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 9/11 Can Now Drink
Trappedinca 46 posts, incept 2021-09-14
2022-09-11 11:27:31

9/11 is always a sad day for me as I personally knew 35-40 people who died in the Towers. One of the firms I dealt with back then had floors 79-82 and while some of their employees were able to make it out, most did not. Later in the week I spoke with our sales rep (sales and trading, in the finance sense) and he told me his harrowing story of making it down to the ground floor, only to be told by loudspeaker to head back up to his office, everything was fine. Having a bad feeling, he called his wife who vehmently told him to get out of the building. He did so, and lived. Others weren't so lucky including two analysts I knew who were in the elevator when the plane hit their tower. It fell to the ground floor but the doors were stuck shut and only one tiny female was able to make it out fo the elevator. She fell ten feet, broke several ribs, but was able to get out of the building. The rest of those employees died in that elevator, so close to getting out of the building.

As to who is to blame, there's a lot of blame to go around as KD has written. One thing I've always wondered about were the people telling everyone to turn around, go back up to your offices, everything is fine. Were they in on it? An attempt to keep the KIA count as high asa possible by limiting how many made it out of the building? One wonders.

Anyway, a sad day. For me, for lots of others, and for the US of A.
Metalqueen 165 posts, incept 2021-09-10
2022-09-11 11:27:52

There are many elements of the official story that I have never believed smiley but that is far less important than the larger issue of how the events of that day laid the groundwork for the taking away of our rights, which were subsequently amped up to a new extreme during Event COVID. Much that tyranny would not have been possible without the PREP Act, which came about in part due to the anthrax attacks (which WERE an "inside job").

The "patriotic" frenzy that followed 9/11 is a major reason I have as much for contempt for the Right as I do for the Left. The war whooping, the "you are either for us or against us", the "W: The President" and "Terrorist Hunting Permit" window stickers - I could go on and on. I will not forget or forgive the abuse I took for opposing the Iraq War.

Thankfully there are some who now see the folly of their thinking those days now that they find themselves in the crosshairs but I doubt the majority of "conservatives" are capable of that level of self reflection. At the very least it should have registered back then the complete and total worthless of the so-called "intelligence" agencies but somehow it didn't occur to most on the right until those agencies had become weaponized against them.

Also fuck ALL of the Bushes with a rusty smiley 338 posts, incept 2021-12-17
2022-09-11 11:28:05

Karl wrote..
Whether the private security and airlines who hired them were culpable has never been tested in court because the US Government protected that incompetence, both on the ground and in the aircraft itself. We allegedly have courts for this exact purpose; to test said claims openly and assign liability. In other words we no longer have a rule of law you can rely on.

I think that it's things like this that make it easy/easier to believe that "the government was behind it!" (whether or not at the behest of foreign powers) -- This is why it is best to do Justly, even when it's the difficult or politically-embarrassing: because, otherwise, allowing it encourages corruption to metastasize.
Msheff 58 posts, incept 2018-05-03
2022-09-11 11:28:14

@Auguries wrote <i>Jewish Space Lasers, or a lazy FBI?</i>
Who says theyre mutually exclusive?
Clbrto 2 posts, incept 2022-07-06
2022-09-11 13:03:52

I take a "conspiratorial" rather than "incompetence" view of 911, but I'm not here to argue.

I'm here to mourn the many brave firefighters who died that day. IMO, they were lured into setting up their command post IN THE TOWERS, so that their deaths were maximized when the collapses occurred.

And all the other needless deaths. RIP.
Mariinmd 84 posts, incept 2016-03-04
2022-09-11 13:04:05

@nymcoy, I don't think it's anymore selfish than my celebrating my daughter's birthday every year. She turned 6 that day. Thankfully celebrations with friends took place the weekend and evening before.

@wifi, thank you for sharing. We rarely see the media covering the long term damage.

I read a lot of novels, especially murder/ crime mysteries. Every time there is one involving an FBI agent hero, I think if only...
Peterm99 9k posts, incept 2009-03-21
2022-09-11 13:04:17

IMO, even worse than the loss of people and infrastructure on 9-11 and those due to the military responses thereto, is the destruction of the nation that has followed.

Although the gov't had been way overstepping its Constitutional boundaries for a very long time before, 9-11 provided the final impetus to turn this nation into a true oppressive police state. The PATRIOT Act and similar laws were passed in the aftermath that put more and more nails in the coffin of most of the freedoms from gov't oppression that we were supposed to have as Americans according to the letter and the spirit of the DoI and the Constitution.

IMO, the nature of what the US gov't has become since 9-11 differs from Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union only in matters of degree, not substance. In many ways, primarily due to technological advances, the gov't's ability to oppress the people is even greater than that of the Nazi or Soviet regimes.

". . . the Constitution has died, the economy welters in irreversible decline, we have perpetual war, all power lies in the hands of the executive, the police are supreme, and a surveillance b
Evergreen 186 posts, incept 2021-12-26
2022-09-11 13:04:26

Before sunset on the west coast, word was out of DC that it was bin Laden.

