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Comments on No Biden, You're Wrong
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User Info No Biden, You're Wrong in forum [Market-Ticker-Nad]
Posts: 95
Incept: 2019-05-09

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"With me gone that will be 2 senior scientist openings and team will be the green scientist (junior) and an engineer."

The junior scientist will get promoted and the management will hail him as an innovator and visionary.

To that I say... pull my pinkie, it plays "Jingle Bells".
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Incept: 2008-04-01
A True American Patriot!
Upper Moonbatistan
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I can vouch for the morale problems the mandate has caused, even among the voluntarily vaccinated.

Anyone but the most ardent vax afficionado recognizes that one's body is something out-of-bounds for decisions by others as to what happens to it.
Even so, most people were willing to go along with the vax push when the vax (at first) was being sold as sterilizing and the end to the pandemic.

But now it's clear that it is not a hard-stop for the virus - vaxxed are getting sick right and left, some seriously so. This is not going unnoticed.
And people's friends and family are either in danger of getting fired or picking up extra work from those who are. This is also not going unnoticed.

People are pissed. They might've been able to let the mandate slide "for necessity and the greater good" if it had been sterilizing but it is clear that it is not.

At least 4 people out of a team of 12 at my workplace are the vaxxed-but-livid, myself included. These are people who took it voluntarily because of health concerns, elderly family, visitation restrictions etc. These are also some of the better people in the team - as you said, the independent thinkers.
This mandate came after a very difficult 3 years of acquisitions and extra work, then a cyberattack, then a full-force cramming of woke "listening sessions" and mandatory CRT training. People have had enough.

I myself have a new and profound loathing for the place I work for that I never had before this. It had been difficult already, but I always trusted the management to try and do what was right even if they were slightly off the mark at times. That trust has been irrevocably broken and I will never ever look at the place the same again.

"Pull your pants up, turn your hat around, and get a job"
---P.J. O'Rourke
Posts: 307
Incept: 2021-04-13

Akron Ohio FEMA region 5
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As always, just ****ing beautifully written Karl. Shared to contacts with gusto.

The whole world is one big ****ing scam
Why are you giving a vulgarity warning here? Our genial host is an advocate of both skull****ing and sodomy via rusty chainsaw. Credit to Rollformer
Posts: 25
Incept: 2021-08-27

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Yep, they're winners!

Oh smokes!! They are doing this in a red state let alone a red city!

Posts: 7421
Incept: 2009-07-15

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I posted it in the Bar, but my employer came out with a "volunteer opportunity" and "Who is with me?!"

Two caveats: they can only have 10 volunteers, and you must be fully jabbed. To volunteer your time. For someone else. I would actually have to risk the clottery and possible worse long-term health benefits TO GIVE MY TIME TO THEM FOR FREE.

Yeah, not happening, not now, not ever. I am very free with my time; since my oldest could actually play sports, I have coached 1 through all 3 of them at a time, sometimes multiple teams a season, all the way through until this fall (the first season in 11 years I'm not actively coaching). I have found other things to do with my time, such as videoing the games or taking pics for them and the parents who couldn't be there. Literal thousands of hours and I'm still doing it. And guess what? Not one of those times did I ever have to risk my HEALTH to give freely of myself.

And I'm not doing it now, either. These people are ****ing insane. Or evil. Likely both.

We're ****ed. There will be no happy ending here; there is no going back to 'normal.'. There are only bad outcomes and worse outcomes. And we don't get to choose those, either.
Posts: 16
Incept: 2021-02-02

Too Close To ScottJ175
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I think what most are missing is...


Those actually making the decisions behind the Biden administration want the US of A to implode

This paved the way for them, whoever them are

The issue with us is that we have a false assumption: That the other side plays by the same rules we do.

As TG says prepare for worse as we are #badworded
Posts: 284
Incept: 2021-05-18

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With global societies now firmly fractured into Ubervaxxed/Untermensch, is WW3 effectively upon us?

What will replace the Liberal democracy experiment?
Posts: 545
Incept: 2009-03-23

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For those who would prefer to save time by reading the speech instead of listening to the drooling moron:
Posts: 37
Incept: 2011-10-20

Houston, TX
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I expect all that to change now. Since those companies have just taken a giant dump on their employees, expect a lot of folks to start following those policies to the letter until their last day. Nothing productive will get done.

