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Comments on Promote Trans Or Kids Starve?
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User Info Promote Trans Or Kids Starve? in forum [Market-Ticker-Nad]
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Incept: 2012-12-05

Huntsville, AL
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During the time when I was still working and earning some money for my efforts the complaint heard most often from younger co-workers was that it was a firing offense for us to discuss or disclose our salaries with each other. My question when I heard such complaints was usually, "What is it you'd like to know?" and the most common answer was, "I just want to know how my salary compares to the average."
I would reply that it was a simple thing to determine the average salary of the entire group while no one disclosed to anyone else what his or her salary was. Mostly the reaction was that would be impossible, so I explained how it could be done under the employer's rules, but my one rule would have to be followed completely by everyone.
Here is the method I described: One of us will be chosen as something like the "banker" in a game of Monopoly. Let's say I am chosen to be banker. Then I adjust my salary by an amount no one else would know. I would write the adjusted amount on a small piece of paper and pass it to the next person in the group. No other group members were allowed to adjust their salaries. But each member would take the slip from the previous member and add his salary to the amount recorded there. On another slip of paper that next member would record only the sum of the previous sum and his or her salary, destroy the paper showing the previous sum, and hand the paper containing the current sum to the next member. Each "player" would follow this procedure until all salaries had been added to the previous adjusted sum, but the final slip containing this adjusted total would then be handed back to me, the banker.
I would at that time remove the effect of the adjustment I had made to my actual salary from the final sum, destroy the final slip, and disclose the actual total to the others. The others would not know my salary, and they would in fact know no salaries of any of the others, but a simple division by the total number of players would yield the actual average salary, and each player would then be able to compare this known average with his or her known salary and know how he or she stood among the group.
At six different jobs I was never able to get anyone to follow this procedure. There were too many "innumerate" individuals over a period of 42 years in the workforce who could not or would not follow the logic of the procedure and be enabled thereby to trust they had broken no rules (and thereby become subject to termination), or that someone else would not be able to learn their salary while not disclosing the other's information, or that there was no "gimmick" built in. Or possibly they simply could not or would not trust anyone due to their own personal lack of trustworthiness; this would be at minimum a partial application of "The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion" (Proverbs 28:1, English Standard Version).

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The devils are now ruining... 4-H.

Our beautiful 4-H camp that generations of Kansas kids have spent a few days at every summer got bought out by some private corporation, and that corporation is woke AF.

Instead of the kids staying overnight in boys' cabins and girls' cabins, the cabins are now for those who "IDENTIFY" as "boys" or "girls," including the counselors, or should I say, groomers.

The local kids are pretty bummed that they can't go to 4-H camp any more, they always look forward to it. It was a joint decision by their parents and the kids themselves.

The parents all called the appropriate people to protest the new policy. They were told by the young lady at corporate that not humoring the "trans" kids would be "unfair" and "not nice."

Right, you insufferable bat****. Tell me THIS is "fair" and "nice":
1. Refusing to provide delusional, mentally ill children the psychological help they need, and instead encouraging them to get even more entrenched in their illness.
2. Deliberately trying, through media, peer pressure, corporate ad campaigns, and brute government force, to MAKE more and more children suffer that particular mental illness.
3. Destroying the whole framework of sanity in the culture -- and in particular, during children's formative years -- so that ALL children, even the ones who don't get infected with gender dysphagia, do get warped, frightened, confused and traumatized.
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Between a saguaro and an arroyo.
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@Ckaminski - A funny video on new math
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Incept: 2021-11-22

Richmond, VA
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@Sonoran_monk. ****ing mic drop right there. Outstanding.

Si Vis Pacem, para Bellum
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