GOP Candidates: Pay Attention DC
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2023-03-15 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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GOP Candidates: Pay Attention DC
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There is very interesting set of responses that Tucker Carlson obtained from most of the 2024 GOP candidates for President who have made clear they're in the game.  The specific topic was Ukraine and US foreign policy related to same.

Pay attention Washington, because the front-runners -- which means the most-likely set (collectively) of those on the ballot in another 18 months are all saying "Nope, nope and NOPE!" on the US "backing" the Ukraine position -- and instead marking China as the place to focus.

They're right by the way.

The vehemence with which they damn our current policy varies; of note Pence is still a warhawk and actually believes we have the right to dictate terms when it comes to Russia's government -- not just in THEIR foreign policy but as to who leads their nation.  Oh sure, he tries to couch this as "ask the thousands of Russians jailed in Russia" but perhaps Mr. Pence would like me to ask all the January 6th defendants how they feel about regime change in both the White House and whether the same sanction should be enforced against the preceding government, including him personally and his family.  

Why am I reasonably-certain that were I to take such a poll he wouldn't like the results?

The bottom line folks is that the so-called "GOP" within DC today believes as does Pence, but only when it comes to other governments.  Beyond our borders we should poll their political prisoners and then act as they direct.  Of course he would not last five minutes without swinging from a rope were we to ask our political prisoners the same question and that is out-of-bounds, naturally.

This, by the way, is not a unique position in history.  Indeed essentially every tyrant through the ages has taken the exact same position.  Stalin, Mao, Hitler (yeah, I know, Godwin's law) and more.  How about the King of England circa 1770?

The point that should be made here is that unlike those governments we at least pay lip service, at the present time, to the people having the right to set such direction and either endorse or repudiate it.  We hold elections in which said choices are allegedly made.  As things stand right now the GOP "in power in DC" is wildly out-of-sync with the Presidential candidates who, between them, have a near-certain lock on the nomination in the coming months.

Now how the population feels about this as a whole might be a different matter.  Or then again it might not.  Plenty of people think Putin is a thug (I'm one of them) but when it comes to taking a 20% pay cut in real terms on a durable, permanent basis, losing the ability to heat their homes, feed their families or even running the risk of glowing in the dark as a result of a nuclear war I suspect sentiments are a wee bit different than the DC table-pounders with regard to regime change.

Yes, Russia may be a nation with a modest GDP that exports black goo to the world in order to stay alive but it is a nation with a modest GDP that exports black goo and happens to have many thousands of nuclear devices on the business end of missiles and torpedoes both on land and sea.  If sufficiently threatened with political extinction I would expect them to use those rather than die in peace and if you don't you're more than a bit crazy.

Those (like Pence) who think Russia is the schoolyard bully who threatens but doesn't have a pistol under his jacket are even more-insane.  He knows the weapons are real, of course, as does everyone else, and for anyone to believe that a sovereign nation will simply fold to an outside influence rather than use whatever they have when facing their own political extinction due to said outside influence is to be imbued with a God Complex that should, in a Representative Republic, be an instant and permanent disqualifier from any high office in this land.


Because if you believe this then you must acquiesce under the principle of "All humans are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights" to extend to those other nations and if it is our place to tell them what is "acceptable" in a government and remove by force those who deem not to be then the exact same principle applies to those other nations.

In other words if you hold this principle then you are endorsing Putin assassinating not just the present government (all of said government, including Congress, the Justices of the Supreme Court and the Executive) but also yourself ex-ante before the election!

Oh this "right", which you arrogate to yourself and the United States, does not just extend to Putin.

It also extends to Xi, never mind every other leader of every other nation.

That's madness, and in a world of nuclear hellfire madness can indeed lead to you glowing in the dark.

We would be wise to reject that with finality.

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Comments on GOP Candidates: Pay Attention DC
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Blanca 527 posts, incept 2020-07-25
2023-03-15 08:27:53

The deconstruction of the warfare state, by removing troops from the countless countries that the US has invaded (ostensibly for the spread of democracy and peace), is essential. The US is meddling in too many places, spending too much money and blood, and accomplishing nothing good. Let's get all the R nominees on the record - what do they want to do about troops in Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, and wherever else the US has decided to impose its will?

Most Americans should fear Putin far less than their own government. Putin never tried to force us to take the jab or encouraged the invasion of millions across the southern border. Did Putin cause all the inflation here? Lock us down in our homes and shut our businesses over a virus? BTW, that's why Trump is disqualified for president, regardless of his stated position on wars and US involvement overseas.
Cmoledor 1k posts, incept 2021-04-13
2023-03-15 08:27:56

The hypocrisy of our officials is staggering. I will shed no tears when the wheel of fate turns on us. And it will. It has to. The universe loves justice.

