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2022-01-02 09:23 by Karl Denninger
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The 'Find Your Balls' Challenge
[Comments enabled]

Tennessee publishes Covid case, hospitalization and death data on a daily basis -- by county.

Sevier County has one hospital; Le****, so there is exactly one place to aim your ire when it comes to their results vis-a-vis Covid-19.  Since it is part of Covenant Health that entire corporate entity and every other medical edifice that is a part of same down to every affiliated physician office shares every bit of responsibility involved here.

On 7/1/2021 306 people had gone to said hospital for Covid since it started and of them 186 had left in a box, for a total of 60.1% slaughtered.  The deliberate refusal to offer any sort of early treatment is reasonably chargeable to these *******s, and all of the outcomes of the hospitalizations are, of course.  This death percentage is wildly higher than that of other hospitals all over the country and it is highly unlikely that is a "mere coincidence."

Hold My Beer While I **** My Sister is apparently not just a slogan and bad joke earned in Alabama and Ken****Me.

You see, as of 12/29/2021 Sevier County's single hospital had recorded 465 people in the hospital with 332 leaving in a box, for a total slaughter percentage of 71.4% since this crap began.  In other words their record has gotten worse over time with more than a year of experience in this disease, not better.

But it gets really nasty when one does a bit of subtraction and only considers those who got the Coof in the last six months of 2021.  You see 159 souls on or since 7/1/2021 had stupidly not shoved a gun up the nose of their doctor immediately upon being diagnosed with Covid-19 and demanded some form of early treatment such as, for example, IMASK+.  Nope, they allowed said murderous ******* to tell them to go home and eat chicken soup instead and some of them, arguably as a direct result in many cases, wound up in the hospital.

Of those 159 souls who failed to force their physician to actually practice medicine instead of being a money-grubbing ********** 146 of them, or an astounding 91.8% left in a box.

Now perhaps you can explain how you can call a place a "medical facility" with this sort of record?  And perhaps you can find some rational explanation for this outcome, given that essentially all the really old people who were most-susceptible either got Covid and died or got vaccinated and were allegedly "protected" prior to July 1st of 2021 for this outcome other than the corporate entities involved realizing that they got away with maximizing revenue which just happened to kill the patient and thus did a hell of a lot more of that in the back half of 2021.

If you can find such an explanation in a world where "vaccines are free" and are "both safe and effective" please let me know what it is.  I'm waiting.

I'll bet you had better odds of survival at Auschwitz!

Now I could once again spend the rest of this column opining on this thing that is allegedly called "justice", which has been notably absent.  I could also note that despite the State of Tennessee publishing this data daily I know of exactly nobody other than myself who has, as a matter of journalism, raised Hell about the fact that with well more than a year of experience with this so-called "novel" coronavirus we're killing more people now in the hospital, as a percentage, than we were in the first weeks of learning of this disease.  I could point out that if there was a scintilla of evidence of a single wet crap of concern being displayed by law enforcement at the State or Local level every single "hospitalist", administrator and doctor associated with this crap who worked for Covenant, and a huge percentage of the nurses, would be facing mass-manslaughter or even murder charges for what facially appears to be depraved indifference, and if they think not let them explain it to a jury.

But I've done all that -- for nearly two years at this point -- and nobody has cared.

So let's put a stop to this sort of thing on a forward basis since nobody is going to arrest anybody and killing people for money, so long as its done by a corporation directing some so-called "professional" to do it, is good for dancing nurses on TikTok instead of arrests, trials and incarcerations.

It's simple, really.

We the people must demand the following law be passed and be willing to enforce that demand, without limitation on what we must do to make it happen -- and happen now.

1. You have the right, and no physician may refuse, to demand prescription on a treatment or prophylactic basis of any drug currently licensed in the United States subject only to the limitations of this statute.  A physician or pharmacist may not refuse to provide such a prescription or fill said prescription, nor may a pharmacy intentionally obstruct in any manner obtaining such a prescription including but not limited to by refusing or failing to order same from a distributor so as to prevent it from being filled.

2. A physician who judges, in their professional opinion, that such a prescription medication is unwise, unfounded or will not treat or improve the condition for which the patient desires the prescription shall indicate on the prescription that it is being provided "AMA", that is, against medical advice.  Such an indication shall absolve both the physician and pharmacist, along with any employer of either, from all liability whether civil or criminal associated with the outcome of its use by the person to whom it is prescribed.

