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Comments on Sorry, But No (Western Weather)
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User Info Sorry, But No (Western Weather) in forum [Market-Ticker-Nad]
Posts: 92
Incept: 2021-09-09

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Don't worry.

Bill Gates realized that we were overtaxing our resources, and he decided to solve the problem through population reduction.

(sarc.) (?)

Posts: 46
Incept: 2011-04-30

S.W. Ga
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I recall rafting down the middle fork of the Flathead river along US 2 about 25 yrs ago and recall the river guide pointing to the train tunnel adjacent the river and stated whatever year it was that snowmelt flooded train tunnel. YEAH some 20 ft above current level of river which was still high the last week in Jily 1997. Hmmm people ignor history with abandon. I recall a developer who insisted on building in a floodplain in Tallahassee. I said I wouldn't do that if I were you. But I can and you have to issue my permit. YEAH Here You Go. Oh Don't call me cause I told you so. No joke a week later it rains and he has a flooded site and guess who called demanding "City" do something. Like what? You see that full to the top canal? Yes that one 100ft away, it will go down in 3 days and your site will drain then, have a nice day. I've had my share of run ins with folks that Don't know squat about stormwater. I say Get U Some!
Posts: 67
Incept: 2009-06-23

Groningen, NL
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Building in a flood plain is stupid, but building a hospital on a flood plain is retarded. Looking back in the news archives I can see at least 3 times (1993, 1995, 2021) the hospital in Venlo (The Netherlands) had to be evacuated because of high water in the Meuse. It's nowhere near where I live so I just laugh my ass off every time it happens, but to this day I wonder what all those people were thinking when they decided to build there.. smiley
Posts: 264
Incept: 2021-09-02

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What they're doing to the surface water round heah with their "build on any open space" is nothing compared to what they're doing to the aquifers.
Posts: 175
Incept: 2019-08-22

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Lots and lots of digital ink above to say one thing:

We don't have a resource issue, we have a people issue.

The same above-ground spring has gravity-fed our family since the 1940s, but never more than ten people at a time. We know that, we live by that. It's that simple.
Posts: 42
Incept: 2021-09-14

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Packetcap wrote:

"The entire burden of water rationing falls on Residential. Farmers are never asked to do with less, or to change what crops are growing. "

That statement about CA farmers is 100% hogwash. The Central Valley farmers receive an allocation from the Delta each year, and that allocation has declined dramatically in recent years:

Money quote: This unacceptably low water allocation is a devastating blow to small community agricultural producers throughout the Central Valley. The livelihoods of these people and our global food supply depend on the industry, said Congressman Valadao. The Central Valley farming community has endured drought conditions, burdensome regulations, and below adequate water allocations for years. This community is resilient, but the fact remains that our farms will not survive without a reliable water supply for South-of-Delta agriculture."

Not to mention 100% of the low water allocations to Central Valley farmers are due to idiotic CA legislation protecing a one inch bait fish (the Delta smelt) which requires that literally billions of gallons of fresh water are pumped out into the Pacific each year instead of routed down the canals to the Central Valley. Nice job, Sacramento.

Posts: 113
Incept: 2021-09-04

Bonnie Scotland
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Seen it here in Scotland too
Building on flood plains and old coal mines never ends well
****ing idiots
Posts: 1261
Incept: 2013-12-25

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Tickerguy wrote..
Fresh water that falls from the sky is not an inexhaustible resource. Yes, it will be replenished. But if you draw it faster than it comes down from the sky over time you will run out.

All those town pulling water from the aquifers are in the same boat (pun intended). The people on top of the shallowest parts will someday hear a gurgling gasp from their pumps and that will be the end. If I remember correctly, that's already happened to a town in Texas. How many years does it take to refill an aquifer?

Village Idiot
Posts: 10
Incept: 2022-05-31

Saint Johns AZ
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Thank you very mu'ch! 🥸
Posts: 466
Incept: 2019-10-10

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@Trappedinca, not to mention the giant portions of farmland that is not watered/planted while the farmer gets paid to not use it...

