A Drunken Podcast on Tucker And The Medical System
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Comments on A Drunken Podcast on Tucker And The Medical System
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Drifter 2k posts, incept 2016-02-11
2024-02-04 09:20:03

I often wonder what I would be like in a alt universe where I followed all my MDs advice and instructions-- HBP meds, metformin, covid shots, flu shots, and balanced diet of whole grains in a low fat diet, etc etc.

And dental-- what my life would be like had 4 premolars not been yanked by the shitty orthodont I had (still the standard of care), so he could finish cases faster-- would I have sleep apnea?

And when I got covid, what if I didn't self-treat and let the system take care of me, you know, call them only when I'm having trouble breathing?

My hunting buddies then called me 'buddha'; they still do actually, but there's no tummy to rub anymore.

In my life, outside of a couple steroid shots for injuries I consented to, every other MD rec was met with a 'go pound sand' reply. Each one of those choices was a god damned home run.

Roskosb 9 posts, incept 2009-02-12
2024-02-04 09:39:44

I'd like to review the NAACP info discussed where it was mentioned that they are promoting the use of ozempic and such. I was unable to find it on the NAACP website searching for ozempic or diabetes. Does anybody have a link for this to share?
Wakesetter 44 posts, incept 2010-06-08
2024-02-04 09:59:36

A tumbler of Signet, candid conversation on our hosts professional and personal evolution, sprinkle of healthcare truths and a open offer to appear on Tucker. Works for me. Now, why am I thinking about Lauren Lyster all of a sudden?

I'm not on X, but I will comment on Rumble for Tucker to look you up.


"Parasites cant sustain prosperity." - Doug Casey
Cmoledor 3k posts, incept 2021-04-13
2024-02-04 09:59:48

I always love these. Heres to hoping tucker gets wise and has you on his show.

The whole world is one big fucking scam
Its a big club and we aint in it. But we damn sure pay the dues. Rangeishot
God will NOT help anyone. Prayer is only worthwhile as a boost to
Joancrawford 944 posts, incept 2013-10-14
2024-02-04 09:59:59

Nice rant, and apropos, as usual. My doctor's office sent me a notice a month or so back that Covid & flu shots were now available.

Um, no thanks. I'm sure I'm on some list of being a vax denier or some such. But I've seen friends who are a bit older than I coming down with weird cancers and other ailments. Overweight, and will scoff at you if you suggest that the whole vaccine/mask shitstorm was/is a psyop to siphon more money from you.

But that's what it means to be a Cassandra. Nobody will listen.

One friend and his wife, a couple in their late 60s, refused the jab and he dropped weight exactly like you did, Karl. He's about the same height (over 6'2), and lost around 50 pounds simply by cutting out the carbs. Isn't hungry and doesn't eat until at least noon.

So it can be done. Thanks for the words of inspiration. Now I will look at the (f)ucker Carlson interview.

Time may be a great healer, but it's a lousy beautician.-Dorothy Parker

Boys don't make passes at girls with fat asses.-slightly modified DP
Patrick58 300 posts, incept 2019-08-08
2024-02-04 10:00:19

I love the idea. You're a great speaker, and absent bias except humanitarian.
I like that! Hey Tucker, "interview Mr. Denninger, he's quite good and he's very entertaining"! I'll watch it! (My time is precious to me).

Please Mr. Carlson?
Ingar 763 posts, incept 2017-02-14
2024-02-04 11:16:00

Met a physician last few days and he was wearing a mask. I told him that in my 25 year career in dentistry that a mask never kept me from getting colds, flu, or pneumonia. It did keep me from spitting of coughing on patients. He told me that he knew that I was right about them being useless, but said that he wore a mask because a lot of the uninformed thought that they were preventative and it put them at ease. He was early 40's, 90-100 lbs overweight, and on BP meds. I told him that he needed to drop some weight and exercise; he concurred and said that he was doing it gradually. He also told me that he was $400k in debt from his medical education, but living modestly and paying the debt off.

