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 Coof Wars Epilogue
Trm 6 posts, incept 2021-11-02
2023-03-07 11:24:59

As much as I appreciate the kudos for holding out this is far far from over. They tried monkeypox but that failed so next up is "BIRD FLU" with a 50% CFR to scare people. Will they fall for it AGAIN? I don't know. I'd like to think this has shaken people up but until it hits them they can't see the forest for the trees. The vast majority of my species doesn't inspire confidence.

We still have Alberta refusing to give an organ transplant to Sheila Lewis because she hasn't taken the vaccine. We still have children under 12 being given the shots which are proven to have no benefit to the child or anyone else. We still have bill C-36 in BC mandating injections every 3 months (4 times a year!) for medical workers.

Are the vexxed going to speak out against those and other war crimes? Or will they acquiesce with your silence for another year+ until it becomes a "fait acompli"?

PS. If you want more information about Mrs Lewis' case:

This now means they will let you DIE unless you take more shots if your shots are more than 6 months out of date! Yes even if you took the first 2 or 3 you will HAVE to take more even if it is of zero benefit and huge risk to you.

And for info on bill C-36 in BC:

Bill C-36 in BC I actually get a laugh out of. Passed 3rd reading and boy have the cowards of the medical profession painted themselves in a corner. I oppose it on principle because I still have those unlike 99% of the medical professionals, but it makes me laugh. That is what pimps do to their ho's. Dark humour for dark times.
Jeffreyklump 1 posts, incept 2023-03-30
2023-03-30 10:59:52

The United States of Sodom & Gomorrah is collapsing from within. They are keeping Epstein Island Trump around to finish his Warp Speed Maga death Vaxx. We are deep in the Everything Collapse. I wrote about it in Sept 2022 on my blog. here is the link => I warned everyone, about Trump, in 2015. No one listened.
Lt.slothrop 133 posts, incept 2023-05-01
2023-05-01 16:33:16

'Coof Wars Epilogue' is by far one of the best pieces written on The Franken-Jabs. I come back to it often, not only for the typical classic Karl samurai-scythe cuts of Truth, but the optimism he renders with his words for us Pure Bloods that saw through the bullsh!t and said NO. Sometimes, as my Pure Blood girl slumbers away next to me, whom I thank #GOD every day that I met her in the middle of all this bio-tyrannical madness, and the tinfoil starts to seep into my mental salad bar trying to figure out WHAT all of it actually was, why They did it (whomever They are), I sometimes think it was a giant Stupid test, and that we who didn't fall for it are meant to inherit the Earth. Then I shake my head and get back to more realistic, melancholic brooding, as I grind my teeth down to stumps thinking about my family and friends fk'd up from these injections, the people I know or know of who have already been murdered by them, and the long, possibly pointless wait for the Plebeians to wake up to what was done to them and go full-ape sh!t. Is there a bigger issue? A more pressing matter? No. Look at the numbers: mortality rates, cancer rates, strokes, jammers, fertility issues, miscarriages, all rising substantially post-Vax rollout, BIG numbers, it's a horror show. Look at the anecdotal reports. Put it within a historical context. It's happening. It's huge. It's unprecedented. It's monumentally evil. It's Nuremberg Tribunals 2.0-worthy. We should be on a fast-track to illumination f**kville, and STILL, despite the Rasmussen Reports polls indicating a LOT of people know... crickets. Self-denial. The big, embargoed elephant in the room topic. The "media"? Pffft, North Korean State TV. Fake News is old news, no surprise there. Yet, despite the plethora of alternate sources of information and people raging about it online, this institutional slo-mo mass murder show is unfolding, and most people don't give a sh!t.

Was it incompetence? No. We are WAY past that point, to where I think malevolence is more likely. Was it corruption? About money? That would be the most palatable of scenarios, because it wouldn't be that surprising. Plus, greed is a lot less evil than say, the Depop genocide hypothesis, which I also have issues with. If it was about money, the govt's could've wrote the purchase orders for the Jabs, told everybody "come n' gettem! Free vaccines!" and while half of the vials rotted in refrigerated warehouses, bribes would have been paid, requisite pockets lined, end of. Why risk getting hauled up in front a courtroom for mass homicide? Why commit eventual political suicide forcing people through coercion, with the threat of losing their livelihoods, to take the clot shots? It just feels too desperate to me. They knew the risk, not every apparatchik but enough of them did, and still they hammered away with the threats against everyone to get Vaxxed.

