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 Yes, Elon YOUR Brain Fell Out
Rooster 43 posts, incept 2020-04-13
2023-05-15 12:09:29

Elon's a charlatan plain and simple; it's truly amazing how many people not only believe this schmuck but worship him!

Full Disclosure: I've been aggressively shorting TSLA since he was named Time person of the year and currently all my investment capital is short TSLA other than a small short OJN23 position. THAT'S NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE!

Heartlander 2k posts, incept 2021-02-25
2023-05-15 13:04:21

IF all you 'Merikans would get off your asses and 'get some'.

You could have deleted that snarky "you" and still have gotten your message across just fine. I've seen this in your comments before, this high-and-mighty condescension. It's too bad, because your comments are magnificent otherwise. No matter how great your message, a sneering attitude detracts from it. Where do you live anyway?
Raven 13k posts, incept 2017-06-27
2023-05-15 13:58:10

@Heartlander -- sometimes the "you" is appropriate. I have used it, and gotten off my ass to significant degree and been kicked in same for doing so. Those who do have a chit on those who have not.

Regarding social media, the problem is that its creators want people to be free to discuss "certain" things, and this does not mean the "party line" or whatever it is called. They want people involved in trivia and social stuff, even risque, as long as they are not serious discussions regarding the world. Sure the party line stuff is ok, not by intention, but that it is generally accepted or understood to be that.

There is no forum for serious and honest debate other than person to person and in public in person venues.

Funny how the powers that be understand that the internet and social media makes a few things possible. People do not go out as much, even for religious services, and they see specific individuals for specific purposes based upon the internet and sometimes social media. It is a form of isolation even when in public as the public space is merely to transition through of which not to be a part only tolerate.

Radio and TV were the beginning of this, and i am old enough to remember the debates regarding said. Some religions tried to be the sole focus of people's social lives. It seems to just happen.

Social media is just the new thing in a self-isolating society.

This is why; like the TV in its golden era and much more in its huge growth era of my youth was always just ridiculous stuff and playing with people's emotions, a drama experience. Even some TV talkshow hosts of the time noted this problem.

Social media allows people to freely discuss from trivia to personal to family to risque anything that they want as long as it does not make a social difference as it is intended to be simpleton land, just like the TV was.

We refer to the daytime TV crowd with derision, no?

People of thought actually seek out some of the rare good classic TV of years ago. Occasionally even the Star Trek franchise plays with this TV meme. The movie "Idiocracy" anyone?

One day that will be social media's ultimate fate. However, there will be little to seek out historically.

It will be shown to have been an enormous waste of time on our way to ultimate decline. The question is not how to deal with it or use it, but...

in what way will it be parodied.

"This guy is fantastically annoying to listen to, but he has some interesting info..." -- Rangeisshot April 26, 2023
Lt.slothrop 47 posts, incept 2023-05-01
2023-05-15 13:58:57

Further on my alternate view above:

I'm not an Elon freak/ apologist. He's a highly successful dude who's also kinda weird, bought Twitter (the largest, most influential social media platform in the history of said phenomenon) for a shit-pile of money, claimed he was doing it to bring back Free Speech, and for the most part, came through on his word. His Twitter Files dumps and unshackling of the Shamdemic/ Vexxine Truther movement on said platform has been a HUGE win for Us in the current information war. Now, anyone that hangs their balls out like that with big promises is going to be watched by the critical hawkeyes, and as they say "if you can't take the heat, then fuck off", so we need the Karl's of the World to keep all these fuckers honest. HOWEVER, he's done more for the rapidly-diminishing concept of Free Speech than anyone this last while (in terms of real-world change-agency), and my assumption is that if you're a businessman, even an idealistic one, at some point you want your investments to, at minimum, not be hemorrhaging money in perpetuity like a pig with a chainsaw injury (which Twitter was, prior to him buying it, and then chasing away 40% of the advertising revenue for said idealism). In my corporate-world experience, COMPROMISE is the Golden Requisite. I mean, the guy pony's up $44B for the crown-jewel global Clown World psyop station, exposes the axis of Orwellian govt/BigTech censorship by handing us the receipts, allows the VexTruthers to hammer away on what is otherwise STILL a globally-embargoed topic that SHOULD be the biggest 'holy shit!' scandal in history, he opens the whole thing up 10 million times better than how it was clamped down prior, and after a couple compromises to the Ghouls Behind the Curtain, gets completely fukn hammered for it like he's Satan in a Founding Founder's costume. Y'all not exactly encouraging other gazzilionaire closet-idealists to hang THEIR nuts out on the cutting board, and actually PONY UP for the noblest of ideals, while y'all sitting on your couches with chips and dip, launching online Tomahawks at every motherfucker who isn't perfect, over every compromise they have to make.