I do love some malicious compliance where it's warranted.
Posts: 683
Incept: 2009-01-30

People's Republic of Maryland
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OSHA is not going to issue any rule or regulation. The administration knows that the minute they do it will be challenged in court and they will lose. The OSHA part was to jawbone companies to create and enforce these mandates themselves.
Posts: 20
Incept: 2013-10-14

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The major problem with a massive thirties style depression is that the vast majority of Americans no longer have a direct connection to their food sources. We still had a significant portion of the public living and working on farms. We still had an educational system that functioned. I'd bet dollars to donuts that few if any "collage gradwaits" (sic) could pass a 1932 eighth grade end of year exam. We now have a collection of dimwits who have masters degrees in Women's Studies and Gender Awareness Studies. Need someone to fix your tranny (no, not your lesbian sister, that thing that makes your car shift gears!) Good f*cking luck!

A buck was still worth a buck in 1932. If you were able to scrape together a few dimes, you had enough to eat for the week-enough to keep you from starving. Been to the grocery store lately? How about securing parts to fix that broken circuit breaker? Oh, it's available, if you're willing to wait 9-10 months because it's on some ship backed up on the West coast.

I think we're heading for a real shtf scenario. Living in or near a big city is going to be a nightmare. For several months of 2020 during the BLM and Antifa "protests", I carried my glock with me everywhere. I'd advise any folks who are fully awake to secure supplies and make friends with like minded people. Sh*t is about to get real.
Posts: 18
Incept: 2021-09-12

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@Jpg Thanks! I never watch the bozo but in that text was this snippet.
Everyone is entitled to be treated with dignity. And, Joey, a job is a hell of a lot more than about a paycheck. Its about your dignity. Its about your place in the community. It about being able to look your kid in the eye and say, Honey, everything is going to be okay.'
And we're going to strip that away from you because your not taking the poison.
Die with us or Die alone. Well like Karl has said, everyone after the first is free free free.. This is going to be one ugly Winter.
Posts: 910
Incept: 2021-05-24

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I'm safe for now, but after listening to a bunch of smug vaxholes and my boss pressuring me to "do the right thing" RIGHT AFTER I GOT OVER THE ****ING COOF, my tank of ****s is running on fumes.

Posts: 49
Incept: 2021-09-12

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Extrapolate that across the economy and you are looking at an immeasurable **** fire.

This^^^. Sometimes when you light the fuse, you don't know how big the boom will end up being...smiley

Cue the lyrics:
Oh there is nothing to lose
'Cause it's already lost
In a runaway world of confusion
I'm NOT gonna take it

That's why I fight fire with fire
Oh I'm burning inside and my heart is a-cryin'
Fire with fire
I don't want to lose this flamin' desire

- Kansas - Fight Fire with Fire

"Threats are illogical. And payment is usually expensive." - Sarek of Vulcan
Posts: 251
Incept: 2021-05-18

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@Jpg Wow...they even reproduced some of the senile gibberish:

And also, weve got state leadership here. Lieutenant Governor Juliana is here Stratton. And the Ohio-Pennsyl- the Ohio-Pennsylvania Im from Pennsylvania. The Illinois President, Don Harmon...
Posts: 2665
Incept: 2009-06-03

East of Sheol
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@moconserv, @mrdef

Those *****s better spend that money in a hurry. Unlike true coercion these people decided to **** themselves for the money.

Of course the flip side is those that lost this clottery are truly double losers. That will not get reported.

Why should I have any respect for persons that would sell their bodies and lives so cheaply?

Don't vax me bro.... Obama had drones. Biden has needles to kill American citizens.

"Mass intelligence does not mean intelligent masses."
Posts: 823
Incept: 2018-01-29

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The only statement my higher ups made was "We can't get good people now where we make product. Pushing this mandate will mean we lose even more production."

My bigger concern is the PV "owners". I have no idea what they want to do.
Posts: 33
Incept: 2021-08-15

Marion, VA
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this investigative report in detail shows how we have all been conned...if an attorney cannot take all the evidence provided here at Marker Ticker and other sources and hold people accountable..then we are truly --.
Posts: 97
Incept: 2013-10-15

Les Bois
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I got word the mandate is coming for me earlier this week. The joys of working for government cheddar. No date published yet. I think they know many will walk and it will be a disaster. My promotion is effective next week. I dont care.