Farmers have been tearing up established fruit and nut orchards to get 'no water' subsidies for 'lost' crops, I have never seen the central valley with fewer growing lots that now in decades. Add in the cheap labor force that is ushered across the border with farmers given special labor laws to not pay minimum wage for those very same people who have no rights.

Kinda takes the touchy feely aspect of California and ****s in its mouth... But hey, wtf does the Tesla driving latte sipping censoring tech yuppie care when they get their "organic" slave harvested produce at rock bottom prices.

On the topic of water in California.

If you were required to pull a permit to drill a well on your property, you do not own that water.

Contrast that with areas in Nevada where you have by rights access to water for non-agricultural/commercial uses without the well permit requirement. You may not 'won' the water for commercial purposes, but you have unfettered access to non commercial uses of the water on your property.

99.9% of homeowners around here are under the impression they own the water they pull from their wells, they don't.

I know multiple people who have worked for the California Water Boards and have had multiple discussion on this topic with them, one told me, I asked the others to confirm. A few counties are pushing for meters on well heads, homeowners are vehemently opposed, which is understandable, but due diligence is a bitch and most people fail completely on this front.

Kind of like spending millions for a house build in a flood plain.

Can't fix stupid...

I wonder how many of those homes were built by developers (who likely got a screaming good deal on the land) compared to how many were built by land owners.

I still can't understand why people buy run down houses around here for six, seven times what they cost when brand new (1000sf house on 5000sf lot for $750k to $1 million).

Anyone want to buy a well used '76 Pinto for $100k??

No? But if it's a 'house' then you're all in?

Can't fix...Retarded.
Posts: 185119
Incept: 2007-06-26
A True American Patriot!
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One of the reasons I did not buy land in Colorado was that looking into the water situation there made me say "nope!"

Civil Society requires 99%+ consent.
Stop consenting and it is forced to stop. Always.
No violence required.
Posts: 4455
Incept: 2008-04-01
A True American Patriot!
Upper Moonbatistan
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A few years ago the dairy farmer across the road had his well go dry and started punching holes all around his farm looking for more.

One of them was directly across the road from our wellhead on our lawn, and we were terrified that his drilling was going to screw up our well.
There is no recourse if that happens, you just have to drill another hole. Our well is 350 ft deep, cased to about 300 ft, so we're talking probably a 75-100K hole if that had to be redone.

That hole across the road was DRY which surprised us a lot - it was only about 30 feet away. Then we talked to a driller familiar with the area. He said that there is a really weird geological "wrinkle" on our road where if you are on the correct side of the wrinkle you can pull 5-10 gallons a minute but if you're on the wrong side you get nothing .

Our well pulls about 7 gal/minute which is fine for the size of our house and usage. Apparently we are some of the lucky ones on the good side of the geology, and the bad side is on the other side of the street.

Having your own well is great and saves you a lot of money until something goes wrong and then its HUGE bucks to get a working one again.

I don't worry much about aquifer drainage here as the dairy farmer sold the farm to a beef operation and that requires much less water. It's also a wet area and most of the surrounding land is in the land trust so there's not a lot of usage and a whole lot of replenishment.

But if I was in a more crowded and dry area I'd be VERY nervous. Aquifers can take a long time to replenish (like decades) depending on rainfall and geology, and one person's hazardous wasted ****up can contaminate the entire thing so that it is no longer usable.

"Pull your pants up, turn your hat around, and get a job"
---P.J. O'Rourke
Posts: 1533
Incept: 2021-07-10

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I rafted part of the Snake River a few years. Beautiful place.

The tour guide pointed out a mansion that was right on the river, about 40' or so feet up on a cliff. That looked incredibly unstable. But the CEO building it just didn't give a ****. Yeah, it is going to collapse into the river, likely within the next century, but it is somebody else's problem.

The other big bull**** going on out west is reservations are now required to enter many, if not most of the national parks out there. It is a big pain in the ass, since I think you can only get reservations 30 days in advance, but to get a decent place, you need to plan out several months in advance. So there is the risk of paying for a nice vacation rental, but not being able to enter the park.