Basically, it comes across as lazy whining ("Hey rich dude from South Africa: save our Amerka for us with billions of your own cake, because we're too fukn lazy to get off our asses, hit the streets, and do it ourselves", while bravely reTweeting "Don't Tread On Me" memes in between handfuls of Doritos...

Like seriously, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot people...

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Bakerv 1k posts, incept 2021-04-21
2023-05-15 13:59:28

"Tyrone Slothrop, fictional character, a naive American lieutenant working for Allied Intelligence in London in Gravitys Rainbow (1973) by Thomas Pynchon."
Tickerguy 195k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2023-05-15 14:02:25

Meh @Lt.slothrop if you think Musk hung his nuts out you need a brain transplant.

The guy is the biggest grifter on the fucking planet, going all the way back to PayPal. I've been around tech that long, you might have not. Tesla isn't his, neither is Space-X or for that matter Starlink.

What he IS good at is running tax farms and other means of stealing other people's money a few cents at a time. His "innovation" is no more valid than the original person who figured out when compound daily interest showed up a calculator couldn't be precise enough to get caught fast, so he stole a fraction of a cent of each calculation. He eventually got caught and went to prison for it, but it took a while. He went to prison because he didn't first find the right people to "lobby" (otherwise known as BRIBE by the way.)

Musk has which is why he isn't in prison.

The difference between "kill" and "murder" is that murder, as a subset of kill, is undeserved by the deceased.
Cmoledor 2k posts, incept 2021-04-13
2023-05-15 14:42:20

Outside of Karl and miss B, I think everyone is a conman criminal psychopath. But Im a bitter old man now so....

The whole world is one big fucking scam
Full throttle till the end. Ocdawg
Take the stick you tried to beat me with and go fuck your own face. Ishmael
Lt.slothrop 47 posts, incept 2023-05-01
2023-05-15 14:43:47


Thank you for the kind words regarding my posts on here.

With regards to your critique of my "snarky" condescension of Amerikan 'Patriots': I've seen more 2A/1776 tough talk on social media and online Comments on ALL platforms, than I think I've seen clouds in the sky over my entire lifespan to date, yet I'm not seeing any real, effective resistance against the encroaching Clown World tyranny in your country. I also firmly believe that 'social media' serves the current hegemonic neo-liberal corruptocratic Clown World power structure, as both a recruitment tool for Their useful idiots on the Left, and a change-agency mirage on the Right, making 'Patriots' think that by couch surfing and Tweeting about trannies on beer cans (and other pointless agitation-propaganda psy-bait), y'all are actually making a difference. You're not. Y'all actually being played, hard, with divide and conquer distraction ops, consisting of beautifully-tailored Culture War kibble, with the new online digital-pulpits making y'all stay on the couch and PRETEND you're making a difference, instead of making signs, getting organized, and peacefully but effectively taking your country back. Voting for Orange Man Pfizer again while re-posting "Don't Tread On Me" memes won't get it done. Also, I firmly believe that if the United States falls to this hegemonic hydra, the entire free West (First World) will fall with it, so if my talk gets a little rough, I'm not sorry.

Sic Semper Tyrannis
Shadowmask 5k posts, incept 2021-05-24
2023-05-15 14:44:05

That is some great cum guzzling, @Lt.slothrop how much do you charge per hour?

