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Comments on Uh, No (Novavax)
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User Info Uh, No (Novavax) in forum [Market-Ticker-Nad]
Posts: 81
Incept: 2021-04-18

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I am against flushing the evil doers down the sewer because, according to movie mythology, slimy reptilian things so flushed tend to come back stronger, even more destructive, and radioactive.

I submit burning at the stake as a suitable punishment. Europe apparently last burned witches at the stake around 500 years ago, and it is still talked about today. Talk about making a much needed lasting impression on the psyche.

During the early 1600s...witch hunts resulted in a wide variety of executions, ranging from hanging, burning at the stake, boiling in oil or water, and being stoned to death.

Fight like you are the third monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark and it is starting to rain.
Posts: 421
Incept: 2011-11-06

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At this point, after the repeated lies and the constant moving of goalposts from the CDC, media, big Pharma, and the medical establishment....anyone who takes this poison kinda deserves what they get in my view.

We all had numerous REAL vaccines. We have all noticed we never get the diseases form those vaccines.

Now, after getting double jabbed and then boosted....and then STILL getting wu flu (often more than once!).......I say let Darwinism take its natural course.

Think of it as a societal enema. We could really use one.
Posts: 33
Incept: 2021-10-19

North Carolina
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I read an interesting account online the other day in a space for vaccine injured people to discuss their symptoms and anything that has helped.

One individual had an antibody test done out of curiosity. They said they'd never tested positive for COVID to date, had not had any boosters, but had 2 doses of Pfizer with the last being months ago. Their antibody results were around 8000 ng/mL. I had mine tested a few weeks post-mild COVID infection and my results were about 24 ng/mL.

I wondered if anyone here might have thoughts on this:
Are antibody levels being that high part of what is causing their symptoms? Or are levels that high possibly evidence that various cells of their body are continuing to produce spike protein?
Posts: 60
Incept: 2015-02-24

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Fortunately, the fever hit on a Friday night, and it was a long weekend with the Memorial day holiday, so my fever was long gone by the time my office reopened.
Posts: 82
Incept: 2014-01-09

Sydney Australia
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@Phoenix800, will your hernia operation require a blood transfusion? If it does then even if you avoid getting jabbed when sedated you still might be fucked.
Read on Automatic Earth yesterday about the research finding CJD in 27 jabbed people. And unlike normal CJD that takes years or decades to show this version takes just 10 days after the jab to show and most of the 27 were dead after 5 months.
Now correct me if Im wrong but CJD is similar to BSE. Due to BSE in England in the 1980s anyone from there cannot donate blood here in Australia. So WTF will they do when more CJD cases arise? Can they ban blood donations by the jabbed? Bit hard here in Australia (97% jabbed). Doubt you in the US have much of a chance to avoid the same problem.
And yes 27 cases isnt that many, but that was just the cohort that the French researchers had. Plus what happens if that low number starts rising if those were just the fast vanguard and the numbers of more normal speed (years) start showing. Could that number rise a bit (thousands of cases) or could everyone injected potentially die from rotting brains?
Posts: 78
Incept: 2021-04-15

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I have taken to scanning the obits in our little lefty rag (that my DH insists we continue receiving - as part of being old school 😊). 5 yesterday, of various ages. None were "unexpectedly", but not one of them had a cause of death listed. Dr. McCullough coined the term "emotionally inert" to describe the lack of vaccine outrage. People are emotionally inert about most everything it seems.
Posts: 20
Incept: 2021-08-11

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Politicians and government bureaucracies have lost all credibility and do not deserve our trust or confidence. Everything they do or say must be viewed with extreme skepticism.
Posts: 69
Incept: 2021-09-18

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Thanks for asking! I have no plans to go forward with the hernia operation. I will wait it out as long as possible. Great point on blood transfusion danger!
Posts: 8221
Incept: 2009-02-28

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@Phillydog: The left, not the right made the marijuana laws. There was some purpose. It is like getting drunk in 5 minutes, without the hangover, but with the psychological implications of never digesting the pains of growing up. I cite this from personal experience and 30 years of hindsight.

As far as the rest. If one isn't reproducing I see no purpose for marriage, except to give the lawyers another source of income. They end up with a lot of middle class estates, as I have heard of several 6 figure lawyer fees on estates that were well short of $1 million. It might be seen as a pledge to be monogamous, but good luck on that one. I consider it absurd for gays, but then again, what isn't today.

Abortion has to do with life. There is nothing precious in law, if it isn't life. I suspect we have arrived where we are, behind the immoral veil of abortion and throwing unwanted life, in the toilet. Where does it stop?

