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 Two Serious Pieces Of Financial Advice
Joancrawford 1k posts, incept 2013-10-14
2024-05-13 09:02:17

Good advice as usual. In my own situation, I retired last year @60, drawing my state pension. Part of the package is healthcare coverage at no cost to me 70/30. Mandatory converts to Medicare when/if I reach 65, so clawback issues don't affect me, even if I take SS at 62.

My Sister-in-law is 58 this year and quite possibly could lose her job this week due to an inability to control her mouth. Seems she repeatedly joked/mocked a transgender dude at work and he reported her to HR. So she'll find out Wednesday if she's still employed-she's been suspended until then. Although my brother has done very well for himself financially and is 67 (on Medicare), she's diabetic (type 2) and needs insulin ($$$$$$$ for those without healthcare). So if they do fire her, she's fucked. Ditto, any person who has health issues and loses their job.

I mentioned previously that I had 2 plumbing issues last week, one a genuine emergency, that required a 3 AM call to stop the leak. The guy who came to fix it had his 20 something son with him-kind of mentoring him. Thought to myself, that young man will do VERY well in the future, regardless of the economy going tits up. (people will ALWAYS need plumbers, electricians, and carpenters).

Time may be a great healer, but it's a lousy beautician.-Dorothy Parker

Boys don't make passes at girls with fat asses.-slightly modified DP

Reason: grammar
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