3. Any health insurer may, at its option, refuse to cover any prescription written "AMA", however, all non-insurance discount cards or certificates (e.g. "GoodRX") may not condition their use on the lack of such an "AMA" designation and no discrimination on price is permitted based on the presence of absence of an "AMA" designation on the prescription.

4. A pharmacist or physician who determines, in their professional opinion, that drug interactions between the drug prescribed and other drugs, supplements or other pharmacologically active substances being consumed by the patient are present and potentially harmful shall cause the prescription in question to be so-indicated prominently on the label of the container dispensed.

5. Exceptions: Federally scheduled drugs that are habit-forming (e.g. opiates) may be refused a prescription if, in the sole opinion of the physician, the requested prescription is (1) in excess of medical need or (2) is intended to, or is likely to, be diverted to another person or entity.

6. Violations of Sections #1 or #2 of this statute shall constitute criminal felony assault upon the patient so-impacted, shall constitute a civil cause of action including derivative suits for harm should any disease or condition impact said patient who has had such a prescription refused, and shall operate to immediately and conclusively revoke the acting party's medical and/or pharmaceutical license, which is deemed a publicly-available record.  No pharmacy, physician practice or other medical entity may employ any person who has suffered a revocation of their license for such a violation during the revoked period, and said revocation shall be for at least a period of one year.  Each and every patient so-impacted shall constitute a separate and distinct offense and all revocations shall be served consecutively.

That's it.

Do this and there will be no more bull**** about HCQ, Ivermectin, Fluvoxamine or other drugs.  If they don't work and you demand and use them its on you.  If you die or are harmed its on you.  But there will be no more deliberate refusal to provide treatment, and this time, along with the next time any hypothesis that existing drugs work will be run to the ground immediately on an expedited basis by those people willing to be personal lab rats.

If some hospital pulls this crap and claims you do not have a right to choose such a course of action in the hospital then their pharmacy becomes instantly unlicensed and unable to operate -- and thus the hospital is immediately forced closed for a period of at least one year.  Walgreens cannot decide as a matter of corporate policy that a valid prescription will not be filled; if they do then Walgreens is done as a pharmacy for one year.  And so on.  This will end that crap immediately and permanently by making the price of deliberately refusing to provide treatment the patient wants an immediate one-year revocation of the ability to dispense medication at all for each and every person who they screw.

We are all currently being forced to be lab rats to some degree when it comes to Covid-19, and that force is in some areas and cases being literally enforced at gunpoint, such as in NYC with "vaccine mandates" where cops are literally arresting people and thus, by definition, threatening the use of deadly force to compel compliance.  Pilots have been coerced by their employers to take a drug that under FAA regulations immediately and conclusively voids their medical certificate, yet they are also continuing to fly.  The liability for such is wildly open-ended for everyone involved yet nobody cares.  Nearly two years into this crap our local county medical center has actually doubled or more the fatality rate for Covid-19 admissions, now standing at over 90% fatality for the last six months of 2021, begging the question as to why, if I had needed to go to the hospital during that time when I got Covid in August, I should not have shown up there and killed everyone I could by whatever means I could obtain since they were, with more than 90% certainty, going to kill me.

We have sat for all of this and we must conclusively stop it.  This garbage has directly led to over half a million dead Americans and it is our fault for allowing it to go on for the last two years under both Trump and Biden administrations  Until and unless we do put a conclusive stop to this crap there is exactly nothing you can do to change my mind in terms of my opinion related to the medical industry and everyone in it who is taking home a paycheck, in many cases a very large paycheck, as a direct result of a corporate and government-run set of decisions that are killing people wholesale by deliberately refusing to treat conditions we know how to handle and have known how to treat for decades, never mind the evidence for early treatment that has emerged over the last two years and has been ignored along with the exhortation to take what has proved up over time, and which I fully expected and explained why, to be worthless or even harmful jabs.

This data is now starting to be recognized with wild accelerations in mortality not caused by Covid-19 but other causes in the working age population.  How many of those are jab-caused is not yet known but its damned suspicious, isn't it, never mind the well-documented wild increase in drug overdoses.

I'll wait right over here for you to provide me with said evidence that my disgust and ire has not been fully earned on a durable, permanent basis and until I see either justice or retribution on an individual and familial basis every single person who either was or is involved in that, or who was or is involved in the County and State Government and has allowed it to continue, can **** right off along with each and every one of their family members and all those who support them.  I wish you all only the worst that 2022 can offer, up to and including joining those 146 dead bodies, each of which almost-certainly had one or more people who are rather unhappy about their demise.  If you want a reason to give thanks this new year perhaps the fact that I'm sane, all of those I love and could have been harmed by these people had died prior to this crap starting and thus I'm content to treat such people as if they simply do not exist rather than making damn sure they pay on a personal basis for some family member of mine who they slaughtered will have to be sufficient.

