Opinion: You're A Screaming Harpy
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2024-06-09 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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Opinion: You're A Screaming Harpy
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This is one of the most-amusing pieces of tripe I've read in decades.

There are good reasons why these institutions – church, marriage, the nuclear family – are on the decline. They often imposed suffocating and even bigoted rules, for women especially. Some have historically excluded entire classes of people – LGBTQ+  people most obviously, but many religious groups were also unwelcoming to African Americans or other minority groups.


Marriage and the nuclear family imposed "suffocating" and "bigoted" rules?


As for "church", uh, which ones?  You do realize there have been somewhere around 5,000 recognized and formal religious sects across human history, yes?  I don't consider priests buttfucking little kids to be conducive to anything, but again damning all from a small section is exactly what the author bitches about -- and then turns around and, in true "progressive" fashion, commits the same offense within seconds.

Sex itself is less common among the usually-raring-to-go young than it’s been in decades. Researchers have not agreed on why this is happening, but theories abound, including the fact that young people have less unstructured time and spend less of the time they do have simply hanging out with friends, which probably makes for few opportunities for sex.

My personal theory is that social decline plays a primary role and is helped along by more feminist, empowered young women looking at a pool of young men whose sexual mindsets have been shaped by years of online porn and video games.



Ever watch any of the "protests" full of alleged "women" who aren't having as much sex as they used to?  What's changed?  Well, the level of serious anger and self-abuse evident in said women couldn't possibly have anything to do with it, right?  Oh, and when it comes to sexual desirability this does indeed go both ways -- some soyboy with his strongest muscles in his fingers and thumbs from a video game controller, and an extra 200lbs, isn't very sexy either.

As I walk around as a 60 year old heterosexual male the "sexual landscape" is wildly different than it was when I was in my 20s.  I'd choose porn and masturbation over the majority of women in that age group today and while as a heterosexual man I'm the last person to ask if a man is sexually attractive if I imagine myself a woman I wouldn't fuck the majority of the so-called "young men" today.

This was absolutely not true 40 years ago; oh sure, there were always "meh" or even  "gimme some beer goggles first" women and men all through history, but for those women (and men) who think this was all about gals getting titty jobs and thousands in make-up and slutty clothing -- nope.  Never mind that having looked at porn its all formula-based and while yes, it does pair reasonably with masturbation there's nothing really all that sexy about it either when you get down to it, which means given a choice between someone who I find attractive and who finds me attractive and a computer screen of fake and formula-based video I'll take espresso in bed in the morning, thank you very much.

But that's the problem and its not just physical either -- its also the train wreck in both sexes and that's your individual responsibility although if you look at the prevalence of "crazy pills" taken by both sexes you'll once again find a serious problem because more than 15% of adults, according to the CDC, are taking crazy pills.  What's even worse is that among college-age students that percentage is now 17%!

Now add to that roughly two of three adults are using prescription drugs of some sort which by definition means they're unhealthy!

Perhaps you think the unhealthy are sexy but, well, no and this is particularly true when one considers long-term relationships.  Do you want someone walk through life with or is the truth that you are looking for a nurse?  And many of those drugs have significant emotional stability (including "dulling") or sexual side effects, and not in the positive direction either.

This view – that sex is for procreation alone, or that taking sex off the table is the only or best way to forge a genuine connection with another person – often stems from very misogynist roots. 


I wrote an essay on this called "In A Perfect World" before I started writing The Market Ticker, which was aimed at the Catholic Church.  The modification time on the file is 11/12/1999, or nearly 25 years ago.  Perhaps I'll reprint it at some point but here's one specific paragraph from it:

In a perfect world we would also have a complete balance of reproductive freedoms.  We would recognize that both men and women have equivalent reproductive freedom, and that neither gender has a monopoly on that activity.  We would recognize that both men and women should, when children could be created, “keep it in their pants” except where the man and woman are committed to raise that child together – preferably in a state of marriage.  But we would also recognize that while many organizations and individuals moralize about sexuality, it is inherently a free decision to be made by consenting adults.

Of course feminism is and always has been about only one side of that equation.  This is the general nature of advocacy of course when one centers said advocacy from the protagonists point of view rather than those who are impacted by it the most, specifically children.  A literal five decades of that abusive horseshit has led to both sexes deciding to participate at lower and lower rates and yet the screaming harpies, who hold a natural monopoly on the possession of a uterus, which cannot be changed by law, dream or cutting off one's dick, refuse to acknowledge this and cede anything whatsoever, screaming ever-louder about "their rights."

Five decades have not changed a single thing except to amplify the "misogyny!" screams while at the same time telling me that there's something wrong with me if I don't have any desire to sleep with a man who cut his dick off and claims to be a woman (he's not) or a person who is a woman but has literally destroyed her body through self-inflicted abuse whether it be drugs, food or otherwise -- never mind my lack of attraction to anyone in any way, sexually or otherwise, who takes a position, whether publicly-espoused or simply through attitude, that I am a beast because I am male.

And beyond sex, one big job we collectively have in this lonely, atomized moment is connecting with each other more, not less. That doesn’t necessarily mean forging sexual connections, but it does mean forging social ones. 

Start with your attitude; the biggest problem lies there as is clearly-evident in that when both men and women choose an objectively less-satisfying option (e.g. a vibrator or hands, perhaps with porn as an adjunct) over the clearly superior one when that is a matter of choice it is clear that it is the personal actions of the parties in question who have destroyed the attractiveness of what is clearly, absent said destruction, said superior alternative.

In other words you ruined it so rather than bitch and whine cut the bullshit and fix it!

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