The whole world is one big fucking scam
Why are you giving a vulgarity warning here? Our genial host is an advocate of both skullfucking and sodomy via rusty chainsaw. Credit to Rollformer
Invisiblesun 689 posts, incept 2020-04-08
2023-03-15 08:28:01

Putin did with Ukraine what US presidents have done with Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya etc. This is military aggression that should be criticized.

The US pushing for defeat of Russia and the displacement of Putin aggravates the situation. US policy is immoral and we know it by the argument made: That it is better for Ukrainians to die fighting Russia than it will be for Americans to die fighting Russia. So how many Ukrainians will die with the US and NATO rejecting peace negotiations?

It is clear and obvious NATO views Ukrainians as a disposable people. They have no value to NATO except as opposition to Russia. And if the Ukrainians were to side with Russia then NATO would despise them and force a pro-NATO leader on them.

How about we send the families of the DC Uniparty to fight on the front lines?
Tickerguy 193k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2023-03-15 08:28:40

@Cmoledor -
The universe loves justice.

The universe doesn't give a shit about "justice"; it does, however, very much follow the laws of physics.

The difference between "kill" and "murder" is that murder, as a subset of kill, is undeserved by the deceased.
Cmoledor 1k posts, incept 2021-04-13
2023-03-15 08:31:09

Fair enough

The whole world is one big fucking scam
Why are you giving a vulgarity warning here? Our genial host is an advocate of both skullfucking and sodomy via rusty chainsaw. Credit to Rollformer
Leber 93 posts, incept 2021-11-27
2023-03-15 08:38:21

The USA actually has a proportionally much larger prison population to poll.
For some reason people forget that Putin has to win elections too.
Even polls by hostile organizations show support by about 80% of Russians.
This was not the case after Putin introduced pension reform, in fact, popular opinion forced him to revise it. There was also a lot of political pressure domestically to do something about the war crimes being committed against the population of the Donbas, probably one of the things that forced his hand.

As to the modest GDP, NASA needs Russian rockets to get to the space station, the past month on an emergency basis even. Russia is also about 15 years ahead on missile/rocket technology. And they win a lot at computer/hacker contests. When you look at real production (steel, concrete, electricity, energy, grain), the Russian economy is not as small as people think. People often forget that it is hard to compare economies on the basis of dollars, where a lettuce or the rent costs 100 as much stateside as in Mozambique. Right now they are outproducing the whole of NATO in terms of tanks & artillery shells. O, and they don't have empty shelves in the stores as in the UK (and even in US stores here and there).
Whossane 268 posts, incept 2018-01-25
2023-03-15 08:41:56

I ain't got no quarrel with those Russians.
Putin never called me a deplorable....or for that matter a domestic terrorist, racist, bigot, homophobe, transphobe, etc. etc. etc.

Dingleberry 684 posts, incept 2011-11-06
2023-03-15 08:56:10

Ukraine is a toilet, and that is an insult to toilets.

A place where corrupt money goes to get laundered by the connected, women get trafficked and all manner of shenanigans can take place to enrich our evil overlords off the books, so to speak. It's their den of iniquity. I suppose I shouldn't have been shocked to see so many virtue signaling LEMMINGS complete with their blue and yellow emojis on social media supporting corrupt, decrepit filth. The herd is the herd for a reason.

I do think our overlords want conflict for obvious financial gain (war is indeed a $$ racket)....and the quest for political power is insatiable, along with a few progressive marxist messiahs that are into spreading cultural depravity. Hence the push towards supra-national governments and such, brought to you by globalists. And a PSA to my toilet-supporting Neocon and emoji-happy are either a globalist or a nationalist. Choose one. And choose wisely.

Putin is a thug. So fucking what. Take a look at what Brandon is for fuck's sake. He is the head of a de facto crime family. Complete with in-your-face evidence of bribes and such, with his own drug-addled and mongering son used as his bag man. I could go on for pretty much everyone on both sides at the top of our illustrious political structure. So I expect them to want to keep this gravy train rolling. Why would they not?

But the (m)asses seem to be waking, albeit up ever so slowly. The karen will always be a karen, so don't expect them to change. But I have noticed not nearly as many Uke flags outside, etc. as when this shit first started. I suppose 20 months in a row of losing real income will get your attention. We are past the point of it being "just the tip".......and real wages (with almost mathematical certainty) will continue to get even worse. Pain may do what logic and reason have failed to do.

