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 This Data Is VERY Bad
Tickerguy 192k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2023-01-17 10:06:06

The cardiac damage must be presumed permanent and attempting to "reverse" it with various nostrums risks adding more injury body-wide for that which is almost-certain to fail.

Other forms of damage may be able to be mitigated, but in general cardiac damage, once it happens, is never actually fixable.

The difference between "kill" and "murder" is that murder, as a subset of kill, is undeserved by the deceased.
Fumei 3k posts, incept 2019-01-08
2023-01-17 10:29:01

Imhotep wrote..
I have a buddy that got glioblastoma after the jabs. Did it to travel...pretty sure he knows the cause at this point.

That said, he was a boat builder for a few years and was around nasty chems a good bit, but he's now spending a shit ton of money at Duke trying to get something happening.
Your mate is Omnicron. He would get more bang for his buck acquiring certain goods from Cabela's or Cheaper than Dirt and then springing a suprise at Duke University.
Mercury 42 posts, incept 2017-05-13
2023-01-17 10:44:09

@Jjharris - I am familiar with Thorne and have taken their supplements. I also like BioBody as well. I recently added Gluthione to my regiment as well as some Chinese herbal remedies and acupuncture. There is an IV place around the corner and I am considering trying a gluthione drip as well. Not currently taking phospatidyl choline. Endo has put me on methimazole which I compliment with ThyroSoothe tincture for the over active thryroid. I have an appointment with an Occuplastic surgeon to discuss the TED treatment. Trepezza looks to be an option but worries me since it is new to the market and does not have a decent history to back up success.

@Purplefang - I have to reconsider just how in tuned I am with my body. I failed early on to put two and two together which may have prevented some of my issues. I recently turned 50 and thought that loss of energy could be age related. That was obviously a bad assumption on my part. You are correct about pushing the body hard enough to see a difference. Back when I was a bit younger I did a fair bit of personal training and found that I was able to go a lot further with a proper mindset and motivation. Up until recently I was able to run circles around people in their 20's and 30s. I attribute that to a healthy diet, consistent exercise, and clear mental state.
Lizardqueen 4k posts, incept 2008-04-01
2023-01-17 11:12:14

@Mercury, you are a classic example of someone who never needed the vax and why the mandates are so completely evil. May those who demanded that burn in hell forever.

@Katniss, I have wondered the same. Hubby and I were fairly well saturated with Ivermectin when we Did the Thing, due to the prophylactic regimen we were following.

@Purplefang, very true. Hubby bikes 30 miles a day all summer but he's also 70 with bad knees. The odds of him hitting a cardiac limit before his knees start screaming is pretty low.
I'm just an ordinary walker/gardener with some weightlifting, not an athlete, so mild damage could easily go unnoticed.

@Mercury again: Something you might want to consider (if you haven't tried this already) is stopping what meds and supplements that you can without harming yourself and just letting your body rest and reset for a bit, then add them back one by one.

The reason I say this is because I've had some really unpleasant experiences when trying to biohack myself with pills in various ways at various times. I've had supplements interact badly with meds, anomalous reactions to herbs, problems from one supplement causing a different issue (like when iron pills wrecked my GI tract and caused months-long histamine problems everywhere), etc.

I've found by trial and (much) error that my body does a better job than me of sorting itself out when just given good basic inputs (food, sleep, movement), and that it can be knocked out of whack if I try to tinker too much.
Age changed things too, though over a decade not a year.
I hope things improve for you.

"Pull your pants up, turn your hat around, and get a job"
---P.J. O'Rourke
Ed480 6 posts, incept 2020-02-13
2023-01-17 11:37:59

Heart scaring might be recoverable:
Tickerguy 192k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2023-01-17 11:40:13

That did not show functional recovery of the tissue, just improved elasticity.

The difference between "kill" and "murder" is that murder, as a subset of kill, is undeserved by the deceased.
Shadowmask 5k posts, incept 2021-05-24
2023-01-17 12:11:26

@mercury a sincere good luck in your quest back to health!

You are the medical system's wet dream right now because you're willing to throw an incredible amount of money at them. You'll be doing it the rest of your (hopefully very long) life.

