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 You Cannot Criticize Twitter's New CEO
34werx 155 posts, incept 2020-11-29
2023-05-18 14:54:03

Well said Lewfalo! We're just making it harder on ourselves if you call them for help and give them something additional they can use that might turn out to not be for your benefit. I think we had better start figuring out how to get self-sufficient our own benefit. We are not in Kansas anymore. TikTok is being voted off the island everywhere here is because there is no backdoor that can be exploited which could be used to gain access for spying on your messaging to add to all the other social media our 3-letter agencies are monitoring and recording.
Lewfalo 60 posts, incept 2023-03-09
2023-05-19 07:18:26


I agree with you. The best thing we have going for us is that they are all essentially lazy, incompetent government bureaucrats. Every single one of them. Why do you think the majority of them went into government work in the first place? Even the ones at the very top that went to Ivy League schools mainly got there through nepotism, were groomed based on who is the biggest sociopath and the easiest to blackmail. Even the ones with the most hubris like the hot shots at Davos are dumb. They've got the money to score huge wins, but like with covid it's not going to last forever. That's why they quickly have to pivot to the next scheme. Weapons of mass destruction!! Then not a peep, memory hole. Terrorism!! Memory hole. Russia, Putin!! About to be memory holed. Covid was their biggest win ever, and I think their last victory. It's all downhill for them now. There will be no WWIII over Taiwan.

It's interesting to examine how their ruse has worked so well all these hundreds of years. I suppose it's because the average person just wants a comfortable life and doesn't want to be bothered to do the work, do the research, and have the responsibility for it all themselves. Add to that we all went through the indoctrination that society is not supposed to work that way. That's why it's preferable to have a master, it makes life easier for you. All they had to do is convince everyone that it's THE PEOPLE that are actually choosing their own masters. This was the biggest windfall for the rulers in history. Kings can plunder other lands, but if their own populace is productive and feels relatively free and safe, they will produce all the rulers will ever need, just convince them society is a contract they were born into and that they should freely give up 50% (or more) of their productivity to ruling parasites, or else we can't have "civilization". It falls apart at the end (like it has in our case the past 100 years or so) because the rulers get too greedy, want more, start creating "more" through inflation, and then finally they have to figure out how to extricate themselves from the debt bomb.

These things go in cycles, which most of us have already noticed. Hard times create good men, good men create good times, good times create weak men, weak men create hard times. It'll never end. I'd like to think there is a real solution, but one that will last? Nah. We're in this particular cycle of history now and just need to do exactly what you stated -- self-sufficiency, connecting with your local community, trusting each other, and see the rulers and their minions for what they really are.
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