I watched a video of a father who lost his daughter to the murderers in the hospital euthanasia industry. She had Downs syndrome and they sedated the woman to death. When you follow the man's testimony, it sinks in they killed her, because policy is to get rid of useless eaters. What do you think is going on right now?

I couldn't find the interview with the father, but it is clear CV19 didn't kill this girl, having Downs syndrome put her on the extermination list. How do you know you aren't on the abortion list, maybe your entire family?

We don't know what these people are doing. Clearly they are running massive collateral damage for some reason. They are building a genetic library. Whereas rounding up a group of people and killing them would be unacceptable, killing them silently with a bioweapon or jab could go on for years and be explained away as something like SADS. One thing leads to another.

What life and who is allowed to trash it is an overlooked subject. Retirement funds, especially pensions and Medicare have been looted. There is a pool of money. Wipe out those using the system allows for more graft, offering fewer services and drawing the same money. They developed a bioweapon that flat out eliminated people they were having to service, getting a large government bounty, in the process. Think health and pharma are going to pass on the savings?

Karl hit on something a few weeks ago, touching on abortion. Those of us 60 or older recall the stay at home Mom's and when families got by on one job families. Result of 50 years forward? They now pay 2 not much more than they did one. No children to support. Just open the borders to replenish the shortage.

Why are some people dying from the jabs and others aren't? Why did the virus kill some and not others? Could they both be attacks on certain genetics? Anyne who can't see there is evil behind what is going on, is either ininformed or in denial.

Katherine Austin Fitts claims this entire process revolves around the fact that pensions have been looted by the financial players. The best way to cover this up is to kill the beneficiaries. Now, intentional creation of food shortages. What better excuse to kill the useless eaters? Define useless eaters? You could be on the list.

The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.---John Kenneth Galbraith
Posts: 78
Incept: 2021-04-15

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Read your comment and had to reply. 👍🏻

I'm assuming you're talking about Mercola's nebulizer protocol? (drop of food grade H2O2, drop of Lugol's iodine - in 3ml saline)

I had Delta in November. Had already been on weekly Ivermectin/supplements per FLCCC. Used their protocol, with the nebulizer, and Regeneron on day 2. Nothingburger, literally. Slight congestion, intermittent fever (99.8), some real fatigue, loss of taste/smell - that's it. All done in 5 days, taste/smell back in a week. No lingering effects. Still on prevention protocol. Husband never tested positive - he also got Regeneron and took the FLCCC "exposure" dosing. No vex for us obviously.

Mercola recommends using the nebulizer a couple of times a week to get off long-term inhaled asthma meds. I'm going to do this.
Posts: 5117
Incept: 2009-04-16

California Desert
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Quantum, yes mine did too. However, that doesn't mean that they won't attempt it again.
Posts: 9405
Incept: 2013-02-13

The Land That Was
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I will kill you.

"We live in a, idiocracy populated with morons." - Goldbrick
"Freedom cannot end where fear begins."
Robby Dinero
Posts: 68
Incept: 2021-09-13

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That's a great term, emotionally inert. They really are. And about every single thing too. My theory is nobody has ever experienced war, famine, death, genocide etc, shit even a depression was papered over to prohibit anyone from feeling pain due to their stupid decisions.

People are like a hamster in a cage. They've never faced a real threat so they wouldn't even know to run away from a predator (Communism) even if it was staring them in the face. They might even think that cat is their friend

There's been absolutely zero (negative) consequences for people's bad behavior for over a generation. In fact many get rewarded

People literally don't care about ANYTHING unless it affects their wallet or the tv then too... ANYTHING
Posts: 2414
Incept: 2007-08-08

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Karl as I suspected, in the first half of this year, lots and lots of Funerals, Memorials etc, almost all of which "Died Unexpectedly". That's just in my circle I'm sure there are thousands more.

Might as well take this opportunity to ask. I have first and last name, date of birth, date of death, and home co-ordinates. Is it possible to look up somewhere whether a person was jabbed? If so, where?
Posts: 452
Incept: 2009-01-21

The Riff
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You will have to be more specific. ie: what antibodies are being referenced?

They are not all the same. IgG or IgM?

It's been a bad year the next one will probably be worse.
Is there not one thing in your life that is worth losing everything for?
تبا تويتر
Posts: 548
Incept: 2011-08-23

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My mother was an exceptionally healthy 78 y.o.. She never even caught covid. Then she got the shots and the booster. Then she developed pancreatic insufficiency and lymphocytic colitis (a form of IBD). She has never had autoimmune problems before, and these particular ailments do not run in my family. Then she had a colonoscopy (which identified those problems) and the directly afterwards caught covid.