You want to know ire?

No intelligence apparatus works that fast. He was a known entity, tied to the activity well, well in advance...yet, he was allowed to make his mark. Clinton and Bush II both had him, and they both balked. Wouldn't look good from a PR standpoint.

T-ism is a state of mental anguish on the part of the objective class. If the objective class doesn't care a whit, the whole facade crumbles. Americans are the safest on the planet, and they're the most chicken probably of all. So sad. Could be so much better.

Only the freest and bravest of souls actually live. The rest waste the gift of life trying to save that which should be spent.
Jesjohn94 806 posts, incept 2019-05-07
2022-09-11 13:04:42

One thing I've always been curious about is what would we have done if the towers hadn't collapsed? We saw how much debris was released by the towers collapsing. Would permission have been given to even try that? I doubt it with such huge buildings. Assuming the towers were unsafe and not repairable dismantling floor by floor would have been a hell of a job.
Flaps10 7k posts, incept 2008-10-17
2022-09-11 13:04:51

Two pages of comments and no one has stepped on the ban hammer mine (yet). Remarkable.
Mrbobo 21 posts, incept 2021-12-01
2022-09-11 13:05:06

The tinfoil crowd (and myself) are easily fueled by 'facts' of the event(s) that strain credulity; primarily flight 93, a found passport, and no footage of the Pentagon strike. In the end none of it matters, only what Karl stated in conclusion. The government declared another war against something abstract; this time explicitly inclusive of its citizens.
The web browser told me that today is officially Patriot Day. Heretofore I had no idea it existed; I was too worried about the PATRIOT Act this whole time. Everything after that day has been a fait accompli.
Cmoledor 1k posts, incept 2021-04-13
2022-09-11 13:05:28

Im on your side there @Metalqueen. I admit to my guilt of following the war drums of patriotism for battle. I was blinded by it. Guilty as charged. Keyword. WAS. No more. Self reflection indeed. And now we have men like Karl pointing out what my stupid ass should have seen then but didnt. The incompetence and utter failure is now glaring as I look back.

The whole world is one big fucking scam
Why are you giving a vulgarity warning here? Our genial host is an advocate of both skullfucking and sodomy via rusty chainsaw. Credit to Rollformer
Dan_e 88 posts, incept 2009-06-23
2022-09-11 13:05:38

A sobering list, with each year that comes round the list doesn't change, nor does the fact that nobody ever took responsibility. Sure they got Bin Laden in the end (if he was behind it or not) but then we could probably blame the CIA for some of his capabilities which, again turns it back to .gov failing the american people.

I do still remember where I was when the first images went up, that probably won't change either.

And I totally agree with Karl that if the aftermath of 9/11 didn't wake people up, there's not much chance of them waking up any time soon. Hell, people around these parts haven't woken up with gas prices rising 150%..
Abelardlindsey 1k posts, incept 2021-03-26
2022-09-11 13:18:46

Later in the week I spoke with our sales rep (sales and trading, in the finance sense) and he told me his harrowing story of making it down to the ground floor, only to be told by loudspeaker to head back up to his office, everything was fine.

I heard this announcement was made in the south tower just after the plane hit the north tower. I presume your sale rep was in the south tower at the time.

I have to tell you that when I heard about this loudspeaker announcement, that if I were your sales guy, I would want to personally beat to death the guy who made that announcement.

It's all in the mitochondria.

"It's the future,'re not."
Ingar 386 posts, incept 2017-02-14
2022-09-11 13:19:04

I'm glad that you reminded us of the Jeb! culpability in enabling the 911 attackers. Thank goodness that attack dog presidential candidate Trump put an end to a would be Bush dynasty.

The FBI has long served to entrap left and right wing individuals who stray from the political thought of the narrative approved for America's befuddled masses. Had they not been asleep at the wheel, 911 could have been prevented. With the additional 87000 IRS agents available, how much more unapproved political discourse can be prosecuted?

Too bad that Bush,Cheney,, will never face the reckoning that they richly deserve for the Afghan and Iraq wars.
Tsherry 10k posts, incept 2008-12-09
2022-09-11 13:55:39

The war was targeted against previously hated, not the perpetrators, lest those in power find themselves in the unenviable position of being lined up against a wall and shot for their own associations with those responsible.

The wrong countries were attacked; indeed no large scale attack would've been needed. A simple targeting of a handful of targets completed in 'our own time' rather than an immediate mobilization would've easily sent the actual planners and perps to Hell. The Israelis are particularly good at hunting down and killing people that need killin'.

But the profits were epic for a while; the flags were sold by the millions; careers were built and festooned with 'battle experience'; politicians solemnly fought their battle while making money hand over fist, and innocent people were slaughtered for absolutely no reason whatsoever. At the time I knew that the over-the-top patriotism would one day swing back the other way to hatred-of-state-and-self as the pendulum often does. And here we are in a country that is reviled, without either a rudder or thrust forward into a certain future. The country is adrift, uncertain of self, broke, and being broken apart from within.

