elected because the person you were going to vote has faith? Christian, Jew, Baptist, Catholic, I don't care.

I think that leaders who have faith and will do what is right have a lot more appeal to the public than we think.

Maybe I am not articulating this correctly. Simply put. I am NOT going to NOT vote for someone because they have faith. There are leaders with faith in all parties. I am going to vote for people that can right this nation.
2010-08-30 14:49:28