Friday I got a prescription for Ondansetron for my child's bout with nausea. Ten tabs at Walgreens cost me $1.10. I asked the pharmacy tech how much the price would have been without insurance. She said $94.00. The American public is being screwed by the pharma, insurance, and medical money extractive businesses.
Glad I have insurance. I guess all those push-ups I did in the snow at Fort Leonard Wood in the 60's and the isolated shithole sites I was stationed in during my service career paid off a bit. The aforementioned money extractive business more or less grab the public by the ankles, hold them upside down, and shake them until their wallets and loose change falls from their pockets, leaving them destitute.

With about 70% of broadcast programming revenue coming from the pharma/medical industries, we can't expect the networks to do any real investigative journalism about the corruption in those industries. I read that the average congresscritter took about $76k in contributions from pharma last year. With bribes like that, we can't expect our whore government to enforce any of the laws that prohibit the financial rape of the public.

Our government is irredeemably corrupt and voting harder won't solve our problems. Maybe the coming financial catastrophe will permit some corrections.
Iou 1k posts, incept 2009-03-16
2024-02-04 11:21:04

Thanks for posting. Not many drunks can speak with that much clarity and conciseness. You would mop the floor with the MSM which is why they blackballed you. Truth backed up by facts are hard to beat.

"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves, in the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies
Invisiblesun 884 posts, incept 2020-04-08
2024-02-04 11:37:19

Great insight as always. The comments on inflation are so true. Housing inflation is showing up in increased insurance costs and property taxes. The house is not a productive asset and so the increase in value does me no good. In fact a financial advisor told me they don't count house value in financial projections - you have to live somewhere and this will always cost money.

Nickdanger 2k posts, incept 2011-06-12
2024-02-04 12:07:29

Thanks Karl. It was great to have something like this to listen to while fixing our breakfast. I would love to see you on Tucker. I find it hard to believe that he didn't know about the pHARMa industry ad shenanigans. He was in the industry long enough to know all the dirty little secrets.

-- I'm in the control group

-- In life, it's important to know when to stop arguing with people and simply let them be wrong.
Thethinman 82 posts, incept 2017-11-08
2024-02-04 13:18:30


Randomized Controlled Trial BMJ
. 2013 Feb 4:346:e8707. doi: 10.1136/bmj.e8707.

Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness of replacing dietary saturated fat with omega 6 linoleic acid (polyunsaturated fats), for the secondary prevention of coronary heart disease and death.

Design: Evaluation of recovered data from the Sydney Diet Heart Study, a single blinded, parallel group, randomized controlled trial conducted in 1966-73; and an updated meta-analysis including these previously missing data.

Setting: Ambulatory, coronary care clinic in Sydney, Australia.
Participants: 458 men aged 30-59 years with a recent coronary event.
Use of dietary linoleic acid for secondary prevention of coronary heart disease and death: evaluation of recovered data from the Sydney Diet Heart Study and updated meta-analysis

Conclusions: Advice to substitute polyunsaturated fats for saturated fats is a key component of worldwide dietary guidelines for coronary heart disease risk reduction. However, clinical benefits of the most abundant polyunsaturated fatty acid, omega 6 linoleic acid, have not been established. In this cohort, substituting dietary linoleic acid in place of saturated fats increased the rates of death from all causes, coronary heart disease, and cardiovascular disease. An updated meta-analysis of linoleic acid intervention trials showed no evidence of cardiovascular benefit. These findings could have important implications for worldwide dietary advice to substitute omega 6 linoleic acid, or polyunsaturated fats in general, for saturated fats.
Quantum 1k posts, incept 2021-05-18
2024-02-04 13:25:54

It makes sense upon reflection: until there's a way to monetize telling people to eat healthy and be active, the alternative of chemically treating various illnesses and syndromes will continue.

Our God, will you not judge them? For we have no power to face this great multitude that is attacking us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you. --2 Chron. 20:12
Abelardlindsey 2k posts, incept 2021-03-26
2024-02-04 14:43:30

Sad but true.