Sportsball Team A: 3 Sportsball Team B: 3
Clot Shot: 0
Cary 87 posts, incept 2021-12-26
2023-01-17 12:13:49

One treatment that I think could help with certain vaxx damages is fasting which can increase levels of autophagy. This is when the body will look to break down damaged parts to recycle at a greater level than normal. It will not address the damaged heart tissue, but could help with protein formation issues and endothelial damage. Not a cure all but also relatively safe as long as monitored and managed in appropriate time frames.

And while it will not repair tissue there are some studies and evidence out there that low carb keto diets have reversed heart failure in some people. This is allowing the damaged tissue to regain some level of function. Here is a video of Dr. Eric Westman discussing.

Shadowmask 5k posts, incept 2021-05-24
2023-01-17 12:24:47

The spike protein stops autophagy right after jabbing. I don't know if there are any studies answering the question,"how long does this last?"

Sportsball Team A: 3 Sportsball Team B: 3
Clot Shot: 0
Concernedbrother 2 posts, incept 2023-01-16
2023-01-17 19:22:52

Thanks for the replies, folks. I hope the truth comes out in full force and the monsters that foisted this stuff on everyone get theirs...
Smitty 248 posts, incept 2014-09-24
2023-01-18 09:33:08

According to Tucker Carlson Tonight, 1/17/23:

FAA Loosens Health Requirements for Pilots...

The FAA has very quietly "adjusted" (expanded) cardiac criteria (EKG Requirements) for pilot's certification to fly.

Maybe there aren't enough pureblood pilots?

So cardiac medical criteria long being a standard is to be relaxed in order to fill those left seats?

TC interviewed an Army Flight Surgeon, who emphasized her views were hers, and not official Army/DoD.

She said without a doubt this move would increase danger rather than mitigate it.

I think she said this action happened after the beginning of the jab-a-thon.

Link to video (start at 16:03 mark):

There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.

-Soren Kierkegaard
Winston2020 460 posts, incept 2020-03-29
2023-01-18 09:33:36

I no longer care about ANY of the diversionary political crap topics because, as usual, none of them will EVER gain enough widespread attention and support in our games and circuses distracted idiocracy to FORCE any significant changes.

I've said that only an economic collapse would bring the required numbers to do that.

However, laser-focus on the topic of a virus that should have never existed in the first place which is now endemic, a virus which, unlike the common flu, can cause hidden, serious damage even in mild cases, damage which is likely cumulative along with injections that also cause damage by the same mechanism will gain enough attention.


Because instead of often complex political topics about corruption which is expected by most and subject to highly biased perspectives, in the case of COVID people will realize that THEY and THEIR CHILDREN have not only been damaged from the initial waves and injections, but they WILL CONTINUE TO BE AT RISK OF DAMAGE from every infection by a never should have existed in the first place manmade virus. That alone will be enough without the need to go into the much more complex and uncertain topic of immune system damage from the injections.

ALL efforts should be aimed at making this awareness widespread. It's likely effectiveness is revealed by the concerted efforts to suppress and ignore it.

EVERYTHING ELSE will fail to gain sufficient public support required to force change AS ALWAYS.


Most cases studied here were of the early Delta variant, though.

2023 Jan 6
Long COVID stemmed from mild cases of COVID-19 in most people, according to a new multicountry study

Even mild COVID-19 cases can have major and long-lasting effects on peoples health. That is one of the key findings from our recent multicountry study on long COVID-19or long COVIDrecently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

We found that a staggering 90% of people living with long COVID initially experienced only mild illness with COVID-19.


STILL a 1 in 22 chance.

2022 Jun 16
Risk of long COVID associated with delta versus omicron variants of SARS-CoV-2

Among omicron cases, 2501 (4.5%) of 56,003 people experienced long COVID and, among delta cases, 4469 (10.8%) of 41,361 people experienced long COVID.
Tickerguy 192k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2023-01-18 09:34:54

Complete bullshit on the "long Covid" garbage. Does it happen? Sure. It always has been a risk with respiratory viruses. It's not new, its not unique, and its not of specific risk or danger with this one.