It would be really interesting to FOIA the records and see if certain "VIPs" get "admit at any time" tickets....

So much for being able to enjoy the land that we paid for as taxpayers.

"Keep your head. Its never as good as it seems and its never as bad as it seems, but keep your head and theres always a way out. Never ever panic, its the worst thing you can do." by Norm Hooten
Posts: 1533
Incept: 2021-07-10

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Regarding land in Colorado, they tax unimproved land at 3X the rate of improved land. They don't want folks "buying and holding" land out there.

Water is a big problem there, as in many western states, and it is not uncommon for a potential buyer to predicate closing based on successful drilling of a well. Paid for at the buyer's expense, of course. If you don't hit water, you are out $30K or so. But first, you've got to decide if you want to keep drilling deeper at additional cost.

And the even bigger problem is the hard left swing Colorado took about a decade ago.

"Keep your head. Its never as good as it seems and its never as bad as it seems, but keep your head and theres always a way out. Never ever panic, its the worst thing you can do." by Norm Hooten
Posts: 46
Incept: 2011-04-30

S.W. Ga
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I can tell you how they avoid DRI's . Politics and scams. Scale projects to fall just shy of this or that threshold leaving the bust to next developer in the area or wait till community improves the infrastructure. - Then the banks made Bank on the failed developments after the '08 bust and loaned money to the new suckerz I mean developers. The sheer lack of integrity is everywhere.
Posts: 172
Incept: 2015-12-10

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What to add?

In a sane world, most of those people building McMansions in flood plains would be expected to be satisfied with one room with bars on the window and a bucket for sanitation.

Not one of those monstrosities was bought with money earned honestly.

Not one.
Posts: 30
Incept: 2009-03-30

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I sense a premeditated essential resource shortage scenario setting up in California thats for sure.

The root of the problem is over regulation that stems from government employee arrogance/incompetence/ignorance and intentional sabotage that can be bought.

The list is endless for the various simultaneous stories of how and what people who are elected and or employed by the US government is blatantly disregarding all intuition and common sense/decency and by which they pretty much choose the most incorrect choice, the total opposite of what would be the most beneficial or practical or problem solving choice. It just boggles upon boggles and then boggles my mind some more how frequently I see this near identical trend without falter, across virtually every industry/arena/topic/area/necessity/need/want/etc. it doesnt matter. I just have a hard time accepting this is just a coincidence on a nationwide scale that paints the picture that practically every single elected or unelected official in our government, with the prerequisite that they receive a paycheck in some form funded by the US taxpayers, that they are evil, corrupt, unfit or not smart enough to fulfill the role that they claim and command.

I would be surprised if there was more than 1 non-treasonous employed government official/worker/bot for every 25 individuals who would and actively sell out the very country and the citizens they work for and/or represent.


Off tangent comment, but the whole saying no to the desalination plant, given the fact that the company forked out one hundred million dollars just to get turned down, by a board of people who have no oversight or applicable watchdog with appropriate administrative powers, outright enrages me. I hope for once, something good for the citizens and sensible in all aspects that actually matter, would occur. I wont be surprised if I never see a significant event for the better for the every day US citizen, that includes the election in November.
I really hope I am wrong and I really hope I am not actually witnessing the true fall of the United States empire with no rebuttal.

Do it all or dont do it at all.
Posts: 301
Incept: 2021-11-18

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@Generalee ... Yeah, after I posted that, I got to thinking about how many times we were given "advice" that we could fast-track our project by "accidentally" leaving envelopes full of cash in various people's cars after a "business lunch" and so on.
Posts: 266
Incept: 2013-08-19

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The other problem with building in low-lying areas is that inevitably much of the ground gets covered with hard surface (e.g. roads) which do not absorb anything, so the remaining area gets flooded WORSE.

