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2024-05-12 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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Note The Insanity
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There is a "severe gap" in the number of available vaccine doses compared to the level of current need, said UNICEF on its website.

"Between 2021 and 2023, more doses were requested for outbreak response than the entire previous decade," UNICEF noted.

Outbreak response?

You don't vaccinate into an outbreak of anything.  Of course we knew this decades ago and then immediate forgot it when Covid showed up.

Also note they try to blame "climate change" (bullshit); cholera is a bacterial disease that occurs as a result of eating shit.  Literally eating shit, typically through water source contamination.

The answer to the problem is not "vaccination" it is clean water sources and sewage or septic disposal of human feces.

That's why we don't typically have a problem with it in the United States today; there is no routine shot given for it in the US because there is no value to it.  Don't eat shit and you won't get it.  In fact this is why polio is basically gone too; it, like cholera, is transmitted through consumption of feces.

Was IPV (Salk's vaccine) even relevant in the evolution of that disease in the United States and worldwide?  Not really, because it is not sterilizing.  That is you could get it and transmit it to others but just as with cholera how you got it is the same -- to get it you have to eat shit.

Interrupting the transmission is thus a function of first-world water and waste handling.  Succeed at that and there is no cholera -- or polio for that matter.  Fail at it and you have a problem.

Further, since cholera is caused by a bacterium for those places that still use communal wells as a water source personal or household, at-point-of-use water filtration is both sufficient and effective.  This is typically not true for viruses (e.g. polio) but a decent filter is good enough to prevent bacterial contamination.  Filters of sufficient quality for consumption are inexpensive.

Bacterial contamination is serious business for people like me who enjoy back-country hiking.  Getting the craps is bad if you're at home and have an effectively-unlimited water supply to make up the fluid loss, and ready access to salt (electrolytes.)  In the back-country that same case of the trots can kill you if you're effectively immobilized by it and get severely dehydrated.

Cholera is on the smaller side of bacteria but a 0.2-.0.5 micron filter is effective.  I also carry Chlorine Dioxide as a secondary treatment and use it because viruses can also be present and while they're not much of a "in the wild" problem they are when people are around, and, well, people are around these days in the so-called "back-country" and some of them are disgusting and do not keep their bodily waste away from water sources adequately -- or at all.

Nonetheless the issue here is not (as Faux Snooz's headline claims) a function of immunization.

The problem is clean drinking water sources and insuring human waste does not get into the water system.

We didn't end cholera in the US and the rest of the western world with "vaccination" and those who claim this is the proper approach or try to use this as an example of "medicine good, go get more stabs" are lying and said lies get people killed.  The answer to these problems is, as we know in the western world, to stop shitting in the road and resolve clean and sanitary water access issues.  That in turn means stop living like fucking apes and that means society has to produce more than it consumes so the surplus can go to basic infrastructure -- like flush toilets and segregated water and waste systems.

Again you can't vaccinate out of an outbreak.  We've known this for over 100 years and the people peddling this crap are badly in need of being skullfucked.

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