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 But 'Economists Say'....
Doladin 277 posts, incept 2022-01-15
2024-04-02 21:19:08

Agreed regarding deflation - how many people would actually hold off making purchases to receive a lower future price? An insignificant percentage. How do I come to this conclusion? Look at how many people are happy to buy goods NOW on CREDIT? They literally pay a premium (via interest) to get their widgets now.

Further to Karls point, this goes for WANTS not NEEDS, specifically shiny Chinese crap they don't need. If people are paying interest for toys and crap, they certainly won't hold off on buying essentials.

No Agenda podcast is running the theory that mass immigration is mostly there for asset inflation. As we know, banks love/need inflated assets. If we deflate and depopulate, they will fail. Personally, I believe there's more to mass immigration, but this is certainly a large factor.

Regarding cars - I too put some nicely valved coilovers in my lancer recently, which greatly improved ride quality over my knocking factory bilstein shocks.
I have great concerns over parts availability for ageing vehicles. I suppose the best strategy is to find popular vehicles that are still sold in 3rd world countries (i.e. no emissions regulations preventing sale) and hopefully you can source parts from there? I'm talking old Hilux, Landcruiser, Patrol etc.
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