Bring the pain.

Anyone else find it ironic that "the ruble is going to be rubble" and our very own (corrupt as fuck) financial system apparently was staring into the abyss last week? BTW, look at the firms who got backstopped after SVB failed and where tons of them are concentrated. Hint: it's not just Silicon Valley. So much for Dodd Frank!!! Maybe next time we'll follow the law? Not when our overlords get into trouble. Certainly select foreign ones.

As for whatever Republican is nominated, it really won't matter if they don't support Ukraine. The "unbiased" media will attack them for being anti-deviant, anti-grooming, being wayciss, muh abortionz!!....fill in the blank. It's their M.O. So repubs have nothing to lose by stopping our treasure (and possible blood) from being continually wasted in that shit hole. Who knows....they may even get a couple of pink-haired weirdos to vote for them!

Kalel666 33 posts, incept 2021-05-05
2023-03-15 08:56:27

Our illegitimate rulers need to read their Melville for an inkling of Putin's mindset: "from hells heart I stab at thee; for hates sake I spit my last breath at thee".
A man without hope is a man without fear.
Andrew 167 posts, incept 2014-09-24
2023-03-15 08:56:37

@Invisiblesun I saw someplace that "the Pols in DC are willing to fight to the last Ukranian to oppose Putin".
I bet Pence is on board with that too.
Kennington 393 posts, incept 2013-09-12
2023-03-15 09:09:26


Gonna be an interesting day in the markets, they say beware of the Ides of March. Looks like CS and the rest of the Euro-trash banks are making a statement...
Ocdawg 429 posts, incept 2019-03-14
2023-03-15 09:22:11

Tell me this: why do we meddle in others' business when the Pols/TPTB don't do jack shit to clean up our own house first? Which "candidate" will?

Joey Shit-pants, Kamalcrotch, Myorkas, Buttiplug, Yellen, etc. etc. etc. are all WORTHLESS, yet ALL REMAIN... WHY???

I'm so f-cking tired of all the distractions outside our borders. Fix and prioritize the US FIRST (homeless, crime, immigration, hungry children, mental issues, etc. etc.) then worry elsewhere. Look at the Roaring 20s and how well Isolationism was for our country... oh wait... we f-cked that up too... guess that's what happens when we keep electing (legit elections, right?) the same assholes who sit in Congress/on Boards/banks who want only the best for their constituents/shareholders/ customers? The People will not allow this to continue. Right?... right? <deafening silence>...

Guess we are truly f-cked... hope the fuse is hitting the powder now... let's get this shitstorm going and pay our dues... and TPTB get their's with nowhere to run

I'm finally over this shit so let it patience is gone... FUCK IT!


"Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that."- George Carlin
USA= smiley... and... GO DAWGS!!!
Tappedout 268 posts, incept 2020-09-21
2023-03-15 09:32:57

I've lost friends over this, just like C19.

Of course, we all know and agree that Putin is a thug and Russia is run like a crime family.

But Crimea is Russian. They bought it and own it, just like we bought and own the port of New Orleans. They will never give it up (To then be turned into a NATO port). Never. Any discussion on the subject otherwise automatically ID's a moron.

In my discussions with people, I ask them: Imagine I'm the Russian Ambassador to the US. Ask me why Russia crossed the border. Then I tell them what I believe he would say.

Glassy eyes and/or fidgeting. The fidgeting is the people who know me well enough to not dare insinuate that I am a Putin apologist, communist, or anti-America.

But, but, but....they are a threat.....I ask: How so? The objective assessment is that they are responding to threats designed to provoke them.

What we are now just seeing is the beginning of the next chapter of the conflict. Unseasonably warm weather and mud have made ground force advancement over open terrain ill advised. The Russians continue to patiently wait, emptying their jails and forcing attrition on the adversaries forces which are being slowly but surely depleted. As has been written by historians: The Russians always start slowly. Then they never stop coming. They lost somewhere close to 10,000,000 troops in WW2 (Many shot by each other, admittedly.)

The next question I ask is: If we go the way the War Hawks wank, tell me..What comes next? Regime change? You mean like in Iran? Iraq?

KD wrote: "If sufficiently threatened with political extinction I would expect them to use those rather than die in peace and if you don't you're more than a bit crazy."

Or if the regime disintegrates into fiefdoms, any regional leader can sell off some warheads to buy a chalet on Lake Geneva. That's one of the better case scenarios because presumably the CIA would be a buyer. The worse scenario? A lone wolf hard liner on the ground or at sea.