As you were distracted by the outcome of 9/11, you are being distracted again. You were unified once, you are now no longer allowed to be unified as you are now a terrorist should you band together against the goals of the state.

Our national treasure was squandered. Our rights were taken from us. They are still being taken from us.

And we do nothing to those doing the taking.

And a friend of mine that I knew for 30 years died in a mortar attack in Fallujah on Christmas Day 2003 for absolutely no good reason whatsoever.

Anyone who believes a shred of what is fed you by the .gov gets exactly what they deserve.

Fuck Joe Biden with a GIANT RUSTY CHAINSAW.
Jpg 725 posts, incept 2009-03-23
2022-09-11 13:55:59

Ingar wrote..
Too bad that Bush,Cheney,, will never face the reckoning that they richly deserve for the Afghan and Iraq wars.

They will face a reckoning.

If not in this life, then in the next.
Ocdawg 350 posts, incept 2019-03-14
2022-09-11 13:56:08

@ Dan_e
"And I totally agree with Karl that if the aftermath of 9/11 didn't wake people up, there's not much chance of them waking up any time soon. Hell, people around these parts haven't woken up with gas prices rising 150%..."

Pretty safe to say the last 2 1/2 years have proven BOOBUS AMERICANUS has not...

Mr Johnson, your box car is ready... right this way please....

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didnt exist. -Verbal Kint, The Usual Suspects

Reason: FJB
Tickerguy 188k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2022-09-11 13:57:43


No you don't get to see it....

NASA faked out a computer instead of running the test.
Then tried to launch and aborted instead of going "BOOOM!"
Did they abort the JABS after faking THOSE tests?
Susanlauren 1k posts, incept 2021-05-01
2022-09-11 15:35:53

Thank you for this ticker. Yes, today is a somber day. I have conflicted feelings because our government allowed 9/11 to happen through its sheer incompetence. The aftermath has been even worse. 338 posts, incept 2021-12-17
2022-09-11 15:36:09

Tsherry wrote..
Our national treasure was squandered. Our rights were taken from us. They are still being taken from us.
And we do nothing to those doing the taking.

@Tsherry -- This is the true tragedy, and we got to see it again with the 2020 Shutdowns & Mandates... OTOH, I think I see glimmerings of at least possibly holding the perps to account: there are pushbacks against the Shutdowns & Mandates, granted they are through "The System" rather than Argumentum ad Baculum.

The only way to really heal from all this is Justice, and I think there are more people turning to Jesus than are realized... so pray and do what you can.

Jfms99 520 posts, incept 2009-10-06
2022-09-11 15:36:47

As time has gone on it becomes more apparent that a Terrorist living in a cave in Afghanistan could not be capable of the planning necessary to make 9-11 happen, especially one in Ill health like Bin-Laden.

Terrorists like immediate results, long range planning never seems to have been a hallmark or their thinking, that seems to exist only in Spy novels by people like Daniel Silva and Nelson DeMille.

Who the real planners and financiers were of this is still not yet clear but there is an inkling and it's not a pleasant thought.

So many things do not add up and the truth has been buried for the time being, but I think eventually it will come out, no real secrets in the age of the internet.

This much is certain whoever masterminded 9-11 won in a sense. Our country rushed to pass the Patriot Act and other measures that turned into a Police State and caused air travel to become a cumbersome nightmare.

The TSA has never stopped a Terrorist or prevented any attack that is known. In fact there have some incidents where would be terrorists went right through their security. The fact is the TSA has low IQ morons as workers and for some the power went straight to their heads and a number of them are total perverts.

Where we go from here is the real question.
Invisiblesun 578 posts, incept 2020-04-08
2022-09-11 15:38:55

9/11 gave us two wars, the DHS, the Patriot Act, "legalized" spying on Americans, trillions of dollars in government spending.

I would say government incompetence has never been rewarded so much, but then Covid happened and the government response for that made 9/11 look like amateur hour for government malfeasance.
Hapie 258 posts, incept 2020-07-25
2022-09-11 15:38:55

@Blanca 'Has anyone had enough?'

I guess not?

It is not a slumber, it is deep sleep!

So far, even the deep state has not been able do enough pile high deep s... on the people!

With Bush's rapid fire responses, appeared to be all preplanned, i.e. establishment of DHS and many laws infringing upon our freedoms, which Bush appears to have despised, despite the fact that the whole world loved us and the USA for our freedoms, showed clearly the writings on the wall.

Personally, I had enough with the TSA and quit air travel soon thereafter.

If enough people had enough early on, no one would have dared to pull the Covid-19 scam on us and the rest of the world.

Jesjohn94 806 posts, incept 2019-05-07
2022-09-11 16:09:10

We had one person try and blow up a plane with a shoe bomb and all these years later pretty much everyone still has to remove their shoes going through security.

We had one person try and blow up a plane with an underpants bomb so we take our underpants off going through security right?

The rest of the world stopped with the shoe nonsense a long time ago. This country isn't the smartest. The same thing is going to happen with masks.
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