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 Coof Wars Epilogue
Ronniemcghee 525 posts, incept 2012-07-28
2023-01-14 20:42:55

For that person who faked a vax card ~
What were thinking to yourself when you saw me against the wall, standing alone, denied first amendment rights and denied freedom of movement rights?
Had we agreed that one of us should fake a card to allow for freedom of daytime cavorting with the enemy and then nighttime sabotage of the enemys facilities, I would understand and praise your sacrifice and deception. We would have been brothers in arms.
When this all started three years ago, I wrote a post telling those who couldnt find a voice to say No to make a black armband with red lettering of the word NO and wear it nonstop. To let that be your voice.
You could have done that.
Tritumi 2k posts, incept 2008-11-29
2023-01-14 20:43:18

@Querant, never underestimate the hypnotic trance effect induced via instantaneous conditioned response. QR code produces a big, green checkmark? Good to go...
Aracoma 42 posts, incept 2015-02-17
2023-01-14 20:43:30

I'm not the smartest guy in the world but I used to work with Novell Network system (3.x, 4.x (eDir was fun!), 5.x, etc) and I treated the vaccines the same way I did with patching servers - I'd never immediately patch a server when a service pack came out but would wait a month or so to see the comments on various Novell boards while I tested the new SP on an isolated test system. Most of the time nothing would happen but a couple of times there would be a "...WARNING! Don't install SP3 because it breaks X and Y doesn't work well...." come across the lists.

I treated the Covid (non)vaccine the same way. It's new and there is no way in hell I was going to try it without waiting to see what happens. So I waited....even took two cruises towards the end of 2019 before I retired. On one cruise my cousin said "....I'm not sure what's wrong. I've got a temp of 100.5 degrees but don't feel bad...." but I never caught anything and never had a fever. Maybe I got lucky. Anyway after waiting and reading articles (some pro, some con) I made a personal decision not to take it. I'm one of only 3 people I know who didn't take vax but I am glad I skipped it.

Keep up the good work Karl.
Raven 16k posts, incept 2017-06-27
2023-01-14 21:00:52

Was thinking about something today, especially if the death and misery turn out to be rather extensive.

Perhaps this will be a long term play out of one of those Left Behind books or movies, kind of a fucked-up reverse Rapture.

So, those who resisted openly, we probably tend to be more on the asshole end of the spectrum.

Just think, a planet populated in majority by honest assholes. Will at least be interesting.

Right now thinking of various punishments for those who faked, cavorting with the enemy. Perhaps a mark on the face or branding of sorts. I am not much into ink, but perhaps purebloods need a way to identify each other. Not yet, but soon.

I'll show myself out now.

Mission Complete
Weezie 8k posts, incept 2008-05-19
2023-01-14 21:01:50

Well, this is interesting.

jihad pressure cooker tea party guns Constitution Bill of Rights play doh squiggly line prepper home garden clusterfuck
Toolhead 18 posts, incept 2022-09-14
2023-01-14 21:03:50

OT, but the usually calm and jokey Steve Kirsch seems to be reaching Karl-levels of pissed-offness regarding this most recent scandal:

Tickerguy 200k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2023-01-14 21:09:38

The Lancet has been a biased or worse mouthpiece for a LONG time.

"Anyone wearing a mask will be presumed to be intending armed robbery and immediately shot in the face. Govern yourself accordingly."
Ingar 696 posts, incept 2017-02-14
2023-01-14 21:16:23

The government is still pushing the jabs via HHS public (dis)service announcements. The Ministry of Truth reported tonight that Pfizer and Moderna are contemplating selling the jabs to victims for $130., so maybe the government is going to stop buying them. I think that as long as there are hungry congress critters, the government will be buying the jabs and commercials to sell them to a gullible public.

Maybe the jabs will reinstitute natural selection on the population. Which groups will be the most adversely affected? Prepare for the lack of medical care or at least a diminished form. It is best to not be reliant on the system which may soon become overwhelmed with the sick and dying.
Inspectrcalahan 929 posts, incept 2021-01-15
2023-01-14 21:59:15

Ok boys and girls , I printed out fake vax cards for my bride Nd myself. Telling lies to liars isnt a sin. I never needed to use them. But it was a situation of being prepared for a worst case scenario .when I went anywhere that required one , I just said fuck you call the cops. A few times I was escorted from the building. . But if it got down to it I would have happily lied to the sobs. I loose no sleep over this position. Oh yeah , I printed dozens of cards and gave them away. Throwing sand in the gears is big do you ,, Im good with that.
Smanning 44 posts, incept 2020-04-26
2023-01-14 21:59:34