An interesting anecdote on the medical community. My doc quit so I am looking for a new one. Found a clinic that pushes lifestyle changes over drugs given they ****ed me with drugs as a teen. I just got a note they are so backed up that March 2022 is their first available dates to meet. Seems some people are fed up with the drug pushers.
Posts: 12325
Incept: 2007-12-17

Saint Charles MO
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If the vaccine only provides protection for two months do the risks from the vaccine go away after two months as well? Asking for a friend

I think its time we ask ourselves if we still know the freedoms that our founding fathers intended for us. Ronald Reagan 1964
Posts: 244
Incept: 2016-11-09

New Yersey
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Biden is so lost. Take a look at this bit, I'd never accuse him of abuse of power because I'd be pissing in the hurricane wind of his abuses, but this is incredible:

[ URL ]

I have friends who have friends that work in federal agencies. They've shared upcoming policy guidance changes, the latest is, "the hybrid workforce" which presents policy for flexible work/remote work in federal agencies. The policy and FAQs could have been written by the same people that developed them for the place I work, a major engineering consulting firm.

It is bad enough the large news media all work from the memo, that has been shown many times when they use identical language to report stories that have a strong political angle.

Imagine how it will be when our gov't and our private sector large companies are also similarly aligned! Corporations taking marching orders from Ron Klain.

Key points of the fed policy: remote work up to 8 out of 10 days/week. Starts in Feb 2022.

I guess by then the pandemic will be solved (???) I'm being sarcastic.

The Lockdowns Will Continue Until the Morale Improves!

I keep thinking, "it can't get any worse" and then it does!
Posts: 23
Incept: 2021-09-20

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Hmmm, if all his gum-flapping is so f'in successful, why does he feel the need to give us another shove?? If he's getting 3 million vaxxed every day, why the big push?? If all these companies are on board, why does he feel the need?

I smell more lies, more desperation than have already been pointed out. If there are only 67M uvaxxed left, and 3M per day are getting jabbed, we'll be at 100% in 3 weeks! So why the desperation?

Because I don't believe his numbers. I don't believe that 67% of us are vaxxed. Or that 75% of us have one shot. They WISH. If that were true, if things were going as swimmingly as he portrays, there would be no need for such desperation.
Posts: 233
Incept: 2021-04-07

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The Vaxx is Dead. Now What?

If I were a politician, I would be getting very worried about this. And I would probably look for someone to blame it all on, so I dont get blamed myself. Maybe I would say Pfizer and Moderna have misled me, or my own experts. But I wouldnt wait till fingers inevitably begin to point in my direction.

Posts: 20
Incept: 2021-09-12

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I know this is all driven by greed, but I cant help but wonder if there is something more sinister at play here. Xiden may lack the cognitive ability to understand the economic impact of his mandates but I highly doubt that his handlers and administration do not know where this road leads. Is the pharma $$$ really worth the economic consequences these mandates will have?

I still think the OSHA mandate may be a bluff. They could want as many corporations as possible to voluntarily comply so they can try to prevent the blame from falling on them when this ultimately comes apart. Then again, we live in unprecedented times and I would not be surprised by anything anymore. If the mandate does go through, not only will I make my employer fire me but I will never be anyones employee again.

If this insanity has taught me anything, it is that we have to be as self sufficient as possible. Companies will always look out for what they believe to be their best interest above all else, so why should we put their interests ahead of what is best for us and our families? The amount of people who have sacrificed their health over this nonsense astounds me.
Posts: 254
Incept: 2019-09-26

North of Boston, but not North enough.
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I'm officially on sick time until my last day. Had a meeting with HR regarding my resignation, "oh we don't pay out for unused sick time anymore, didn't you read the NEW fine print?"

I offered to push my last day out so I would have enough time to finish my workload and still burn the PTO. THEY DECLINED. Ok ****ers, my work isn't getting done and my desk isn't getting cleaned off. I'll be back my last day for 5 minutes to give my badge in.

My direct supervisor was completely on my side. "Man you'll be happier getting out of this place. You and I both know this company is falling fast". This is a high seniority manager who gets **** done, and this is his current sentiment.

****ing HR did everything possible to burn this bridge to the ground. I hope the worst for them. It would have been so easy to get myself on the National News, but I was willing to remain civil. One of these days they'll******off someone who isn't, and I'll be pouring a scotch in a toast for the maniac.

Fingers crossed for Karma.

I'm Team Virus. It Deserves to Win.
Most Lives Matter. Timothy McVeigh Did Nothing Wrong.
I Hate The Antichrist. Death to the New World Order.
The World is Quiet Here.
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