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 The Republicans Shot Themselves In The Head -- Twice
Tickerguy 190k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2022-11-15 17:06:13

If you're in a place where you can't why go somewhere you might get hassled?

Thus NY.

The difference between "kill" and "murder" is that murder, as a subset of kill, is undeserved by the deceased.
Chromehill 881 posts, incept 2010-03-03
2022-11-15 18:10:22

I am one of those people who believe abortion to be murder. That being said, you have to support exceptions for rape, incest and health issues (mother or baby). The Republicans should approach abortion this way to counter the Democrat abortion any time for any reason:

1. Support exceptions for rape, incest, health issues
2. At the Federal level, will not support any law pertaining to abortion that would prevent a state from enforcing its own abortion laws
3. Point out that the Democrats, not that long ago ran on the slogan "abortion should be safe, legal and rare". Unfortunately Democrats now push abortion laws as extreme as allowing a baby born alive from a failed abortion to just die and not provide medical care.
4. Per Planned Parenthood statistics, 99% of abortions are elective, so much for rare. Republicans will look to reduce this number of abortions to hopefully make abortion rare.
5. As Kari Lake said "I want to save as many babies as possible"

As several pointed out it is expensive to raise a disabled child. Interestingly, no studies are done to figure out what is causing the rate of autism to increase, significantly. Talk about expensive and family altering.

As far as "my body, my choice". Where is that position for vaccine mandates , be it Covid or childhood vaccines?

The Republicans need to do a better job of getting the vote out and appealing to other demographics. The abortion stance above could swing some of the unmarried women to vote on other issues. They also need to explain how Republican policies will benefit each demographic. They also need to engage with each demographic.

For example, on the Ron Smith show (15 years ago), a question came up as to why blacks do not vote for Republicans. A black man called and said, "Blacks vote for Democrats because the only time they see Republicans in their communities is election time, if then." There is a lot of truth in that.

The Republican base is in Rural/Suburban areas, they need to knock on doors, engage, year round, to get more of these people to vote. Hell, they should do this in the cities too. If 65% of white males vote, then the Republicans need to get that number to 75 to 80%.

As our host said, the game plan has to be a comfortable win, allow it to be close and don't be surprised if you lose.

'Power, like the reproductive muscle, longs to be exercised, often without judgement or right' - Gerry Spence
Toolhead 6 posts, incept 2022-09-14
2022-11-15 19:40:52


Registered echo tech here. Unfortunately, I graduated just after the pandemic took off and was unable to sit for my registry until the end of 2020 because the testing company (Pearson) was full Covidian for a while. So I havent worked. Then when I saw what was going on with the jabs I decided to put all those plans on hold. Im in a kind of holding pattern right now. I was curious: are the places in your area who are desperate for echo techs requiring any Covid jabs for new hires? I understand there can be more leeway in private doctor offices, but those jobs are harder for recent graduates to get. Thanks in advance.
Chromehill 881 posts, incept 2010-03-03
2022-11-15 20:19:07

@Toolhead - I live in Northeast Maryland, have been told by a few nurses that religous accommodations where being generously granted. Would that differ for a current employee versus a new hire, no idea.

'Power, like the reproductive muscle, longs to be exercised, often without judgement or right' - Gerry Spence
Bayportbob 53 posts, incept 2009-06-23
2022-11-15 20:24:20

@Toolhead - I'm not sure where you are located, but my significant other is a traveling dialysis nurse in Florida. Hospitals here are pretty much taking any Covid 19 exemption request & rubber stamping it. Florida State health dept. has a one paragraph exemption form for several of the request types. Some employers still ask for a more detailed reason for not taking the clot shot, but a well worded summary is also rubber stamped.

