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 You Can't Cite Studies....
Workerbee23 134 posts, incept 2021-09-15
2022-09-15 20:39:21

I posted on a previous thread about my boss looking forward to her next booster and flu shot.
She also shared that her dad is having issues, red and white blood cells are too high, possible lymphoma, brother is having issues as well, all jabbed.
No thought that it might be all the damn vaxxing.

Had a client today, older covidiot, got the c booster AND the flu shot yesterday, one in each arm. Said he felt fine but I'm thinking not.

They just had a grand baby. They were pushing their DIL to get the shot while pregnant. She refused. Baby born healthy. Then the grandparent's were all concerned if they could still see the baby since they traveled recently. DIL said sure as long as you're not actually sick. At least one member of that family isn't nuts.

Since I've spent the last 3 days in the company of overly vaxxed people some of whom were feeling crappy, I'll take some of my Vit I and keep on truckin'.I don't bother saying anything, what's done is done and they will be the one's living the consequences.
Margbp 57 posts, incept 2021-12-02
2022-09-16 07:09:00

My daughter recently told me her co- worker who has have 3 jabs and 3 bouts of covid after getting jabbed has been feeling poorly since her last round of covid 2 months ago. Her doc did lab work. She has nearly zero white blood cells. He told her she has long covid. Early 30s. Such a shame.
Tickerguy 188k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2022-09-16 07:09:24

She's fucked and no, its not long Covid.

It's jabby ruined your immune system, and you're fucked.

NASA faked out a computer instead of running the test.
Then tried to launch and aborted instead of going "BOOOM!"
Did they abort the JABS after faking THOSE tests?
Abelardlindsey 1k posts, incept 2021-03-26
2022-09-16 11:14:19

There is some debate on a substack as to what effects the shots have on the immune system. The most optimistic scenario is that they weaken your response to other coronaviruses, but that your response to other infectious agents is still intact. The "mid" scenario is that the shots "reset" your immune system in a manner similar to that of getting the Measles as an adult. You loose your acquired immunity to previous infections, but your immune system is still functional and will respond to new infections. The worse scenario is that the immune system is permanently damaged such that you no longer have robust immune response to any infectious agents. This would mean the shots have an effect similar to that of AIDS.

I think the jury is still out on which of this is true. I had my doubts about the worse scenario. But I'm starting to wonder if it may indeed be the case. The young lady in question has no white blood cells in response to the recent covid strain infections. I'm wondering if she would have the same problem with a flu virus come this fall. The arrival of flu season this November will tell us which of these scenarios are correct.

It's all in the mitochondria.

"It's the future,'re not."
Toolhead 3 posts, incept 2022-09-14
2022-09-16 13:55:24


Rintrah Radagast speculated about this back in June. Having to do with repeated infections within the window in which T-Cells are still regenerating from the last infection, leading to depletion.
Gavilan 353 posts, incept 2014-01-01
2022-09-16 14:15:52

My walmart has a livestock feed section. They were sold out of horse paste off and on since we all heard about it. They now seem to have no problems with supply as the shelf hasn't been empty in months.

Fuck the Forest Service.
Oh and FJB too.
Abelardlindsey 1k posts, incept 2021-03-26
2022-09-16 14:44:19


I looked at the link you posted. It suggests that if those who are vaxxed and boosted can rebuild their T-Cell counts if they stop taking further boosters. Is this a correct reading of the graphs and article?

It's all in the mitochondria.

"It's the future,'re not."
Toolhead 3 posts, incept 2022-09-14
2022-09-16 20:38:19


Im afraid Im not SMRT like our host or yourself for that matter. Wish I could tell you. Im just reading along and trying to understand and occasionally share info with others.

Hopefully Karl can weigh in on your query.
Ckaminski 6k posts, incept 2011-04-08
2022-09-17 07:48:27

We will know for certain in a year or two.
Kareninca 572 posts, incept 2011-08-23
2022-09-17 17:19:20

This study that just came out re BA.2.75 doesn't look good for vaccinated people:

" Importantly, due to humoral immune imprinting, BA.2 and especially BA.5 breakthrough infection caused significant reductions of neutralizing antibody epitope diversity and increased proportion of non-neutralizing mAbs"

Here is the whole abstract; it is pretty readable:

Continuous evolution of Omicron has led to numerous subvariants that exhibits growth advantage over BA.5. Such rapid and simultaneous emergence of variants with enormous advantages is unprecedented. Despite their rapidly divergent evolutionary courses, mutations on their receptor-binding domain (RBD) converge on several hotspots, including R346, R356, K444, L452, N460K and F486. The driving force and destination of such convergent evolution and its impact on humoral immunity established by vaccination and infection remain unclear. Here we demonstrate that these convergent mutations can cause striking evasion of convalescent plasma, including those from BA.5 breakthrough infection, and existing antibody drugs, including Evusheld and Bebtelovimab. BA.2.75.2 is the most evasive strain tested, and only BQ.1.1 could compare. To clarify the origin of the convergent evolution, we determined the escape mutation profiles and neutralization activity of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) isolated from convalescents of BA.2 and BA.5 breakthrough infection. Importantly, due to humoral immune imprinting, BA.2 and especially BA.5 breakthrough infection caused significant reductions of neutralizing antibody epitope diversity and increased proportion of non-neutralizing mAbs, which in turn concentrated humoral immune pressure and promoted the convergent RBD evolution. Additionally, the precise convergent RBD mutations and evolution trends of BA.2.75/BA.5 subvariants could be inferred by integrating the neutralization-weighted DMS profiles of mAbs from various immune histories (3051 mAbs in total). Moreover, we demonstrated that as few as five additional convergent mutations based on BA.5 or BA.2.75 could completely evade most plasma samples, including those from BA.5 breakthrough infections, while remaining sufficient hACE2-binding affinity. These results suggest herd immunity established by natural infection could hardly stop RBD evolution, and vaccine boosters using BA.5 may not provide sufficiently broad protection. Broad-spectrum SARS-CoV-2 vaccines and NAb drugs development should be in high priority and the constructed convergent mutants could serve to examine their effectiveness in advance.
Imprinted SARS-CoV-2 humoral immunity induces converging Omicron RBD evolution (bioRxiv 2022.09.15)

They throw a bone to the vaccine pushers by saying that herd immunity from natural infection also won't work. But their only testing was done on vaccine breakthroughs.

It's almost as if the vaccinated portion of the American population was encouraged to get BA.2 and BA.5 breakthrough infections so that they would be especially vulnerable to BA.2.75. But perhaps that is too paranoid. But perhaps you can never be too paranoid.
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