Oh, and if you think I will ever change my mind or let it go, particularly if you do not all rise up and demand and force the above change to the law, you're wrong.  If you were involved in or profited from this crap in any way on a voluntary or (worse) an advocating basis you are permanently nothing more than a pile of dog**** on the sidewalk to me -- and never will be anything other ever again.  That's my New Year's resolution.

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User Info The 'Find Your Balls' Challenge in forum [Market-Ticker-Nad]
Posts: 127
Incept: 2021-09-13

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As usual, the data is right there and it takes Tickerguy to run it down. Shame on the journalists!

Thank you Karl!
Posts: 167
Incept: 2011-03-22

United States
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Some challenges with this: (a) pharma companies direct to consumer advertising would only increase and make us further over prescribed; (b) over prescribing of antibiotics and the resulting issues (MRSA, etc.) will get worse. On the one hand, I want access to drugs because I'm informed, on the other hand I'm concerned about those who are not well informed. Net-net, I generally agree, you have to take the good with the bad and give people control over their bodies and health.
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A True American Patriot!
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So what @Spanky -- as for antibiotics I wrote on this VERY BILL several years ago and included them in the exceptions. Not any more, and the reason is this -- every ****ing doctor out there uses the ******ned things like they're water especially when some mother shows up with a kid that has a sore throat, AND the incidence of resistance is centered in the hospitals, specifically C.diff and MRSA. Both are basically unheard of in the general public but occur REGULARLY in hospitals. How is this possible if the regulation of antibiotic use actually works?

It clearly doesn't so there you go.

I don't give a flying **** if you're offended.
Posts: 93
Incept: 2021-10-13

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I've had my balls for a helluva long time. And they're heavy. And my back hurts from carrying them around and swinging them and hitting stuff. Last evening at the family New Year's Day dinner I finally swung them and hit my youngest sister and brother in law with them in the face. After two years, I've had my fill playing nice to appease my aging parents and their desire for all their kids to get along.

My sister and my BIL are Branch Covidians to the utmost. I've put up with their comments. Their disparaging remarks about the unvaxxed. Their invectives about people with "the audacity" to be walking about sans tard diaper over their yaps. Their bragging about lining up their twin five year olds in February to get vaxxed. All of it. I am done. Last night I let them both have it after my sister got up and stormed off upon hearing my wife and I and our kids are never getting those shots that she needed to "decompress and meditate". I followed them out to my parents' kitchen and told them both that they're a**holes, retards and bullies living in bubbles where everyone agrees with them and that they need to get with the program and realize that there are quite literally millions of people who flat out disagree with them. Including my wife and I. And if they don't like it, they can f**k right off back to their bubble and my family and I will simply make it a point to visit the parents when they're not going to be there. That I have no qualms with telling my son's how much of a bag of retarded dicks their aunt and uncle are and that their cousins turned retarded and deformed because of those two. I had a bunch of TGs data bookmarked and whipped it out for them. My eldest sister, being an accountant, at least took interest in the numbers. The other two screeched about "science from the CDC" and left the room.

Try me. I'm done. I told my mom that if my youngest sister can't exercise the good sense my eldest sister does and not concern herself with what other people are doing, she can go to hell and I'll help pack her bags.
Posts: 151
Incept: 2021-06-24

New York
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"I'll bet you had better odds of survival at Auschwitz!"

You must have known this before writing it. But I'll cite for the record:
"A total 1.1 million prisoners, or about 85 percent of people sent to Auschwitz, were murdered in the camp."

So, yeah: Sevier county hospital, post-July, has a higher kill percentage than Auschwitz.
Posts: 483
Incept: 2021-02-15

Northern Alabama
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Good for you @Chescocatholic !!

Went through that (damn near identical scenario) with my sisters last xmas 20 and then again in April 21. I am and always will be a ****ing crazy nutbag according to them, the two Bils, niece and nephew, the ****bag step *****, and to a lesser degree, my dad who doesn't have too many years left and just wants to have peace for the most part.

I learned very quickly to not give two, three, or even one **** about it or them. They may be family but I and my son are infinitely more important than them. If they can't let **** go like I always have over the years (not just this bull****,) I will cancel them and have for all intents and purposes.