My hypothesis: I called it May of 2020, before the Jabs, and I'm standing on it. The Shamdemic, the Jabs, the mass psyop, all of it was POLITICAL. A brush cut on the masses to quell this pesky neo-nationalist populism wave that started with BREXIT, then Trump 2016, and then spread like wildfire across the First World. The neo-liberal oligarchical class started sh!tting themselves thinking that we were getting too well-informed, seeing though the glass darkly, awareness rising that everything is fake, gay and corrupt. They couldn't manufacture consent anymore with TV, we didn't want their muppet candidates anymore, we all started to see how the hyper-capitalist game is a rigged roulette wheel on fire, while people Googled 'fractional reserve banking' and started tinkering with 3D-printing guns in their basements. The world is getting too complex, too transparent, and so the elites said "f'k this, we don't wanna end up like the Romanovs" and rolled this crazy pandemic psyop. Then the Jabs. Why? Because people f**ked up, sick all the time, afraid of Boogieman killer viruses, fearful they're gonna throw a clot while their minds get turned into oatmeal from a necrotizing protien swirling around in their brains, aren't going to be so inclined to strap on a Yellow Vest, get strapped up, and storm the citadels of power looking for scalps, Truth, and maybe a solution to the monumental wealth disparity that predominates our system and era. I'm not a Marxist, I don't know what the answers are, but that's what I think this is, and still praying that people wake up. Or grow a pair to see what's in front of them, and demand justice be done for this horrific mass crime. In the mean time, I'm going to keep "Unvaccinated" off my curriculum vitae for now, and keep reading Karl's factual, rational, qualified diatribes against the Clown World scum and their useful idiots.

Sic Semper Tyrannis
Tickerguy 200k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2023-05-01 16:37:34

@Lt.Slothrop it's just money.

I've seen this monster and looked it in the eye all the way back to the mid 1990s when I was a CEO and had an employee who the insurance firm tried to fuck.

Then it happened again, with a different person a couple of years later.

Once is a mistake.

Twice ain't.

Both times I won. I had to get releases from them because otherwise I couldn't even discuss anything beyond the size of the premium check I wrote to the insurance company for the health coverage, but armed with those releases I was a five-alarm bastard and VERY not-nice about it.

They cut that shit out, but only because I got personally involved.

It was just money then -- they didn't give a fuck if one of my employees was seriously harmed or even dead. All the cared about was the money.

That's all it was this time too, except now the monster is roughly twice the size as a percentage of GDP and thus requires twice the food -- money, that is. Or IT dies.

Well, not without a bullet to the head it won't, and if you try to cut off the food without killing it first it will eat YOU to stay alive.

"Anyone wearing a mask will be presumed to be intending armed robbery and immediately shot in the face. Govern yourself accordingly."
Jwm_in_sb 6k posts, incept 2009-04-16
2023-05-01 18:36:01

Well...TX is following in FLs footsteps and pursuing legal recourse. We'll see cause otherwise they are going to get the same response Brook Jackson did from Judge Truncale.

If they're serious then seize some of the vials and test the contents and watch the Regime squirm.
Lt.slothrop 133 posts, incept 2023-05-01
2023-05-01 21:01:01


Thank you for the comments. I'm a big fan of your writing.

I also have some corporate experience with the beast you referenced, and couldn't agree more that it exists, and possesses that level of murderous callousness. We've seen this as well with large industrial polluters and birth defects, the coverups, really sick sh!t, and it's always about the money. The Jabs crime due to greed is the easiest scenario to digest, so I hope you're right.

Problems I see with the 'Vax Crime as Only Greed' hypothesis:

1) The global coordination: when have we ever, in the history of modern nations, seen the entire First World do the exact same, massively insane thing in lockstep? These countries never agree on anything. Even WW2 didn't manifest this level of absolute consensus. The moronic mask mandates, the banning of the unvaccinated from bars, restaurants, transportation, in some cases THEIR JOBS, then the full spectrum mainstream media painting the unvaxxed as public enemies... in almost every country the same, absurd, unprecedented rights-infringing lunatic M.O. "Get vaccinated or else!" I'm struggling with BigPharma having that much stroke internationally. Only the US gub'ment has that much leverage in places like Europe, and again, all that for just money? How much money?

