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 University Delenda Est, Part 2 333 posts, incept 2021-12-17
2022-09-19 12:32:45

Hapie wrote..
There is an easily discernable pattern of abuse of power, as revealed by the mandates related to the Covid-19 scam; greater the power, greater was the abuse.
The universities have great power over the students. So, the mandates were pushed really hard.

@Hapie -- That is a very good observation: we see it in the military as well. Another factor, I think, is the assumption of control/authority within the particular sector you're looking at: we saw not only the pushing of mandates in the universities and military, but also what is equivalent to the subordination of traditional and legal protections (i.e. "religious exemption") manifesting in blanket-denial and/or bureaucratic-subjugation. (I have a blog-post on how the "religious exemption" was framed in such a way as to subordinate religion and religious-rights to bureaucratic approval here: -- The particularly galling thing was how the mandates were shoved down everyone's throats with a particular callous disregard for all contrary law, to the point that the actual-text (which prohibits EUA from being made non-consensual) was ignored when it suited them and yet was (and still is) being used to protect those who should be at-fault.
Jw. 559 posts, incept 2019-10-10
2022-09-19 15:09:42

My tax dollars go to a lot of things they should not.

This is just another abuse in a long series of abuses over nearly five decades of paying taxes.

Anyone who votes for the two parties that have been spending like it is the end of the world really has no basis to complain about any of this. They support tens of trillions of dollars of overspending and debt by casting their vote of approval for either of the two said guilty parties.

The spending must continue, until it can't.
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