The learning curve for being dead is steep, but everyone gets it down pat on the first go usually.--Thystra, March 28, 2023
Lt.slothrop 47 posts, incept 2023-05-01
2023-05-15 14:55:10

#Shadowmask: "That is some great cum guzzling, @Lt.slothrop how much do you charge per hour?"

= disgusting, meathead ad hominem; not an argument.

Reminds me of the old Parler days, although it took longer on here.
Tickerguy 195k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2023-05-15 14:55:58

Charging into a place that's been around for 15 years and in two weeks acting like you own the place is asking for it.

The difference between "kill" and "murder" is that murder, as a subset of kill, is undeserved by the deceased.

Oldchemist 48 posts, incept 2022-05-31
2023-05-15 15:04:00

I posted this on Facebook regarding the new EPA proposal to limit emissions of carbon dioxide and got no likes and only comments from my two brothers. I normally get dozens or more likes and comments so I can reasonably hypothesize that FB hides it from my contacts. Heaven forbid someone speaks truth on their site.

Wow; this is smart. Make regulations that will shut down 60% of US power generation just when we are going to need much more power due to all the regulations requiring electric cars. I guess we are going to be doing a lot of walking and bike riding, freezing in the winter and roasting in the summer.

Ive worked doing research on carbon capture for power plants and it isnt even close to being feasible. It uses nearly half the energy output of the power plant and requires lots of chemicals that rapidly degrade and need constant replacement.
Shadowmask 5k posts, incept 2021-05-24
2023-05-15 15:04:11

You haven't presented a single argument yourself, therefore you get none of mine.

You can't even keep a consistent train of thought long enough to be convincing. You played your hand by swallowing Elon Musk's cum and then calling all of us out for inaction.

The learning curve for being dead is steep, but everyone gets it down pat on the first go usually.--Thystra, March 28, 2023

Joancrawford 669 posts, incept 2013-10-14
2023-05-15 15:04:17

Charging into a place that's been around for 15 years and in two weeks acting like you own the place is asking for it.

Oh, how I love the taste of banhammer with my mid afternoon glass of pino grigio.

Time may be a great healer, but it's a lousy beautician.-Dorothy Parker

Boys don't make passes at girls with fat asses.-slightly modified DP
Tickerguy 195k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2023-05-15 15:04:50

Eh, amusement continues..... so yeah.

The difference between "kill" and "murder" is that murder, as a subset of kill, is undeserved by the deceased.
Lewfalo 60 posts, incept 2023-03-09
2023-05-15 15:20:28


So far you've only seen tough talk on social media from Americans because that's how they vent. They still have plenty to lose. If and when they do really believe they have nothing to lose, it won't be talk anymore, or reverence to the failed political process. I know plenty of guys with gun safes in their houses just like this. Peaceful people with comfortable lives that see their country going to shit. But they still have a lot to lose. Maybe the real slobs won't ever do anything, but there are plenty of men that will become warriors (not like the order takers in the military, but vicious killers who answer only to their own conscience), if that's all they have left to save their families. And they won't be waving the American flag. It happened before, and in only one place -- America. (and Ancient Rome if you count Spartacus, but I like the outcome in America better). And this time they won't be giving the power back to an Alexander Hamilton.

We should suggest to TPTB that they make covid their last attempt to piss off and subjugate Americans. If not, you'll see what happened in Dune Messiah. Fremen slaughtering indiscriminately without mercy. Nobody wants that. Not Americans, not European elite, not American elite. We will not be eating bugs, not be on any CBDC, and not be controlled by eugenicists in Brussels. Europe may go that way, but not America. Perhaps some in the American power structure also see this and it's not "all one big club". They want to be the last man standing after all, not European aristocracy, or some American hicks with a lot of guns. And they are doing everything they can to cool things off a bit. Maybe that Vivek "Ramwhatshisnamey" is their answer to the insanity we continue to see.