The difference between "kill" and "murder" is that murder, as a subset of kill, is undeserved by the deceased.
Timlundeen 90 posts, incept 2021-10-03
2023-01-18 14:14:32

Steve Kirsch has an article on the FAA/etc
Shadowmask 5k posts, incept 2021-05-24
2023-01-18 14:37:07

I'll wager most "long Covid" cases are due to general poor health and bad diet. Or completely made up.

Sportsball Team A: 3 Sportsball Team B: 3
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Acebarefoot 1k posts, incept 2009-05-20
2023-01-18 14:40:18

I have noticed more and more that people are looking ROUGH.... sunken eyes, unhealthy.... It's always the ones who have been jabbed. (I ask where they are on their vaxxs) I haven't hit one wrong yet and got a pureblood. Everyone I ask is always quick to let me know how many boosters they have.

Wife says I am reading into things too much. I don't think so.
Azzurri_82 40 posts, incept 2015-02-21
2023-01-18 17:22:29

Ambulance/paramedic response times in England for critical events...
Windellmc 112 posts, incept 2012-02-26
2023-01-18 18:03:57

Long Covid may be used as a cover for vaccine injuries.
Printlife 228 posts, incept 2018-05-22
2023-01-18 22:26:39

Interesting response times. When Covid struck in 2020 we had a weekly zoom meeting with my cousin in NYC. The ambulances were coming by every 10 minutes. Since then they have fallen off. He also moved to a higher apartment. The challenge of collecting clean data.

Vaccination required? Not if we leave.
Now in Florida, heart rate dropping, nicer people
Kikknback 1k posts, incept 2020-03-17
2023-01-18 23:03:42

Acebarefoot wrote..
I have noticed more and more that people are looking ROUGH.... sunken eyes, unhealthy....

Is it not amazing how these supposedly highly educated intellectuals decided to pre-age themselves?

I guess that dying your hair grey before it turned grey wasn't enough for them to "fit in".

They all rolled their sleeves up, and had their "Hold My Beer" moment and even recorded it too, to prove they were smart [cough].

"The most grotesque act of Treason is to be born into a free Constitutional Republic, for which you did not risk your life or shed blood to create, and sit back and watch it slowly be taken from you w
Gynojunkie 76 posts, incept 2020-03-19
2023-01-18 23:44:07

Clif High--the Internet Datapoint guy--has stated that as many as one third of the Vexxed may be dead by 2025; some of those grieving families (as stated by Mr. High) will be seeking vengeance of a violent nature against those who mandated/forced/advised/injected their loved ones.

Clif's recommendation? "Stay out of their way."
Katniss99 170 posts, incept 2012-06-05
2023-01-19 14:04:47

An mrna jabbed coworker just informed me that she saw a heart doctor this morning. She said she was diagnosed: supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) and mild atherosclerosis. She would never think that the jab would cause those things. She blames genetics. She has a 1 year old daughter.

An old college friend posted on social media that her mom was in the hospital with covid pneumonia and asked for prayers. I messaged her privately with FLCCC info and said do NOT allow them to give remdesivir. She said too late, the doctor scared them into giving remdesivir. She asked for ivermectin to give to her mom, and I'm going to make sure she gets some.

All the jab pushers and remdesivir pushers can go straight to hell where they have EARNED it.
Forever_young 79 posts, incept 2022-11-22
2023-01-29 15:44:38

I have noticed more and more that people are looking ROUGH.... sunken eyes, unhealthy....

I wish that was the reason for sunken eyes. Unjabbed but three kids under 6, I probably look like I haven't slept in days a lot of the time.

Good news is, it probably helps me fit in. When shit hits the fan, I'll be able to walk among the zombies for supplies.
Wakeupcall 8k posts, incept 2009-06-08
2023-01-29 16:58:43

I heard, dont know how true, that the attendees to Davos required their pilots to be unvaxxed. Did anyone hear that, or know something different?

Its easier not to know the hell what you are doing when you are a government employee
"Pfuck Pfizer
"The strongest memory is weaker than the palest ink" Chinese proverb
Inspectrcalahan 478 posts, incept 2021-01-15
2023-01-29 18:49:54

@wakeupcall I saw that , but didnt attempt to run it down. Makes since though , they are evil not stupid .
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