It's a lesson for many of our friends here who have experienced the same. Life is too short to feel and be all twisted over truly trivial things. Prepare yourselves for a lot of unpleasant outcomes. They're coming.
Posts: 545
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Akron Ohio FEMA region 5
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Morning all. Spreading this as far as I can. Im sure I will be ridiculed. So what. Men far better than I have been treated worse for less. Cheers all.

The whole world is one big ****ing scam
Why are you giving a vulgarity warning here? Our genial host is an advocate of both skull****ing and sodomy via rusty chainsaw. Credit to Rollformer
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Another victim of the clot shot. Newspaper headline states he died from Covid, but it was the vaccine
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A True American Patriot!
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Indeed @Hanssachs I did know... smiley

I don't give a flying **** if you're offended.
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Between a saguaro and an arroyo.
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Schusse macht frei - from your mortal coil.

Reason: Forum didn't like the umlaut over the u.
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I sent to my congressman months back that Ballard Health needed to be investigated due to their excessive death rate.. I asked him how could a hospital perform in a Do No Harm Manner..when the reward ($$$) was given on a death and not on a successful treatment. What hospital is going to do the right thing when money becomes the bottom line. I have never seen anything so plainly obvious.
One Doctor in Virginia that was fired for trying to do the right medical is suing his hospital..maybe that will set a precedent for more.
The thought that these actions never come to the forefront and won't be addressed in a constitutional manner sickens me.
Thanks for setting it out very plain for all to see. Only a fool fails to see the criminal activity here. I pray and I mean literally pray for accountability here and not afraid to say that I sometimes wonder where God has gone.
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I will never trust a doctor or hospital again. Most on this forum say the same thing. So why are we paying for health insurance if we know that we are not going to use it?
Posts: 34
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Wow Karl those numbers are simply egregious. One would think a local journalist might be interested in using that same published data to write a Pulitzer prize winning expose of that hospital system. In a sane world...

Posts: 24
Incept: 2021-10-12

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@ Tickerguy I like your draft legislation - it would bring the law into alignment with our current reality, that none of us really has a doctor (that cares).each of us is our own doctor.
In that vein, can anyone recommend a book that would serve as a comprehensive home medical encyclopedia? We are all our own front line doctors now and I would like a reliable, non-digital go-to reference. Thanks!
Posts: 33
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What's the scoop on monoclonal antibodies (MA) within this dynamic?

My experiences with the viral illness were posted recently. Not mentioned was the MA oddity. Person "A" had cardiac event that precipitated a paramedic call and at one point in the visit necessitated a high voltage reboot on the living room floor. Upon entry to the hospital, A threw a positive test and spent the next four days as a stable heart patient with the virus, low grade fever, and no other declared symptoms. No mention of MA despite being the classical embodiment of the "eligible patient" for said treatment. Upon discharge and for nearly a week later, A was lethargic, eating/drinking minimally. We, being tunneled in on getting a cardiologist visit post haste via 3-way phone calls (HIPPA embargoes basic info so as to impede next of kin support of an ailing patient), did not revert to a priori plan to get MA treatment asap upon infection. Thus, did the patient return to the ER on the 10th Day with 85% O2, now ineligible for MA treatment.

How can the hospital neither treat nor MENTION it to patient/family for an eligible patient? This is common across the land. Have found that when asked people do not know about the existence or terms of eligibility of MA. It is the OPEN secret of the land.

Someone upthread mentioned the suspended VA Dr. Am guessing that would be Paul Marik. Read judge's order in legal dispute, and he quibbled about Marik going around "guidelines". Well, guidelines are not mandates, and Marik is the practitioner, so methinks Marik will win the day...but patients will succumb in the interim.

BTW, Marik's intravenous mega dose vitamin C was the oddball request to A's Dr. by YT. Requested the MATH+ protocol but could not get MEP, but did get max dose of DXM. Those changes in all likelihood made the difference for A, because his Dr. was pushing palliative care before YT made the request.

Here is Dr. Kory:

Reason: Added relevant info, incorp upthread comment response
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@Chescocatholic ... to "decompress and meditate".

Good God, who actually talks like that? But then we know. They've been "educated" that way. This is what our educational systems encourages and produces.
Posts: 8703
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Scottsdale, AZ
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Notice how more and more people are being banned from Twitter that question the poison shots? Seems like something big is coming soon and they want all voices silenced beforehand.
I hear the BS from a local nurse of all the people in the ICU dying of covid. I ask her what protocols have they used and she doesn't have a clue. I tell her that if they aren't given drugs that actually work, then her hospital is killing them. The look on her face was pathetic. The hospital would never do that..........
Posts: 180478
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A True American Patriot!
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Next time tell her SHE, PERSONALLY did it and someone's family is eventually going to hold her personally accountable for it.