In my area (farm country) every year after harvest I watch more and more acreage get tiled. It used to be a couple lines through the field but now they are 'grid tiling' the entire field. They try to get the water out of the field as quickly as possible. Great for the field and the farmer, but not great for those down stream. You get more run off and faster with snow melt or after a heavy rain. The down stream low areas rise faster, and higher. And every year they wonder why the Red, Minnesota, and Mississippi rivers have more and more flooding issues.
Posts: 46
Incept: 2022-02-12

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"LI, NYS was stupid to not keep their nuke energy option,"

It was ONLY stupid if you didn't mind irradiating the entire population of the Island in the event of a bad design activating! The power co's own "evacuation" plan had everyone on the 120-MILE-long Island driving west and exiting across the couple of bridge into NYFC...

Swimming to Connecticut was ... let's just call it impractical! Even boating away wouldn't get enough folks off the Island. Then add in not very great "flushing" of Atlantic Ocean water into and out of the Sound (well, it would, at least, send some of the radioactive water west to NYFC.... so that might have been good?)?

Then add in the piss-poor concrete work discovered even AS they began building.

No, if you're GOING to build a nuke plant (and we're gonna have to build a bunch if we intend to keep going at even HALF-power in this country! With or without mandating electric-cars-for-all!) then it behooves "us" to consider both evacuation abilities AND likely causes of damage that could lead to evacuation!

What's that CA plant built on a fault? Devil-something? The one where, a few years ago, someone did a proof-of-concept on draining cooling machinery with a couple of bullets to create a radioactive 'event'? How about the one near the New Madrid fault? Or any of a number build in badly chosen spots?!
Posts: 186
Incept: 2020-07-25

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@Oldad "We don't have a resource issue, we have a people issue."

Right on! Too many bribed people propagating too much nonsense!

Even the demented FJB is warning us about another pandemic that they must have been planning to cause, like all other problems that they have been causing.

We just need to get rid of the evil people; all our problems will instantly go away and we can start to enjoy life again.

Posts: 141
Incept: 2021-09-19

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Diablo Canyon.

"In 2014, a Nuclear Regulatory Commission inspector urged the NRC to shut the plant down due to earthquake hazard.

Unit 1 at the facility is considered one of the most embrittled units
in the country meaning that if the plant were forced to suddenly shut down, cold water would be sent to the core, where the highly radioactive fuel resides, causing the containment vessel to shatter, causing a catastrophic accident."

Bred, born and raised in the Golden State, I am NOT optimistic about "safe" and economically feasible nuclear power happening here in my lifetime.
Posts: 187
Incept: 2021-09-20

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@Hapie - "Even the demented FJB is warning us about another pandemic..." .

You expected this, right? Once they get a taste of that power, they will keep it by doing this again and again, taking more and more of our rights each time.

Only way to put a stop to the repeated assault is to REFUSE TO COMPLY.

Good luck with that, with all the Karens.
Posts: 14207
Incept: 2007-06-26
A True American Patriot!
Philly P.a.
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Behind a friend's house was a 100 year flood zone. Nobody built there up till the housing boom around 04-05-ish. You'll be gone and buried before it floods they said and people eagerly moved in. A few years later a 100 year flood hit and destroyed lots of properties...

It was "unforeseen", a product of climate change, or Globull Warming.

Drought = Globull Warming
Flood = Globull Warming
Unseasonably cold = Globull Warming
Unseasonably warm = Globull Warming

Anything that contradicts the above is not proof globull warming doesn't exist.

The other thing they like to do around here is replace permeable surfaces with less than permeable surfaces. Replace 100 acres of woodlands with 700 houses? Sure! **A few years later** There is no evidence that recent building is responsible for unprecedented flooding in areas that previously never flooded. The fact these areas are directly downstream is not proof...

The bad guy is of course, globull warming...

I don't wish anyone dead, but I will chuckle in amusement while reading some obituaries...
Posts: 337
Incept: 2021-07-23

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@Trappedinca: I stand corrected on the allocation issue, I had forgotten about that.

Do you know the % of our grown in CA agriculture products that leave the state? I was trying to find that and couldn't.
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