I don't use the term pureblood, Fauci Flop or rub it in any way. We're different than those psychos who wished us death for not taking a rushed "vaccine" Not to mention hundreds of millions were forced under threat of impoverishment, non-surgery, and literally forced in some locales. It's not their fault but the murderers for profit Big pharma and their hirelings who all belong in prison for life. It wouldn't be constructive anyway to the true believers - this is same "crowd" that's egging on global nuclear holocaust with Russia right now because they don't understand simple logic and go with the trends. I don't know, but this war feels like another racket where multinational corps might get us all killed for profit (selling arms and gas to Europe this time) But I digress. Anyway my point is I'm still sad because it feels like we are led into one political/financial catastrophe after another and they are getting progressively worse.
Smanning 44 posts, incept 2020-04-26
2023-01-14 21:59:58


All the the rich countries will be most affected. EU, Israel, USA, OZ, NZ, Japan etc Some have 90%+ vax rates. Natural selection? Maybe Africans are smarter than them after all. Either way, the meager shall inherit the earth if it's as deadly as I think. We'll see in 10 years, the appropriate time for clinicals to finish.

Reason: typo
Neal 419 posts, incept 2014-01-09
2023-01-14 22:10:55

Noticed there seems to be 2 camps on the fake jab cards. Some take the view that they did what they could to keep their jobs and others take it that their actions was effectively a boot on the neck of us refuseniks.
I refused the jab, I lost a high paying job, I was restricted in where I could go. But I harbour no Ill will to those who went the fake jab card route. Not everybody was in a position that they could survive if they lost their job. Some would have been financially ruined, lose their homes, their car and end up sleeping under a bridge. Not a choice for those with kids as the State would take custody of those kids and jab them.
Also many on this forum live where it was possible to function without a jab card. Not everyone is so lucky. Here in Australia I ran the risk of being arrested anytime I left home as purebloods were subject to restriction of movement laws, curfews and heavy fines for entering shopping centres. Where Im working now they still have the sign on the wall of $1000 fine for failing to produce vaxx certificate.
Elkad 3k posts, incept 2009-09-04
2023-01-14 22:27:08

Did I consider a bribe for a legitimate card (and data entry) without the shot? Yes. I even had a couple candidates I probed a bit.

Did I consider just counterfeiting a card? Also yes. Which wouldn't have worked for the medical system, but would have given me social cover (restaurants, parties, etc).

A rational person weighs all the options. Ultimately I did neither. Because I decided that as long as I had groceries, I was going to stand tall.

If that had become impossible? I'm not sure what I would have done in mid-2021. Now? I'd consider it threatening me with lethal force, and my response will be untempered.
Tsherry 14k posts, incept 2008-12-09
2023-01-14 22:27:33

Fake jab cards were a lie.

Using one makes you a liar.

Liars are not to be trusted.

Live with that decision that you made to be a liar, rather than to stand up to oppression.

Good luck.

Father forgive me for the times I craved a place at a table that you would have flipped.
Tickerguy 200k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2023-01-14 22:27:58

I understand tough decisions. Sometimes you have to make them but you always live with them, so be sure you really need to before you do it.

"Anyone wearing a mask will be presumed to be intending armed robbery and immediately shot in the face. Govern yourself accordingly."
Jacksparrow 268 posts, incept 2016-04-15
2023-01-14 22:55:00

Sadly a couple weeks ago my oldest son a Columbia University graduate called me and pretty much attacked a whole bunch of things he thought I believed most wrong. The one he was very made about, was he asked me what would it take for me to admit I was wrong about the vaccines? Just what will it take for you to admit I was wrong about the vaccines not being safe and effective. My reply, easy, to be wrong about that, but that ship has already sailed. If you start a new business at Columbia University to your do not hire list. Clearly they aren't teaching critical thinking. My son was tested as a kid and has a genius IQ. Maybe it's idealism or something, but almost everyone realizes they ruined their immune system who took that crap. He looked through 40,000 tweets and found like 2 where I anonymously mentioned him from an anonymous account that nobody knows about, and found his excuse to write me off. So ok then. I'm done taking abuse from him. However once he realizes he screwed his immunity maybe he will call maybe he won't. Breaks my heart, but I could never have talked him out of taking that stuff, and I would have been hated for suggesting there was a problem. OH I'm already hated for considering him and the other half of the country communists. Blue hive school, live in a blue hive city, and consider J6 an Insurection, then you are a communist. Sigh

Nice ticker KD.
Emancelf1958 6 posts, incept 2017-02-23
2023-01-15 09:19:21

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to be able to read that article. My wife got kicked out of a meeting because she was not vaxed last year and she was totally humiliated. She's not feeling any regret now. Once again I want to thank Market ticker and all those folks (professionally et al), nationally and internationally, that bit the bullet are now feeling vindicated.
Jesjohn94 1k posts, incept 2019-05-07
2023-01-15 09:19:35

I wish you were right about the narrative about the jabs starting to fall apart but I don't see it. The propaganda power of every western country is unprecedented. USA is the most powerful country on earth, the undisputed leader of the west but you can't visit the country if you're not jabbed. You can't begin any immigration process if you're not jabbed. Do any politicians in either party give a shit? NO. The families of people dying need to start making noise. It's not happening. There needs to be more deaths and serious injuries before anything changes.
Budxr7 137 posts, incept 2009-07-08
2023-01-15 09:19:48

@Maurevel I would love to hear that Twitter space if you have a link.

