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2023-05-17 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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The Left Eats Its Own
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Here it comes folks.....

Though only one bus of migrants has arrived in Chicago this week from border states, leaders expect more and plan to house hundreds at Windy City at a South Shore High School, Chicago's Fox 32 reported.

Many of those who live in the area and are concerned about the decision's impact on the community, with several Black members from the area protesting the move outside the school on Thursday.

"Why would any leader put our Black communities already riddled with crime, at further risk by placing unvetted, non-taxpayers steps away from our seniors, our children, and our homes we've worked so hard on our own to secure," said J. Darnell Jones, a resident of South Shore.

But wait...... we're told all these "migrants" are just here to work, pay taxes and be peaceful residents -- even if not citizens.

You mean that was a lie?

It appears the black folks in Chicago have seen through the lie: These so-called 'migrants' in fact are here because they are getting handouts, they have no interest in being actual lawful taxpaying citizens, if they can't get what they want they will destroy whoever is in their way and the black folks already dealing with gang-bangers, rapists and similar (who happen to be black) expect these people will be WORSE.

"Our specific frustration lies in the continuous and blatant disregard for the safety and overall quality of life for Black residents, as many of these migrants have been dumped in our neighborhoods without a plan in place to monitor and house them long-term," Dunn said.

Oh, you mean you don't like the idea of all these free loaders coming into your community and destroying it, either indirectly by siphoning off the resources you pay taxes to support or directly by robbing you blind?

Well go figure; that's the same problem the rest of us have with these folks: Its an invasion of locusts, not a bunch of hard-working people who want to pay their own way, contribute to the tax base more than they suck off everyone else and live under the rule of law.

Indeed the proof of this is that they come and break the law originally by coming here, demonstrating mens rea; that is, "of a criminal mind" by their mere original route of entry into the United States.  In addition to criminality they also bring a sense of entitlement to break the law with them, which is exactly what nobody needs.

But heh folks, since we're talking politics here let me look up the voting registration percentages by party in that part of Chicago.  Oh, that was easy: You all (statistically-speaking) voted for the current occupant of the White House and thus the current Administration including those implementing these procedures.

In other words you asked for it directly by elevating these people to said office thus you are the ones who ought to go clean house.

And no, given the generally lawless nature of this administration I don't particularly care how you do it either.

I'm going to pull up a chair, crack a cold one and let you folks take out your own trash -- the very trash you created and caused to be distributed in your community.

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Comments on The Left Eats Its Own
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Vernonb 3k posts, incept 2009-06-03
2023-05-17 08:07:58

Hmmm. Now black community leaders are suddenly worried about deadbeats and crime after almost 60+ years? They elect DAs that will not prosecute such crimes in many places.

Gang looting, gangbanging, gang rape, and gang whatever was ok? Where has been the persons adamant about blacks policing themselves?

This sounds more like a case of one deadbeat complaining about other deadbeat taking "his gubbermint gib-me-dats" to me.

How does it feel to be replaced as a voting block black people? You were stupid enough.... along with lib whites to go along with this shit.

Perhaps Biden's strategy is simply to escalate the violence so both groups kill each other off while at the same time attacking the 2nd admendment due to the illegal gun purchases.

When was the last time Shitcago had a major hotel fire?

"Mass intelligence does not mean intelligent masses."
Wifi 12k posts, incept 2013-02-13
2023-05-17 08:08:14


"We live in a, idiocracy populated with morons." - Goldbrick
"Freedom cannot end where fear begins."
Robby Dinero
"The free market works, if you let it... but part of
Rooster 43 posts, incept 2020-04-13
2023-05-17 08:08:20

It's gonna be fucking hilarious when those fine black youths of Chicago "get active" with these freeloaders!
Tritumi 1k posts, incept 2008-11-29
2023-05-17 08:08:23

I wonder which member of the Prog Squad will go first strike with accusation of RACIST!!
Forever_young 134 posts, incept 2022-11-22
2023-05-17 08:08:32

"Our specific frustration lies in the continuous and blatant disregard for the safety and overall quality of life for White residents, as many of these blacks have been dumped in our neighborhoods without a plan in place to monitor and house them long-term,"

History may not always repeat, but it often rhymes.
Spechukas 11 posts, incept 2022-05-12
2023-05-17 08:08:35

Let's see them vote themselves out of this one smiley
Dingleberry 721 posts, incept 2011-11-06
2023-05-17 08:08:40

The demcraps entice with promises of "FREEEEE!!!" and blacks fall for it every single time. Reparations being the latest, with millions per head being bandied about! A pure fairy tale that a child would not even believe, but they choose to fall for outlandish lies. Hence the voters are thieves, no different than their demcrap overlords.

