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2024-03-30 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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So Let Me Guess.....
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.... if you're Christian you are considering this as a Holy Day and in fact it is called that: Holy Saturday.

The day after Christ was nailed to a tree and lay in repose in a stone tomb with a big rock rolled over the entrance.


What group nailed him to the tree?
Did they repent for doing that at the time -- or ever afterward?

Hmmm..... I seem to remember something in the New Testament about "No one comes to the Father except through me."  Now maybe I remember that wrong, and I could go look since I happen to have one of those books laying around.  Maybe its mistranslated.  But if it isn't then doesn't that mean that anyone who doesn't believe this is not headed that direction?  Its pretty-clear language, is it not?  I don't seem to recall a list of exceptions.

Never mind the hustlers who openly flaunt that they're not "poverty pastors."  I'd say not, when you have many millions and nice mansions.  I do recall someone mocking that in a song when I was younger and thought it was funnier than Hell at the time.  Decades later -- it still is.

There's a reason the Founders were explicit about not permitting such matters of faith into public policy.  Its simply this: Over the millennia those differences of opinion have been among the largest causes of war, and further, its arguably the underhanded crap that often comes with such that is the most-destructive.

Thus they tried to ban it.

Of course the real problem is that like it or not Americans are not, in the main, good.  Incidentally through the ages neither is any other nation-sized group of people, so spare the "shining beacon on the hill" bullshit.  Oh, argue otherwise if you wish, but no, they're not and we're not.  As just one prime example the Constitution is toilet paper somewhere among most people's perspectives whenever it conflicts with what they want and they will abuse you to get it.

Think not?

Among medical provision alone one dollar in five of all spent in the US is extracted.  At least 80% of that is stolen through activity that was declared illegal more than 100 years ago.  Since one dollar in five is extracted one person in five, roughly, is likely on the take directly or indirectly in this process.

Still think "nearly everyone" is good eh?  I just gave you one example.

There are hundreds more.

Half the nation thinks its perfectly fine for any number of people to come here and you should be forced to feed, house, clothe and provide medical care to them.  They think this is perfectly fine right up until said persons are next door, then they're unacceptable and can't be there.  Why else would all the "blue cities" be up in arms about all these "migrants"?  I thought these people -- and their government agencies -- all professed that they had an absolute right to be here, to reside, to eat, to electricity, heating and cooling, education and more whether they could pay or not -- and no matter whether they came here legally or not.

Only when those people showed up next door was it a problem.  As long as they screwed your place to live (e.g. Texas) all was well.  That's outrageously unethical and in fact is suborning grand theft and worse, particularly when crimes against people, such as rape and murder, are committed by said persons.

Has there been any repentance?

Of course not.

But you can bet all the falsely pious will be in Church either tonight for vigil, or tomorrow for Easter mass.

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