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2024-05-26 07:30 by Karl Denninger
in Foreign Policy , 8740 references Ignore this thread
Russia Names Terms
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You don't do that when you're losing, by the way.

Zelenskyy would be wise to take the deal.  If he doesn't he deserves to be strung up by his testicles by his own citizens who he, and certain international interests, foolishly poked Russia repeatedly including by firing on his own people with military weaponry.

(As an aside, should our military ever attempt something like that on US Soil every single member of said military, all their families, and every politician at all levels is an instant target of every single citizen who disagrees -- and once you start shooting or shelling people "I'm sorry" doesn't cut it.  If you don't think burning homes with the kids and wives inside given that you can't go on an "operation" and protect your home and family at the same time is on the table in a dirty civil conflict you've watched too many movies written by green-haired tranny nutjobs instead of reading about prior actual events throughout history.)

Russia got rather tired of it given that (1) Crimea is historically Russian (cf. Catherine the Great; she paid for it as we did in several instances as well) and (2) Russia's only 12 month deep-water naval port is there.  Russia was never going to give that up and yes, they'd perfect that if necessary with nuclear hellfire, and anyone who can't recognize that would have to argue that we should be willing to cede San Diego to China (or Mexico.)  Fat chance.

We have been screwing with Russia since WWII of course and during the Cold War and in the time of the USSR maybe there was a strategic balance point to it all.  That's arguable but the USSR has been gone for more than three decades so go fuck yourself if you think that's a viable excuse today. 

Nonetheless all our whizz-bang "advanced this and that" has not managed to return and hold back the territory in question and now Putin has moved the lines which he was willing to accept originally -- not a lot, but he did.  Zelenskyy should have taken the original deal but rather than do so he thought he could get more by blowing billions of dollars of other people's munitions in the general direction of Moscow never mind a huge number of his own people.

He was full of shit and at this point the only question is how many more miles he'd like the line to be moved and whether he'd like the next line to be drawn at the Dniper, which I assume is the next demarcation point if he doesn't cut the bullshit and kiss Putin's ring in the near future.

Is there some military path available -- or an economic (e.g. sanctions) path that will force Putin to say "Naw, take Crimea, everything that was there and you were shelling before, and by the way, its also good if Ukraine is a NATO member"?

Uh, no.

Which, incidentally, I pointed out when this crap started -- so will all you rah-rah assholes admit that once again I was right?

Oh incidentally every single politician who has rah-rah'd for this thing here in the United States or voted for it is a legitimate military target of Putin's as are all their family members.  Yes, all of them.  Oh I know, you think "civilized war" says otherwise but you're full of shit because there is no such thing as a "civilized war."  This extends to everyone in our society who produces anything, by the way, since without money and "things" you can't make the tools of war either, so either shut the fuck up or accept that you have taped a nice big fat target on both your back and every member of your family.  I don't want to hear it if any of you who have cheered this on and put Ukraine flags here and there (virtually or otherwise) get whacked by some Russian "migrant" who we let into the country: If it happens that's tough shit because that's what happens during a war, like it or not, and you advocated for and supported war so shut the fuck up.

All the fantasy-land nonsense arguments from various pundits and such all the way back to the start have proved to be utter and complete bullshit.  The sanctions weren't just ineffective -- they backfired and have produced deeper strategic and trade ties between Russia and China, which for the last two decades I expected to eventually turn into a conflict simply because Russia has energy and China needs it, and further Russia doesn't have the people to defend it short of nuking Beijing if things go spicy.  I've written articles and spoken on this for two decades and yet apparently all the "policy wonks" like little cunt Vic couldn't figure that out.  Well here we are and we given both nations a reason to build pipelines and railroads instead of China contemplating whether its cheaper to buy what they want through negotiation or take it by force.  Giving both nations plenty of reason to stick it up Uncle Sam's ass and break it off as a "side effect" of such negotiation was stupid and, at this point, is also probably irreversible.

Rather than make good and goddamn certain that we were capable of being independent of China before setting up a situation where an alliance between Russia and China could trivially ratfuck us should they decide to pull that lever we considered the stonk muckit to be far more important -- never mind things like precursors, reagents and even manufacturing for utterly-necessary medical supplies and pharmaceuticals!

Oh and then we even got so stupid we handed out money to people who literally were tampering with coronaviruses in the exact conformation that wound up as Covid, and incidentally that's not speculation anymore either.  What do you think those very same people have been doing with, oh, H5N1 or even worse, given what we gave them are you absolutely certain that China doesn't have in its back pocket (and now Putin does too!) this?

How many of you took those magic shots?  You want to keep playing around with a nation that has now formed an alliance that includes, quite-possibly, THAT?

The only saving grace on that possibility, by the way, is that coronaviruses mutate fast enough that there's a decent chance it would shift off that epitope rapidly enough to keep the damage from being near-perfect -- and in fact given what we've seen in terms of mutational rate now, with four years in the bag, it might only be five or ten times Covid instead of half or more of everyone who took any of the shots.

Zelenskyy and Ukraine are fucked; you had a literal comedian who lacked the mental prowess to realize he was being played by a bunch of hacks out of the State Department all of whom were well-aware that despite it being a long shot that they could actually destabilize Putin and Russia generally it would be Ukraine that got fucked and not them when it went bad.  Not if it went bad, on the odds, when it went bad.  Then again these Ukrainian mental midgets are the same people who the evidence shows hired a drug-addled nutjob simply to peddle influence -- it certainly wasn't for either business acumen or knowledge of the oil and gas business, of which Hunter had none in either capacity.

Its not like this is uncommon when it comes to war incidentally.  The First Crusade was arguably just in that it was an attempt to repel a Musloid invasion that, as with most of their faith's "expansions" over the millennia has been in the form of "convert, be our slaves (including sexually of course) or die."  But the others, well, not so much and yet here we are, quite some time later, and it would appear we've learned nothing from myriad examples both in that instance and since.

All those billions of your money that have been forcibly extracted and sent over there?

We should forcibly extract each and every penny from every single lawmaker's and State Department employee's ass -- and every member of their genetic line up and down.

As for Zelenskyy, I trust his own citizens can deal with him appropriately.  I'd fork up real money for the pay-per-view on that one.

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