Its all in the mitochondria.

Its the future and...you're not.
Abelardlindsey 2k posts, incept 2021-03-26
2024-02-04 14:43:34

The long depression lasted about 20 years. It started with the Vienna stock market crash of 1873. Credit Mobier, which financed the first continental railroad, went bust around this time as well.

Its all in the mitochondria.

Its the future and...you're not.
Abelardlindsey 2k posts, incept 2021-03-26
2024-02-04 14:43:42

I'm glad you brought up the autism thing. I was "on the spectrum" off and on during my childhood and young adulthood. I did not overcome it until around 2008 after chelating for a year and a half. I also lost weight as a result as well.

Its all in the mitochondria.

Its the future and...you're not.
Printlife 328 posts, incept 2018-05-22
2024-02-04 15:48:01

@Thethinman Very good find, may I strip away the word salad?

The study of using polyunsaturated fats to substitute for saturated fats showed polyunsaturated fats were worse for all meaningful measures.

So we hid those results, "recovered data". Oddly they can never bring themselves to write that statement the other way: "Saturated fat healthy". And bacon tastes good, the boys lean to a crispier doneness.

Vaccination required? Not if we leave.
Now in Florida, heart rate dropping, nicer people
Dmj625 4k posts, incept 2010-03-01
2024-02-04 15:57:43


My working theory is that Mr. Means didn't tell Tucker anything he didn't already know. Tucker needed a messenger and his reactions were effect for the viewer. It's all a big media game.

Deport, Deflate, De-Militarize

Thuddenly Tracker: Firsts-6, Seconds-25
Maksymilians 7 posts, incept 2022-10-09
2024-02-04 16:13:37

How does keto influence performance in sports in which strength and endurance play a vital role, like powerlifting and climbing? Does it help, does it hinder, or is it neutral?
Tickerguy 202k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2024-02-04 16:15:38

It certainly hasn't hurt my running performance and for duration events (half marathon plus) it's IMHO a plus as there IS NO WALL since you are NOT running on glycogen.

It might be a material loser for sprints or something like powerlifting.

"Perhaps you can keep things together and advance playing DIE games.
Or perhaps the truth is that white men w/IQs >= 115 or so built all of it and without us it will collapse."

Htp 64 posts, incept 2023-08-10
2024-02-04 17:23:19

I've been an ingredients reader for four decades after I noticed fast food made me lethargic and interfered with my athletic training. With exception of living off cheap eggs, ramen, bouillon cubes and vitamin capsules for several years because it was either do that or drop out of grad and professional school.

I follow TG's advice on diet mostly. I don't snack aside from green apples, real yogurt, stinky cheese or a glass of whole milk. I do add non-green veg to my weekly routine - sweet potato, cauliflower, rutabaga, beets and the like. I don't consume smoked anything for the most part including bacon or sausages, say what you will. Berries and tomatoes every other day. I have added bread and pasta to my diet after decades of omission but only with the flours I mill from grain berries at home - einkorn being the primary grain with buckwheat and rye in second place - which preserves nutrients intact and grains actually have a lot of nutrition if freshly milled.

I drink a ridiculous quantity of purified ice cold water each day. It is a habit developed with a group of fellow athletes and I've just kept up the habit. A fresh pitcher is kept by my bedside; if I wake up, I drink. I start squeezing limes with nothing else at about the end of the second gallon and usually down at least three. I've always got a tall glass-glass in my hand or else I'm headed to the bathroom. Time will tell if this provides any real health benefit.

I've purged my kitchen of non-stick coatings, plastic and any other PFAS food prep, cooking or storage surface. Storage is only glass and the rest of the gear is stainless, cast iron either cured or enamel-coated, magnesium (apple peeler) and wood. I've got a commercial-grade stainless dehydrator and heavy duty vacuum sealer, originally for prepping my trekking/backpacking meals but much to the chagrin of my wife I am overzealous with the sealer and like to seal just about everything from loose screws, spilled toothpicks, pencils, stray batteries ad infinitum. It's kind of weird like the water thingie.