I was surprised to see Tuckers responses. But how many of those positions would disappear after election, just like Trumps health care reform did?

Jacksparrow 214 posts, incept 2016-04-15
2023-03-15 09:42:14

Pense is insane.
Fredx 64 posts, incept 2019-01-01
2023-03-15 09:56:21

I like the way Switzerland does it. I have a border. I will not cross it. Neither will you.
Twiggler 178 posts, incept 2021-02-02
2023-03-15 09:56:26

Question: Can we, as citizens, indict the Federal Government actors with RICO?

I know, I know, the question is rhetorical and just to make us think.

Seems to me those that have sought and gotten into office are nothing better than organized crime. I am not in a position to have access to evidence, but my gut tells me all the people pushing certain policies do not have a national interest but a personal interest at the forefront.

There's sooooo much crap happening sometimes I don't know what is a distraction and what is the real threat.

And if those want to get the U.S. of A. into a war; I'll be <badword> that I'll send my kids into someone elses' fight. Over my dead body, litterally.
Jwm_in_sb 6k posts, incept 2009-04-16
2023-03-15 10:04:22

No, Pence is doing what he's told to.
Jwm_in_sb 6k posts, incept 2009-04-16
2023-03-15 10:04:28

Katherine Watt has had several substacks about how to deal with the individuals in government legally as you are suggesting.
Windellmc 119 posts, incept 2012-02-26
2023-03-15 10:04:37

I think Pence is done in the Republican Party at a national level. With key states voting systems fortified for democracy I doubt any republican can win a presidential election at this point.
Sammuell 17 posts, incept 2022-12-11
2023-03-15 10:20:12

"The blob," in Mearsheimer's, and ironically, Obama's term, is real. I know there are Trump doubters and haters, but he has been the least worst on "the blob" issue in general.

From what I have read, they are playing a game of chicken, because, of the stalemate, and the overestimation of Russia's military capability.

"Most of their nukes are broken anyway,".....yeah, well, we've given up our rights over even smaller "dirty bombs" since 9/11.

The subtext, and I haven't found an answer: Ukraine is so important, that Biden ceded Afghanistan to Pakistan, Qatar, and China. Iraq is under partial Iranian control. WHY?? Is Hunter that important?
Whitehat 12k posts, incept 2017-06-27
2023-03-15 10:24:44

The current batch of viable Republican candidates have received something called a "mandate" from the voter base. This is what happened with Ross Perot. He did not win, but the ultimate winner did implement policies geared towards the significant percentage of the electorate which expressed its desires through voting a certain way, not, "wasting their vote."

The Republican candidates have learned this lesson, some would say the hard way.

The DC insiders cannot embrace this and accept their "trapped" position safe in the knowledge that a party sweep probably keeps them in their positions anyway where their opposite position will be "forgotten".

FYI: Xiden is currently visiting a nexus of high income and/or wealthy, asset rich, high value RE community of educated liberals, many of them transplants from CA, as he is also catering to his base. Of all things for this actual group he is discussing high cost of prescription drugs. It is for the same logic as above. Does not have to be a logical position for them.

smiley Je souhaite

Quod tu es, ego fui, quod ego sum, tu eris
Jwm_in_sb 6k posts, incept 2009-04-16
2023-03-15 10:45:04

So the DC insiders are just going to roll with the TIde? I could see that if we were under more normal circumstances but we are not right now.
Jesjohn94 1k posts, incept 2019-05-07
2023-03-15 11:50:04

Perhaps it sounds promising that Republican candidates don't want trouble with Russia and prefer to focus on China. I call BS on that though as there is zero evidence anything sensible is being considered to bring critical supply chain capabilities back to the west. If they do anything it will just be to transfer that capability to other countries in Asia we think we can control and will also have environmental destruction and slave labor.

As far as current DC policy to Russia and risk of global nuclear war. USA is unusual in the west in believing in god and thinking everything happens because he wants it to. No other western country has a significant proportion of population under 40 that believes in god. In USA leaders think god is on our team and just can't conceive of the possibility we can lose.
Greenacr 768 posts, incept 2016-03-15
2023-03-15 11:50:11

Spot on Post TG. A candidate who is anti war is high on my list of someone I would vote for.

It continually amazes me how many of the jokers in DC who never served themselves or have any children that serve, are so willing to put others into harms way.

In some respect the worst thing we did was get rid of the draft. The all volunteer force does bring a different level of professionalism (although the current emphasis on wokeness has destroyed this) but the volunteer force insulates the population somewhat from what happens when we commit forces to these foreign interventions.
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