2) Not enough scratch: let's assume this whole Shamdemic/Jab show was a Made in the USA plot for profit: the Iraq 2.0 scam was a 5 trillion dollar vacuum on the Treasury. What are the gross expenditures to date for the COVID Jabs... not even half a trillion globally, and nobody is taking that sh!t anymore. It's over. My point is, there's much more profitable ways (with way longer shelf life) to rob the people without trashing civil liberties at home, poisoning your citizens on a national scale, giving them turbo cancers, giving their kids strokes, risk getting pummelled at the polls for the next 4 election cycles over it, AND risking mass-domestic revolt.

3) Political risk: politicians are mostly crooks and liars, and corruption is rampant in their ranks. Duh. However, this COVID jabs thing reeked to high heaven right out of the gate. A cursory search online for the Infection Fatality Ratios for COVID-19 by age group made it stupidly obvious that the untested Jabs didn't even come close to passing a risk-benefit smell test, and that was before we knew they were not only useless, but had negative-efficacy. The CDC numbers I screenshot'd off their website late summer of 2020, the WHO IFR numbers were readily available and yeah... you had better odds of getting killed walking your doggie than dying from COVID. Without the stupid Facemasks and media fear porn, there WAS no pandemic. Even the most moronic greedy politician could figure that out with the IFR data available prior to the untested Jabs rollout. Too risky. Buy them, make it optional, let them rot in refrigerated warehouses, and take the kickbacks without potentially going to jail or the gallows, for coercing your country into democide.

... which is why I think the Jabs agenda rabbit hole goes deeper, darker than just 'money', but not depop. I could be wrong.

My 2 cents. Cheers
Tickerguy 200k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2023-05-01 21:04:26

I ain't buying the depop or "Targeted" thing. Simply put, too complex and impossible to pull off successfully. Not saying that it might not be true, but I bet it isn't.

When viewed as a continuum it all makes sense simply on money. Obamacare was all about preventing the collapse of the monster. Nothing more. It had run out of the capacity to scream "FEEED MEEEEE!" and get anywhere, so the next play is to get government to FORCE people to pay for someone else. Why? Because someone has to pay or the other guy doesn't get. How do you get ME (who needs nothing) to pay for the buttfucker who needs a lot -- or the drunk who has 5L of extra fluid in their belly and a fucked-up back? I won't, unless forced. Well?

This was just more of that when you get down to it.

Look at the last two "major" drugs the FDA approved. BOTH missed endpoint; that is, NEITHER ONE WORKS. But both got approval. Why? Well? Yeah.

"Anyone wearing a mask will be presumed to be intending armed robbery and immediately shot in the face. Govern yourself accordingly."

Swiftly 634 posts, incept 2007-10-16
2023-05-02 08:04:29

The mandates were the cover up. Too easy to lay blame on vaccines if limited numbers took them. So greed.still underlying issue.

Basic Facts
Diamond Princess - not novel or deadly
Blood Bank Study - does not prevent transmission
These should have short circuited the process
Lt.slothrop 133 posts, incept 2023-05-01
2023-05-02 08:04:51

Interesting conversation at... you know, the meal ticket place. A dude I like, were both up there in the food chain, good guy, an ally, smart, great sense of humour, a fellow alpha, but...

Him: jabbed

Me: not

Now, something I've noticed as I cautiously navigate my Pure Blood self through career and Circle in this kind of 'in between time', as in, I think a lot of them know they fk'd up now, but they don't want to admit it, even to themselves. So there's this wobbly clinging to the narrative-thing, like a drunk Titanic passenger in the ocean clinging to a life ring. They can feel the icy cold water doing it's slow hypothermic crawl up their extremities, there's a voice in their head they keep trying to bat down, repeating "YOU'RE FK'D", yet they allow themselves to imagine that some light on the horizon is imminent rescue, and chosing to jump off the stricken vessel into the cold water 45 minutes before me who waited for a lifeboat, was still a good idea. So, while I'm a little bit secretly-smug about my spike protien-free platelets (partly thanks to this Coof Wars Ticker of Pure Blood optimism), I'm still VERY careful about what I say and how I act, because I make good coin there, I'm surrounded by Jabbies, and it's no secret I opted out, my Rosary evidence I had religious justification (versus too much Infowars)... and the 2nd wave of ostracization, I'm feeling it. It's subtle, it's silent, is it envy? It's a different kind of ostracization now though, 'cuz I'm no longer the tinfoil hat nutter preaching "anti-vaxxer" madness, now I'm one of the Chosen Few, I had balls where they didn't, and deep down, they fk'n know it.