She is not dead, but now she is a 79 y.o. with real health problems. I have some hope of coming up with things that help around the edges, but it is not easy to talk with someone else's gastroenterologist 3,000 miles away; so many doctors are retiring (two of hers are) that the remaining ones are just putting out fires. So now she has to be on pharma enzymes for her pancreas for the rest of her life. She's supposed to start mesalamine for the colitis. She be a big cash cow for the pharma industry now; she wasn't before the shots.
Posts: 333
Incept: 2021-07-23

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It's simply stunning how many people are willing to risk their heart muscle over feeling "safe" from covid.

Good luck with that.

Posts: 111
Incept: 2021-09-10

Escapee from NoVa
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The fetal cell line issue was best NOT used in a religious exemption request. That reason potentially gives the vexx pushers a path to overturning your request if they could state the product (even if they can not prove it) was not developed using such so bye-bye exemption.

The only religious exemption argument needed should be that your sincerely held belief is that any foreign substance introduced against your will is a violation of the sanctity of your being. This should be reason enough regardless of what religion (or not) you practice.
Posts: 222
Incept: 2021-05-03

Concho Arizona
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We have a friend that took the vaxxes and was boosted. He recently caught the coof. The doc immediately put him on the five day course of Paxlovid. He got "better" and has now relapsed ending up hospitalized with pneumonia. As far as I can tell he is hosed.
Posts: 548
Incept: 2017-05-03

The South
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Seems like a 1-2 punch. Get the mRNA to wreck your immunity, and the spike to fuck up tissue at random. Sounds fun.
Posts: 1791
Incept: 2021-02-25

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I'm going to need a hernia operation at some point in time. I've been putting it off because there's no fucking way I'm going allow myself to be sedated. There's no telling what will be injected into me. Will I end up !vaccinated when I'm under?

I have struggled with this same issue, since I will eventually need cataract surgery. My hope is to have a trusted, savvy, unintimidatable friend by my side, watching their every move like a hawk!
Posts: 20
Incept: 2021-07-30

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I suspect that if there is any way to deal with the variants, the only "safe" way to vaccinate would be inter-nasal without any kind of an injection that allows the spike proteins to be distributed all over your body.
Posts: 421
Incept: 2011-11-06

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I just read Justin Bieber is now cancelling shows due to "mystery illness", rumor is for weird autoimmune issues, his immune system appears to be shot. Oh, he mandated the jab to attend his concerts.

And his wife recently was hospitalized for a stroke, or some such.

They are both in their 20s.

Karma strikes, yet again.

Posts: 5117
Incept: 2009-04-16

California Desert
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Yeah that is one of the arguments I cited. I didn't rely on one but a lot of people did.
Posts: 15
Incept: 2022-04-18

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To comment on deaths; and this is not too incredibly scientific. My union has a condolences page on their website of members that have passed and I'll occasionally take a look to see if any of the people I've worked with are on the list. Historically it's usually/ mostly retired members in this section as you might expect, with a few scattered active members here and there (shit happens)- and the ages are usually 'up there' in the entire group where you wouldn't bat an eye. Even in all of 2020 it was all, save 1, retirees that died. But in 2021 I've noticed there's been more than a few "active" (still working) members that have died, and they weren't exactly that old either. Some that made the list in 2021 WERE older, but those were all retirees as you would expect. They do NOT list cause of death, but the list seems uncharacteristically filled with active members for '21. These are people in their 50's and 40's dying on this list, and at a much higher frequency than the historical record which goes back to 2008 on the page. 10 active, younger members gone from Jan. 2021 until now (today). I picked a random year and a half to compare- 2018 to July 2019 and there were only 3 actives that died that period. 4 actives for the 18 months of 2012 to July 2013. Very uncharacteristic with the number of active deaths. The coworker types that I bring it up to can't seem to connect the dots.

I went ahead and did some math.

Average recorded deaths per year for the past 12 years that I counted (back to 2010, 2022 is excluded since we're still in it) was 15. In 2020 we had the most recorded deaths at 20, and 2021 had 18 deaths, though this was not the second highest number. 2016 had 19 deaths (15% active) and 2014 had 18 deaths (0% active) as well. All other years were lower in total deaths. 33% of the people that died in 2021 were active members. Average active/ total deaths per year for the 12 years I counted is 16% active; though 2012 was a bad year with 11 deaths and 4 being active members for a 36% active member death percentage- though still only 11 deaths for the year vs. 18 for 2021.

Just a random sample with some actual numbers that can be analyzed. Interesting.

What did we start doing in 2021???
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