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 But 'Economists Say'....
Dingleberry 953 posts, incept 2011-11-06
2024-04-02 08:18:27

Sounds to me like the presstittues are doing their master's bidding and prepping the masses to clamor for their own economic destruction, akin to what they did with the jab.

It worked pretty well last time, so I can't blame them for doing it again.

Inflation benefits the wealthy. Deflation harms them as they are generally leveraged to the hilt. The opposite is true for the unwashed.

You can try to outrun inflation....but maff be maff, and most of us will lose that race over time. For very "winner" there will be plenty more losers. Your kids for starters.

Too bad maff isn't taught anymore in skoolz. Or crucial thinking skills, etc. Keynes was correct about the ability to diagnose inflation.

Hence why the past is prologue.

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