Now with wide-open borders and sanctuary cities....they get to share their welfare bennies with their brand new neighbors!

Here is the uncomfortable truth about hispanics and blacks (having seen it firsthand). The US is about the only western country that gives blacks an equal opportunity (along with lots of handouts). But blacks would never know it. They are constantly oh-pressed. Just ask them. Or watch the "media", or Hollywood, etc. etc. etc.

Problem is hispanics can be a wee tad bit wayciss, as south of the border this is fairly common. So it's unsurprising when they flood the US....they bring those nasty little "intolerant" habits with them, along with several other unpleasantries.

So when hispanics move in.......blacks often have to move out. Go out west and see for yourself. And unlike whites....hispanics don't really do the liberal "guilt" thingie like the karens here do. Blacks are voting to replace themselves.

They deserve what they get. But it won't be what they expect. It never has been. It never will be. It's only gotten worse. For 60 years straight. Thanks LBJ!!!!

But make no mistake....most will always vote blue no matter who. And the demcraps know it. And exploit them as such.

They deserve each other. A demonic marriage straight from hell.
Richebel4481 15 posts, incept 2023-03-23
2023-05-17 08:08:58

Left...Right...what's the difference? Both corrupt. The people will eventually choose what's best for them, not necessarily choosing either. As if we only have but two bogus choices.
Happyapricot 135 posts, incept 2019-07-06
2023-05-17 08:51:16

How it has been around here, is that illegal immigrants flood into an area and then the school is not large enough to accommodate all the children. Then the local government and school rams through a multimillion-dollar bond to construct a new school. Now, they just can't build classrooms. They always build a sports complex and performance art center, a new track, and football field. In the end everybody pays more in real estate taxes. Particularly the farmers who own land. I am just saying, bringing in millions of people has consequences. I think people should have a right to vote on these changes.
Shadowmask 5k posts, incept 2021-05-24
2023-05-17 08:51:21

Latin Kings vs. We Wuz Kangs boog part two coming this summer.

The learning curve for being dead is steep, but everyone gets it down pat on the first go usually.--Thystra, March 28, 2023
Greenacr 804 posts, incept 2016-03-15
2023-05-17 08:51:29

I find it amusing that the left's traditional constituencies are now being victimized by increasingly Progressive Left. Karls article is a great example of this.

Just as Women are now getting it in all holes from the Left over this Trans everything push, Blacks will get the same with illegal immigration.
Lemonaid 17k posts, incept 2008-01-20
2023-05-17 08:51:33

Yup, Blacks automatically vote Blue no matter what.

"There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of
Handyone55 413 posts, incept 2010-07-06
2023-05-17 08:51:43

Ex landlord here. In my county, a 4 bedroom townhouse for $850 a month used to be commonplace. Now, it is unobtanium. A lot of small landlords said screw this and sold their properties to management companies. Where the Hell will they house the new generation of gimmedats? The invaders will live 12 people in a 4 bedroom rental and rental prices will be bid up so high the working poor citizen will be screwed.

Stocked up on beer, popcorn, and hearing protection for the whining. Also lots of rice and beans (Sorry Karl, carbs are better than starvation :-) )

Calrissian 162 posts, incept 2021-04-12
2023-05-17 08:52:00

I hear a whole lot of whining, but no one will do anything about it.

You're as complicit in the invasion as the locusts.
Otherwise, you'd be down at the border... and 'prevent them from entering'.

Rome. Burns. ... which is well deserved.
Jack_crabb 16k posts, incept 2010-06-25
2023-05-17 08:52:04

The demcraps entice with promises of "FREEEEE!!!" and blacks fall for it every single time.

Well the renowned humanitarian and anti-racist President B. Lyndon Johnson once said, "I'll have those niggers voting Democratic for 200 years."

So, there you go.

Molon Labe
Where is Henry Bowman when you need him?
How many are willing to pledge this? We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor
Orangecrush 85 posts, incept 2018-09-29
2023-05-17 08:52:10

@Wifi I am laughing my ass off at the complaints in that video from Chicago "community members".

To those folks I say welcome (very late) to the party -- this is what working class, taxpaying white Americans have been enduring for 60+ years. But we are just to supposed to open our neighborhoods, our schools, and our wallets. We are also supposed to rejoice that we are taxed to death in order to support everyone else. #CelebrateDiversityasitreallyis (invite the 3rd world, give them handouts, and watch your culture and civilization collapse).