You think the solution is protests? No even close. That's what they do in France while waving the French flag, and they get beaten by batons while holding their hands up, and nothing fundamental changes. The peaceful way out is a general strike, but if that doesn't work, there is no peaceful solution.

Tsherry 12k posts, incept 2008-12-09
2023-05-15 15:33:34

Musk is a dick.

When everything appears to be going in one direction, take a long, hard look in the opposite direction.
Bakerv 1k posts, incept 2021-04-21
2023-05-15 15:53:49

Maybe the good Lieutenant will come back from England or out of his mother's basement and lead the charge.

Joancrawford 669 posts, incept 2013-10-14
2023-05-15 16:35:23

Maybe the good Lieutenant will come back from England or out of his mother's basement and lead the charge.

Or perhaps out of the closet once the knob polishing of Mr. Musk has been completed?

Time may be a great healer, but it's a lousy beautician.-Dorothy Parker

Boys don't make passes at girls with fat asses.-slightly modified DP
Neal 319 posts, incept 2014-01-09
2023-05-15 16:43:37

Has Musk-rat thought his actions through? What if the opposition guy wins? Then Twatter might be blocked permanently from Turkey with the legal justification of election interference.
Also Im not so sure that the CIA wants the current guy to win as he is close to Putin. So is Musk doing what his masters want? Of course maybe the deep state does want to help Russia for the perverse reason that war is good for profits as is instability.
Querant 661 posts, incept 2021-09-19
2023-05-15 17:18:08


Good call on the Pynchon reference. I had a feeling...
Lt.slothrop 47 posts, incept 2023-05-01
2023-05-15 19:29:28

Wow, you wizards got me, ya I'm a Pynchon fan.


Noted, thanks. Also, I didn't know about Musk's scammer past. I still think him buying Twatter (with whoever's money) was a good thing for Vex Crime illumination. That's where Clown World is most vulnerable right now, in my view.


I dig what you're saying. I know Americans that are right there with you. LOTS to be pissed off about. I suspect the 'West' is doomed without real Patriots in the US making some kind of (peaceful?) stand, because of the unique position the US holds in the world. I agree with you and Karl that a general strike would be the most effective. In the US system, the best on the planet (IF the Constitution is adhered to), the 3 checks and balances on power set up by your Founders (excluding 2A)...

Free Press - fk'd (legacy press is for sure)

Judiciary - mostly corrupt/ incompetent

Elections - hmmmmmm (2020 rigged?)

... if those three are kaput, then there is no political solution. So that leaves what... Twitter? Gandhi took down the colonial Brits with peaceful non-compliance. Same with MLK and institutionalized racism, so there is a way that doesn't involve going full Red Dawn mode. One can hope... "oh wait, Hannity is on, fuk it, we'll start tomorrow... pass the salsa con queso..."


There seems to be a consistent theme in your ad hominem. Maybe lay off the Bud Light...

Realist 213 posts, incept 2009-07-14
2023-05-15 19:36:11

How can anyone trust Twitter to allow free speech after their recent conduct?

Twitter joins the long list of Institutions that cannot be trusted.

Despite the "national security" folks (including the CIA which is forbidden to operate or in any way interfere, clandestinely or otherwise, in the United States) we now know with factual certainty they did interfere in collusion with social media companies when it comes to Hunter's laptop right before the election and thus, beyond reasonable doubt, they interfered in an American election with the full cooperation and extension of every single social media platform and major media company of significance.

Who has been arrested and indicted for these allegations? If there haven't been any, why not and when will they begin?

The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the Constitution -- Thomas Jefferson

Whenever law ends, tyranny begins -- John Locke, English Philosopher

The United States is a banana republic
Jfenello 62 posts, incept 2010-01-19
2023-05-15 19:52:30

I would really like to sign up and support a Twitter competitor that supports free speech.

What option do we have?

Jay Fenello
Tickerguy 195k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2023-05-15 19:52:41

There isn't one.

The difference between "kill" and "murder" is that murder, as a subset of kill, is undeserved by the deceased.
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