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 Tickerguy On RLA (Interview)
Kiwiapsa 62 posts, incept 2021-09-12
2024-05-15 09:26:30

Tabbed RLA into my favorites. Great conversation and analysis. Yes, 2 years or less to get ready. No matter who's elected this economy needs correction and will happen. Coincidentally, I saw a post this morning bemoaning the fact that banks won't issue mortgage loans that may cost $1300.00 monthly, while rents are around $2000.00. Complete economic illiteracy from someone who hasn't worked most of their adult life, tops out at 250 lbs., eats horribly with expected medical issues, applied for SSDI, and takes several vacations a year (on other people's money) because they need a 'break from the stress'. Who do you think pays her medical bills? And would never think of voting for anyone who might put some brakes on the government gravy train. Tried to explain basic credit criteria banks look at and had to remind them that banks don't issue mortgage loans for renters. Farting in the wind? Probably, but this kind of ignorance is what politicians feed on.

Reason: Grammar
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