The hospitals here don't seem to be worried about any of the Fed. healthcare worker clot shot mandates. I'm sure there are exceptions. YMMV
Finzer_52 172 posts, incept 2010-06-27
2022-11-16 08:10:53

Here's something that's interesting just posted by Jovan Hutton Pulitzer with associated document.
This should be investigated ASAP ...Mitch McConnell senate leadership fund got 2 5 million from FTX Ukraine scam. No wonder he don't want to audit the Ukraine $$$


That which flourishes can only do so within a conducive environment - (me)
Chromehill 881 posts, incept 2010-03-03
2022-11-16 08:11:12

The Steve Deace Show for November 15th is very interesting. They talk about a letter from Fred vonCanon who lost in the North Carolina State House (District 35) election by 5 points. Had he won, the Republicans would have had super majorities in the NC House, Senate and Supreme Court which would have allowed them to essentially govern instead of the Democrat governor.

Most likely why vonCanon lost was his appearance on a Christain Radio Show where he stated he is pro life, no exceptions. Money poured in for his opponent, including over $1 million from Bloomberg.

He also stated that in this district, the Raleigh suburbs, that Trump is hated by both parties.

I live in Maryland, looking at the election results last Wednesday (this is before the vote by mail ballots were counted), Trump was a costing Republicans 2 to 5 points, depending on the candidate. The Repub who ran for Governor (Dan Cox) was Trump endorsed, he campaigned on his Trump connection, received 37% of the vote. The Repulican senate candidate, who did not even campaign (no adds, mailers, etc), received 39% of the vote.

In my conservative county, vote by mail is still going 2 to 1 for the Dems. Since the southern part of the county is less conservative, some Republicans are losing.

Going forward, the Republicans need to:

1. Soften the stance on abortion
2. Dump Trump
3. Need to somehow counter the vote by mail

If you can pick up a few percentage points from each of those categories, they can win in purple states. The Baltimore/DC corridor is probably very similar to Philadelpia and its suburbs, it would seem a softer stance on abortion and dumping Trump would have swung the PA senate race to the Republicans.

'Power, like the reproductive muscle, longs to be exercised, often without judgement or right' - Gerry Spence
Winston2020 439 posts, incept 2020-03-29
2022-11-16 09:07:38

What radical change was there with voting that persists into 2022? Widespread voting by mail and mass mailing of ballots.

I've got a bazillion links to show how the Dims dearly want that, tried to make it permanent nationally so individual states couldn't fix it, and the Reps don't want it.

When you perfect a one man, one vote representative democracy in an -INHERENT- political idiocracy so that even the laziest low or zero information, easily propagandized moron can vote, the mass mailing of ballots ending even the minimal effort required to REQUEST a ballot, the rare informed votes will be swamped by clueless votes even WITHOUT fraud.

That explains the results for Reps in 2020 as well as in 2022, with possibly less fraud in 2022 since with Orange Man successfully gone the establishment GOP, the slightly right side of the UniParty, was actually watching for it.

Unless, firstly, the mass mailing of ballots and, less importantly, voting by mail is ended, and the odds of that in key Dem controlled states are ZERO with CA recently making that permanent, the Rep party is now and forever -TOTALLY SCREWED-.

There Was A Red Wave In One State, Florida
November 9, 2022

So what made Florida so different from other key battlegrounds?

It is actually very simple.

This year, Florida greatly strengthened their election laws. The following comes from an official announcement about the election integrity bill that Governor DeSantis signed back in April.

"Twenty years ago, nobody thought Florida was a prime example of how to conduct elections, but we have become a national leader by running the most secure elections in the country, said Governor Ron DeSantis. We need to do more to ensure our elections remain secure. ***We have ended ballot harvesting, stopped drop boxes and the mass mailing of ballots***, and banned Zuckerbucks, and this bill will give us more resources to make sure bad actors are held accountable."
Toolhead 6 posts, incept 2022-09-14
2022-11-18 13:05:03


Thanks for the info. I do understand that nurses are in very high demand for a variety of reasons so Im not surprised to hear of your wifes experience. Im less sure if that demand also exists for ultrasound techs

Would you mind indicating what general area of Florida she is working in? I know politics varies a lot by region in that state!


Thank you. And yeah, I know for a fact certain places make allowances for the veteran employees while requiring new hires to abide by the New Normal. So that can be an issue as well.
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