Want to see someone go white as a sheet?

I don't give a flying **** if you're offended.

Posts: 7056
Incept: 2017-06-27

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Those numbers for your county are horrible. What makes them worse is that even controlling for locality specific comorbidities the die off of the weak already occurred early on in their patient sample. It would be safe to assume that the more recent deaths in that high number are younger, stronger and overall healthier people. Now even if vexxation is an aggravating factor, the early treatments along with sane procedures in hospital should save a bunch of them.

The only other thing that i can think of not knowing the county that well is that people there are relatively unsophisticated and follow authority blindly. Could also be part of the reason that they are not making a stink.

There is a lot of corruption in simple Southern places where the people do not wish to threaten their single source provider employers, institutions, etc.

Said institutions and even their own police often make it very clear that they will do what they want, how they want and when they want and have the resources to punish those who think otherwise. Remember they will always say to simply go somewhere else, but people really cannot in this situation.

And, everyone is in bed with everyone. Guaranteed that the hospital administration offers some job to some Sheriff's daughter on a regular basis. The local prosecutor can look forward to being on the board one day.

It does not matter if the particular hospital is part of a mega corp. I have seen exactly how this works out. The local yokels with more business acumen tell the larger corporate entity how things work to make it a cash cow for said parent corp. And, the latter is more than willing to give them autonomy. Guaranteed that other orgs which one would least expect are in on it too, like religious.

This is the problem living in a small hick county. There are deep seated monopolies and not enough volume to ever allow competition to take hold.

Might seem crazy, but i actually see this exact same dynamic in the borough of NYC in which i currently live. Difference is that i have a lot of access and actually hear how people take about the community and those whom they supposedly serve. It is not very nice, and they have the attitude of **** you if they don't like it.

Guaranteed that is how things work down there creating a perfect storm within the overall country wide crises of ethics in this latest scandal.


"Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven," Satan's monologue in the first book of John Milton's Paradise Lost
Posts: 180478
Incept: 2007-06-26
A True American Patriot!
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Oh absolutely @Whitehat -- the thing is, most of the time in such smaller places it doesn't really **** you all that often since you can go around it. The exception of course is if you want to set up a business that might compete with someone who has said privileged perspective -- then you're ****ed.

But if you have no such aspirations then, for the most part, that sort of corruption doesn't hurt you. And while it does suck it actually sucks less, and is LESS likely to bone you, than the corruption that is present in larger cities and locales.

When something like THIS happens, however, all the local people who had no desire to ever entertain opening a business that could run into trouble suddenly find themselves ****ed with no recourse other than direct and personal violence. Which they know people are not inclined to deploy, as unlike the inner ****ty where "gangster shoot-em-up" is a literal team and individual sport, its not in places like this -- and that's a good thing in general.

Okaloosa County has a particular hospital that has a notorious reputation (to the point of being written up in the NATIONAL press!) of butt****ing anyone they could billing-wise along with aggressively suing if they didn't immediately get paid. Add a corrupt couple of local judges and this gets VERY profitable. I raised Hell about it a few times because said place was the closest to the local county lock-up, so if you got tossed in there for, as an example, being a MethHead and then had a medical problem the County was going to get ****ed up the ass for anywhere from 3-10x as much money as treating whatever it was should have cost, and of course that then winds up in your property tax bill (and did, being cited as an EXPLICIT reason for an increase.)

I don't give a flying **** if you're offended.

Posts: 516
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If you didn't click through and read this article from TG's post take a look. This is the sort of thing MSM should start picking up on. "Insurance CEO says deaths up 40% among working age people, and it's not just COVID". It would be so simple to get statistics on these deaths for being jabbed or not. If deaths are up 40% wouldn't premiums have to go up by 40%? Perhaps accident deaths are measured separately from illness and that is a much bigger number?
Posts: 31
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The Rogan/Malone interview has been removed from Youtube. Big surprise. I watched the first 1 hour 20 minutes yesterday and came back for the rest today and it is gone.
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The Rogan/Malone interview is on Rumble. Everyone needs to permanently transition everything to Rumble and say FO to Youtube forever.
Posts: 167
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United States
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Every time I meet someone who works for the local hospital, I tell them "That hospital murdered my son-in-law" and explain it in detail. They should be ashamed.
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