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 Two Serious Pieces Of Financial Advice
Dingleberry 978 posts, incept 2011-11-06
2024-05-13 08:05:18

The Obammycare cliff makes it pretty obvious how nefarious this shit really is.....but the voters wanted "free" and they got it. If this applies to you.....enjoy bottom-feeding unless you somehow managed to stack cash, and can live off of that for awhile.

As for is mostly now the equivalent of buying a designer purse, with its main value being to show off soft degrees to fake friends, with the bonus of delaying adulting. Maybe if you are lucky Brandon will "forgive" your student debt too. Just don't bitch about inflation in rent, food, cars,'s always the price for "free!"

As for Social's pretty clear watching the squeeze over the decades that by the time you get's real purchasing power will be a fraction of what you plan on it to be. To wit, there was a time when it was completely tax-free. Now it's 85% taxable, unless you are truly broke dick. Then throw in the COLA manipulations (you can guess which way those ALWAYS go).....then the extensions to reach full retirement age.....and so on. Time has a value, and I know what I plan to do the second I am eligible to steal back what was stolen from me. Thankfully, I already have health insurance for life, so Obammycare is not a thing for me.

Manage your expectations and you won't be disappointed.
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