Now, if only I would get my flabby keister off the desk chair and sweat for real this winter. I did trek the Kingdom of Bhutan earlier last year for nearly three weeks but other than sporadic bike rides when the winter weather permits I have been desk bound. Desks are one of the top killers IMHO. But I'm paid by the hour and its always tempting to work more than I should. C'est la Vie, life comes at you fast. Have a restful Sunday; TG always reminds me that I'm not alone in my perceptions about contemporary life and I'm grateful for it.
Raven 17k posts, incept 2017-06-27
2024-02-04 17:31:52

Listened to the whole thing, very good points.

From the beginning, Tucker is mentioned as being surprised at the bribe aspect of the ad dollars. This seems like a contrivance. A man as successful and wealthy in the industry as himself would instantly know how major advertisers control the networks. He would also know the history of organized crime and how it setup business arrangements and required them in some cases for control of markets and profit.

Personal: i have a serious condition, actually two. Total number of prescriptions taken over the past twenty-seven years: ZERO. Total number of OTC drugs taken over the past twenty-seven years: occasional remedy not more than once a year every three years or so (Just look at the dates of stuff in the cabinet for verification.). Total number of medical procedures over the past twenty-seven years: ZERO. Total amount of any medical expense billed to insurance over the past twenty-seven years: ZERO. A few private medical doctor consults over the years and some tests billed as cash payment during said. Clarification: i do take a bunch of supplements which are not that expensive and one which is of a natural form of one otherwise taken as a prescription for my condition, very cheap. Been full KETO for twenty-seven years as an early form of control of condition.

If i can do it, you can do it.
Cary 118 posts, incept 2021-12-26
2024-02-04 17:57:19

I don't think Tucker was surprised that their money gives them protection but at the idea of that being the primary intent of the spending, as opposed to selling product. One of those, I hadn't thought about it that way before moments. Earlier he made a passing comment acknowledging Pharma's media influence because of spending.

And there was that time when he ran Daily Caller and quashed a story by a writer there who wanted to publish something critical of Fox. He acknowledged it was because he worked at Fox and couldn't publish anything bad about them. I remember at the time at least appreciating that he was honest about that being the reason he blocked the story.
Marketpirate 2k posts, incept 2007-11-30
2024-02-04 18:04:21

Thanks for this podcast Karl !!!

I enjoy listening to you in this format.

It is one thousand times better than having to deal with the constant annoying interruptions from the Chief when you are on air with him.

The bullshit stops when the money runs out, and not a moment before.
Cary 118 posts, incept 2021-12-26
2024-02-04 18:36:01

I don't remember specifics, but I've seen studies that show an initial drop in athletic performance followed by a rebound back to similar performance. Possibly referenced by Coach Bronson or by Shawn Baker, who are both in the keto space.

I know for myself, as a former athlete and life long heavy lifter, when I went keto I did initially see drops in my strength levels. It eventually rebounded, but I settled maybe 10-15 lbs lighter in all the powerlifts. However, once stabilized I was also 30-35 pounds lighter. I attribute the strength loss likely to just having a smaller mass, which was almost entirely fat loss. The last couple of years, I've tracked my body comp with Dexa scans, and have managed a small muscle increase and small fat decrease. So I'm maintaining the muscle on Keto in my mid-50s.

I train 6 days a week fasted first thing in the morning and have no energy problems. In fact the couple of times I've tried lifting after eating, thinking it might help, I did not feel great. I was more sluggish and less explosive. As for aerobic, my Garmin VO2 max is currently 44, and I'm only doing 4 20 min HIIT sessions a week indoors. In the summer I will run some 5ks in training, typically 25-27 min depending on the day and do some sprinting.

So I'm not seeing any negative impact to performance, not to mention being way healthier in general, which likely let's me push myself more and also recover quicker.
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