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Comments on Manufacturing The Next Crisis
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User Info Manufacturing The Next Crisis in forum [Market-Ticker-Nad]
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Incept: 2018-05-03

Nara, Japan
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Ingar wrote (
"Years ago, I worked a party where all US senators were present. They all got along with one another like they were drinking buddies."

In one of his "Palliser" novels (I think "Phineas Finn"), Victorian author Anthony Trollope has his protagonist, a young, eager and naive member of parliament, record his impressions of several resounding and greatly antagonistic speeches by the prime minister and the leader of the opposition. In the bar afterwards, to his never-ending astonishment, he sees these two great enemies laughing and drinking together. Whatever can it mean?
Of course, this is pure fiction. Nothing like that ever happened in real life, eh?
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