Spaceace 185 posts, incept 2019-05-09
2023-05-17 08:57:38

As a former South Shore resident, 74th St and Coles Ave, I have no sympathy for any of these residents that are whining. Before the neighborhood flipped in the late 60s, We were able to go out and run around the neighborhood, walk down Exchange Ave to the non-looted Walgreens with my grandma, walk to the train to go to a great safe downtown. Getting shot was the furthest thing from our minds. To see these people piss and moan can only make me laugh. They voted for this. They own it. As for the "new neighbors" coming to town, mens rea is totally correct. Looking at u/Chicago on Reddit, I read about the Salvadoran migrants crying about how they need to wait 150 days for a work permit. I thought they only wanted asylum. Mmm hmm, pull the other finger.
Blanca 558 posts, incept 2020-07-25
2023-05-17 09:13:31

The small Texas border towns are forced to deal with these invaders. It's really a filthy mess there. Should I feel sorry for the large blue-hives that have a few illegals show up there?
Joancrawford 665 posts, incept 2013-10-14
2023-05-17 09:13:48

As we continue our march into the new world of Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity, I look forward to our new "neighbors" attitudes toward the following groups which are currently protected and coddled in the West. They include:

blacks-and NO, I won't freaking capitalize the word.
women-pampered, spoiled, self-righteous
gays-see women

Many Hispanics think nothing of having sex with a prepubescent girl. They consider women to be available to them anytime for sex and responsible for all the housework and cooking.

Anyone who has even a small amount of dealings with Muslims know who much they respect women. Read the Koran sometime. Women are likened to cattle. Little girls undergo painful surgical removal of the clitoris-so that they may never experience the joy of sex.

Many Muslim men rape little boys in their own country. Think that little habit will change once their personal geography changes?

Even so, Muslim men despise gay men-you see, they only consider the "recipient" of sex to be gay. The penetrator is not "gay".

If you think this logic is twisted like a pretzel-Hey! Welcome to the Turd World!

Being gay might just get you a one way ride off a very tall building.

Muslims and Hispanics consider American blacks to be lazy and stupid, unworthy of anything approaching equal rights with them.

So you see, our libtard friends are about to get their first TRUE lesson in DIE-versity.

And I won't even go into the different standards of cleanliness in these "diverse" cultures.

The ancient Chinese curse is about to become true for our liberal friends: May all your dreams come true!

Time may be a great healer, but it's a lousy beautician.-Dorothy Parker

Boys don't make passes at girls with fat asses.-slightly modified DP
Ascenzm 169 posts, incept 2021-09-12
2023-05-17 09:20:53

But, but we need these new "Americans" to work in our nursing homes. So stated my sister's (((in-laws))). They live comfortably in a wealthy 70% Democrat suburb.
Jack_crabb 16k posts, incept 2010-06-25
2023-05-17 09:30:59

They live comfortably in a wealthy 70% Democrat suburb.

In a just world the invaders eat these folks first.

Molon Labe
Where is Henry Bowman when you need him?
How many are willing to pledge this? We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor
Heyjackass 43 posts, incept 2020-04-02
2023-05-17 09:36:01

We've been watching this play out with great interest as it's just another example of everything these people touch turns to complete and total shit. Completely and easily avoided, but no, instead the now former mayor leveled up and scored extra virtue signaling points by strutting around like a peacock welcoming "our new neighbors" where she "relished the chance" to welcome these "migrants" to Chicago. "Open arms", "refuse to turn our backs on them" and so on.

In her last week, she was begging to make it stop. (She didn't cry uncle because that's misogynist and probably racist.) Let's Go Brandon's first full day on the job, he decides it would be best to visit some of these shelters. Not small businesses, average folks in the hood, or poor performing school kids, he visits with "migrants", "migrants" is where time should be spent.

So we decided to run the voting numbers for the precinct the old high school is located as well as the surrounding precincts. Shockingly, they're not a bunch of hardcore MAGA voters.

For the February 28th municipal election:

- Lori and Brandon captured a combined 60.6% of the vote.
- Lori received 41% overall.

For the April 4th runoff election:

- Brandon pulled down an impressive 80.9% of the vote.
- Paul Vallas was left with just 19.1%.

Its not as if either Loris or Brandons positions were a mystery. They were well-known to anyone paying the slightest bit of attention.

So at the end of the day, f them. They voted for this. Now it's time to take it good and hard.

Chair pulled, popcorn popped, cold one cracked. Let's Go Brandon!
Spechukas 11 posts, incept 2022-05-12
2023-05-17 09:36:47

@Jack_crabb: That'll happen when they actually need those nursing homes.
Tickler 40 posts, incept 2013-09-12
2023-05-17 09:44:32

The game is on and it will be over versionI anyway soon of hot potato.

50 tightly controlled borders will be all the rage. Life will be unfair for those with no proof of belonging here or there. An exit fire brigade tax will be instituted to pass the unwanted out of state/country. Tax will pay the transit/holding costs until chosens are deposited wherever.

A united country with purpose may be sought once more. This may be at about versionX.
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