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 More On The Bridge
Invisiblesun 903 posts, incept 2020-04-08
2024-03-28 10:07:54

Amen! I am astounded by the stupid conspiracy thinking that is rampant on the forums I read. Such arguments lack knowledge of how cargo ships operate and they rely on inventing and assigning motives that fail on first inspection.

It is prudent to be skeptical. It is unwise to remain skeptical when facts and logic inform otherwise. The fundamental question is the unreliability of power on the ship. And if the system was overloaded - reports are the ship was experiencing overload shutoff conditions prior to leaving the dock - then there is your explanation. The ship operator was negligent and oversight of the port was negligent in not anticipating the need to use tug boats to safely move ships down the channel past the bridges.

The conspiracy arguments are unhelpful because they deflect responsibility from those who are responsible. We not only have the responsibility of the ship accident but there is the responsibility of the accident cleanup and bridge reconstruction. The focus needs to be on target, not in crazy, made up stories.

The accident does reveal a glaring flaw in our nation's defense. Apparently an adversary could shutdown our ports for many weeks by dropping the bridges that span port waters. It is a huge national security issue that it will take weeks to clear the shipping channel. There is not much of a national issue if it is only the Baltimore port. But it is an issue if multiple ports were simultaneously blocked.

Somewhere in the Navy or Army Corps of Engineers there has to be a manual of how to clear a shipping channel of debris, whether it be a fallen bridge or skuttled ship. Time to dust it off and use it.
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