Neither a borrower nor a lender be;
For loan oft loses both itself and friend,
And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.
Raven 16k posts, incept 2017-06-27
2023-01-15 09:19:53

It is very unsettling that people consider it a hard decision to not openly oppose the vexxine as opposed to playing along with fake vex cards and the like.

If this is a hard decision, how are we supposed to handle the really hard ones in terms of righting the culture. They are coming.

Yes, i am saying that losing career at even middle to late age, house, car, family plans, cash is not really a hard decision in the grand scheme of things and in term of things which others in this same modern era have had to face. There is nothing stopping anyone from starting at the bottom no matter the age or degree of loss. At least one's family will know for what one stands.

This clarifies a lot of thing for me personally and my folks and friends.

Yes, i have faced worse consequences in the past and similar to these concerns in tests of character. I can tell you one thing very clearly. Your actions have one terrible effect well outside of merely making it harder on those who did stand alone and in much smaller groups than necessary.

Those who "played the game" served notice on the other side as to what can be expected and exactly how to be bought. Throughout this entire mess, there was one layer after another of "outs" for people clever enough to take them. Unemployment anyone, made available to any who did not wish to comply? Just one example, don't need to list them.

The powers that be know exactly that a large mass of people will not walk off the job or mass shutdown an industry or society. Now they know that many people are as corruptible as they are already.

When you have no rights, everything which one was trying to protect is lost anyway.

Mission Complete
Vooker 96 posts, incept 2021-09-16
2023-01-15 09:21:00

@Tappedout= from a few pages back. Feel compelled to state the awesomeness of your post.

@Joancrawford= from a few pages back. Your honesty about yourself is courageous in it's own right. I was sensing a clearing of what was on your mind. Some sort of admission/acknowledgement. A great sense of trust in the community. Really special stuff my dear. Thank you for sharing.
Mentalic 27 posts, incept 2009-08-06
2023-01-15 09:21:11


I have been reading your posts for more than a decade now, and thought will share this with you.

FDA knew about the risks in 2020 and AE was there in their presentation as can be seen in the attachment.
Sonoran_monk 3k posts, incept 2021-08-16
2023-01-15 09:21:17

Wars are won when all of your enemies are dead or completely surrender and sue for peace. Neither of which has happened. Surviving a war is a personal victory.
Sonoran_monk 3k posts, incept 2021-08-16
2023-01-15 09:21:25

Tier lists are popular these days with the kids, so let's think about one here. S is superior and A-F are analogous to school grades.

Covid Clot Shot Response tier list
S - Destroy the pseudo-vax pushers and manufacturers with extreme prejudice, bonus points for using oxidized linked cutting tools.
A - Actively protest, say "NO!", resist the tyranny in person, and share information about the dangers.
B - Passively do nothing and don't participate with or patronize those who do.
C - Get a legal, religious, or fictitious exemption but still work for the company pushing it on others and patronize the venues requiring it.
D - Get the shot because you can't live with the immediate alternative even though you don't want to.
E - Get the shot and all of the boosters because you're a good person who trusts science and cares about others and what they think of you.
F - Punish non compliance because your bank account, job, ego, or political philosophy relies on it.
Guerin 177 posts, incept 2021-09-26
2023-01-15 09:22:35

I was fortunate in not having to be faced with the tough choices a lot were. My employer never enforced stupid rules, no mandate, and I think most knew the management had harsh things to say about the whole scam. Church was similarly mostly people who said no, the grocery store never cared what its customers did (although I swear for nearly a year it seemed I was one of the few who went around maskless). Family are mostly brainwashed on the topic, and some family gatherings got needlessly cancelled over tests or sniffles, but there was never exile over my refusing to get it.

I debated whether to do a fake vax card, but decided against it. Figuring the tide was going to turn at some point, it didn't seem worth it to pretend to be jabbed for momentary benefits - and as it turned out, what I missed as a result of being unjabbed turned out to be almost nothing of value by the time places stopped mandating it for admission.

At this point praying the rest of the family will hopefully manage to dodge the worst of the consequences of their choices. Otherwise, I agree circumstances do seem more hopeful today than a couple years ago. It is not a good sign for the perpetrators that they're looking for unvaxxed to fly their planes - relying on the people who gave their lies and mandates the middle finger is tenuous at best for them in the long term.
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