ANYWAY, jabbed buddy and I start getting into the rabbit hole, politely. This is a guy used to winning arguments with 'facts' he has a talent for rhetoric, and we're politically aligned domestically so it's an amicable conversation. I ask him what he thinks is "happening", and he's like "something's going down. Food and fuel shortages imminent. Maybe war. Time to start prepping", and I'm like "dude, I was still buying avocados and mangos in January, the food shortage thing is fear porn BS." and somehow he ends up saying...

"You know, the Elites, they know something is up. Climate catastrophe. We're screwed. There's too many of us. They either cull the population or were fucked as a species. Fresh water running out" yadda yadda

And I said: "But the mRNA vaccines, you believe that it was a good idea?"

Him: "oh yeah, I mean, look at how many people it prevented from hospitalizations, the medical system would have been overrun."

[me fighting to control the howling laughter inside my head] I calmly replied: "Ok, so if you trust that the Elites know we're basically doomed and are making a wise choice to cull our numbers to save us," (I know right? LMAO)... "then why would they mandate forcing vaccines to save everyone, instead of letting SARS-COV-2 run it's natural course, taking the old and comorbid, because as you said, there's too many of us, they know it, and they have to do something about it. So why go to all that trouble to save old folks and junkies with COPD with these 'vaccines'?"

Silence. He just looked at me, processing what I said. I could even see in his eyes where I was dragging him towards the logical conclusion without saying it directly: if everything he believes is true, maybe the Jabs ARE the culling, and he's caught up in it now, because even he admits the "pandemic fear seemed exaggerated"... and then he said to me something I've only heard from one other COVIDian/ Jabbie since this Shamdemic bullsh!t started:

"You know, you may just have a point there,"

Querant 854 posts, incept 2021-09-19
2023-05-02 12:36:35


You asked a good question about the global coordination of pandemic response. This is not just about money. It's also about securing control of the mechanisms of power...globally, not limited to the U.S. health care system.
Lt.slothrop 133 posts, incept 2023-05-01
2023-05-02 15:27:55


Thank you for your comment.

As previously cited, the "It was all about money" is certainly the most palatable (least scary) of all scenarios, and would be the most obvious one cuz... money. We've seen it before in Pharma, Healthcare, Insurance, Heavy-Industry (polluters hurting/ killing people and then "Nothing to see here! What birth defects? Oh, shoot, you found our internal memorandums proving we KNEW our Teflon plant making a billion a year was causing birth defects in pregnant employees, and we tried to cover it up to keep the profit party going so... whoops! How much do we owe?") so yeah, it's the logical hypothesis, the default go-to. Human nature doesn't change, and greed tends to rear it's ugly head the most, when institutions and companies are caught maiming and killing people.

The Shamdemic and Jabs: I dunno. It feels bigger to me than just greed. It looks bigger, the shear supra-national scope of it, and the way the First World Mainstream Disinfodustrial Complex has been so consistently on board to run cover for it, across the globe. It's a massive project of full-spectrum collusion and perception management, the biggest psyop in history. They're so rigid in this policy that they don't even care how obvious it is they're lying, or that they've literally signed their own death warrants with regards to integrity and legitimacy to protect this massive, global crime. It smells like fear on their part. Who has the everage to swing that? Pfizer? The Healthocrats in Pharma's pocket? I don't think so, and even an old "conspiracy theorist" like me who hasn't trusted those media scumbags since Iraq 2.0, I'm completely, utterly stunned with this one. It's the biggest story in the history of journalism, yet it's so radioactive to them. Is the dam leaking? A little bit. Is it gonna break? Time will tell.

I also think it's a worthy conversation, the 'why' They did it... something we need to pull the meat of the bone of, if we're truly going to understand wtf happened over the last 3 years, and how, by some miracle of #GOD and Providence, The People, IF they can park their petty Culture War Kool Aid and political polarization, can come together as a united citizenry to see it, process it, and demand the scalps due for it.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Patentleathershoes 10k posts, incept 2007-09-13
2023-06-18 13:59:45

I have one doctor that continues to ask me if I've gotten it yet. Annoying as hell.

"An unborn child's property rights are protected by law. His right to life is not." Ronald Reagan
Tickerguy 200k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2023-06-18 14:00:30

It is my sincere wish that he gets eaten by a shark.
Or run over by a truck.
Or struck by lightning.
Or gets slaughtered by a gang-banger.

Or.... well, you get the idea @Patentleathershoes.

"Anyone wearing a mask will be presumed to be intending armed robbery and immediately shot in the face. Govern yourself accordingly."
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