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 But 'Economists Say'....
Msbeaty 42 posts, incept 2022-10-01
2024-04-02 08:18:27

When I read that article, it was apparent that their entire argument against deflation was based off the status quo. Our society has an absolute addiction to stuff, especially cheap stuff. Quantity has become a quality itself rather than focusing on actual needs and quality durable goods. This "addiction," has led to constant purchases of goods to stay "up to date." Churn means that durability has taken a backseat, since many people only keep things until they are out of style rather than broken. This is very obvious with appliances. They only need to outlast the style trends rather than being built to last long term.

Consumers are still price conscious though, so this inflation of products has to be partially absorbed by cheapening the product rather than just raising the price. I do not know how we get out of this cycle, but stating with an honest accounting of total lifecycle energy of a product would be enlightening. I am not one for green policies to save the earth, but my inner engineer has to look at efficiency of the lifecycle of a product. The embodied energy to make and ship a new appliance. I would guess that with the short lifespans, in many cases, the marginal energy savings never overcome the energy to build the item.

We are enriching our enemies while burdening ourselves with junk we don't need, then ultimately filling our landfills and wasting energy on the constant churn of expanding and replacing our junk. At the cost of this is money wasted and a widespread theft of everything we have saved in life with inflation....what a deal we have!
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